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[Tokyo Ghoul : Re 2 period] I tried to summarize the outline and the highlight up to the first period # Tokyo Tani species

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A mysterious monster that eats human beings while looking like human beings, “Gul”.
“Tokyo Ghoul: Re”, which depicts the battle between Tsubaki and humans and boasts overwhelming popularity from many fans.
The second term has been broadcast since October 2018, and it has aroused echoes.
The second chapter, the final chapter of the series, what are the highlights?
I would like to put together, including spoilers.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re’s outline

The hero, Haise Sasaki, who belongs to the organization “CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul)”, which investigates and resolves incidents involving whale species, acts to hunt whale species while holding subordinates who have only problem children.
Sasaki has lost memories for the past 20 years and spent days to find out who he is.

After a series of battles with a species known as Orochi, who knew him, and through various battles, I remembered that my true identity was “Kaneki Ken”.

Eventually, the character Sasaki falls asleep, and Kaneki awakened starts to perform a certain purpose.

So far, Re has been the investigator’s point of view, but after Kaneki wakes up, the story will progress again from the species point of view.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re (1 term)spoiler
Kaneki Ken’s Awakening

First of all, it is the awakening of Kaneki who is the protagonist after all.
Kaneki will be overrun by Syo Arimaki, an investigator, in his previous work, “Tokyo Ghoul”.
However, because she did not die and lost her memory, her face is protected by the CCG as a breeder.
After that he lived as “Haise,Sasaki” but he revived for the first time in three years to carry out a certain purpose.
By the way, the hair has become black immediately after being awakened as Kaneki (12 episodes of the first animation phase 1), and the character is also quite cruel.

A member of the Kinks family, death of Sirazu

“Quincus” consists of investigators who have the ability as a half Ghoul species.
As a member of that, a young adolescent ignorant who has made a close relationship with Sasaki (Kaneki) will be fatally injured and attacked by the attack of the enemy’s nephew species, Noro.

After the members of antique

In the previous work “Tokyo Ghoul”, antique will fall apart in the “Owl punitive strategy” by investigators.
However, it has been confirmed that they survive in Re.

The store manager, Yoshimura, is covered by mad scientist Kana after the war.
Ayaka Kiri and the four-way lotus display reshape it and run with two people.
Satoshi Nishio will play against Sasaki as “orochi” of SS rate.
It was thought that Irimi Kaya and the old age child died in battle, but they survive.
Yumi Higuchi who was under protection belongs to “Aogiri Tree” to look for Kaneki, and will reunite with him later.



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