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Is Princess Goto doing something to hide from her father?

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This is a summary of Princess Goto, the daughter of the main character and manga artist, Kakushi Goto, from “Kakushikoto” which started airing in April 2020!
From the monologue of her when she was 10 years old, and the monologue of her when she was 18, which is periodically inserted in the film, we get to the hidden secrets!

Goto Hime Character Introduction

She is the daughter of the main character, KAKUSHI Goto, who appears in “Kakushi Goh”.
She has long hair in the back and short, patted bangs.
She has a calm face and her expression is always soft and gentle.

She is a 10 year old girl who is being raised by Kakuji, a middle-class manga artist who “gets censored once every two times” and “makes more money than those salarymen” in the present day version of the main part of the story, by one man.
She is an innocent, innocent girl who is a bit naive, believing everything immediately.
She is good friends with her classmates Hina Tomi (Tomi Hina), Silvia Furutake (Kobu Silvia) and Riko Tachibanchi (Kitchi Riko), and they are always playing together in a group, such as the four of them forming the Megurokawa Tanteijimushiyo.

Fearing that her daughter will suffer reputational damage if people around her find out about her occupation (drawing) of drawing vulgar manga, Kakuji hides the fact that she has always been a manga artist, so at the age of ten she doesn’t know her father’s occupation and believes him to be a businessman, believing his words.
Her father dotes on her and, except for the “hidden things” mentioned above, she is always spoiled by her father, but the princess herself is rather firm, attempting to do her best at housework when she misunderstands that the house is poor.
She loves her father and doesn’t seem to feel too good about it when a woman approaches him.

In the future version, which is a series of short stories depicting seven years after the main story, she appears as an 18-year-old.
Her hairstyle is the same as when she was 10 years old, and she has grown up almost unchanged, but her facial expressions are more mature.

She is voiced by Rie Takahashi.

Is Princess really Kakuji’s son?

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The original author of KakushiKoto is Mr. Koji Kumeda who is known for “Katoni Kaizo” and “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei”.
These two works were big hits and were made into animation.
In both works, the main character takes up various themes, mainly current affairs and a certain story, and points out questions and comedic points in a very tense manner, and lists his or her own theories.

And there’s something else that they have in common.
Although the story has been about daily life up until then, at the end of the story, the final episode with a completely different flavor begins and the hidden setting is revealed.

Originally, Kaizo, the main character Kaizo who believes himself to be a reformed human being, and his childhood friend and heroine Umi, who is the one who caused him to go crazy, were supposed to be a comedy that unfolds in the Torauma High School’s special club.
The main storyline is entirely their fantasy, and the final episode depicts the episode where they are discharged from the hospital in real life.

Dr. Despair takes everything in a negative light and says, “I despair! Itoshiki Nozomu, a.k.a. “Despair Teacher,” is a teacher with a habit of saying “I don’t know what to do” to the 32 desperate students of Class 2 It was a comedy about a man who spends his days with his friends…. but in the last episode, he actually said “Despair Teacher left his heart in the lurch. It turns out that “they were trying to bring the dead girls to safety”.
It was a serious and sorrowful, yet refreshing final episode.

With this kind of precedent, it is not surprising that this work also has a serious setting, a dark and heavy one, which is revealed in the end.
In fact, there were many fans who wondered if the title of this work, “Kakushikoto”, had another meaning, “with an illegitimate child”.
In other words, it is possible that the princess is someone’s illegitimate child and Kakuji is not his real parent.

There was a scene in episode 2 (the first episode of the anime) where Kakuji was present at the birth of the baby, but that doesn’t guarantee that he is the real parent.
This “illegitimate child” theory was whispered quite early on.
The reason is that the princess herself suspected her blood relation to Kakuji.

In the present day version, it was comically depicted that Kakuji was desperately hiding his profession, but it would be impossible for him to hide it for more than 10 years.
One of Kakuji’s assistants in the present day version, Sumita Rasuna, said in the future version that she had no interest in knowing about it.
She suspected that her father was hiding something from her, but she was afraid of what would happen if the fact that they weren’t really her father’s son was among the things he was hiding, so she unconsciously tried not to know about it.

But her and the reader’s suspicions are cleared up in the future chapter of the seventh volume of comics.
It wasn’t the princess who was an illegitimate child, but her father, Kakuji.
It seems that he was the child of a concubine of a prominent kabuki family and was not recognized by them.

The princess, on the other hand, was confirmed to be Kakuji’s biological son.
My half-cousin told me this.
She is also patted on the chest.

However, this doesn’t reveal the whole truth.

What is the real “hiding place”?

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In the present day version, the Goto family does not have a mother.
For a long time, the reason for this was kept under wraps, and the theory was that she was already dead, as she had left a box of items for the princess that she would need based on her accumulated age.

But that, too, is denied in subsequent developments.
The princess’s mother was not dead.

However, she was missing due to a maritime accident, a desperate situation.
Nevertheless, it seems that Kakuji believed in her survival and continued to draw manga while raising the Princess, raising money to pay for the search for his wife and waiting for her return.

However, the situation changed drastically when Naruru Senda, who met Goto and his son in the present day version of the story, wrote an article about it as a beautiful story.
She didn’t seem to have any bad intentions, but the article ended up making Kakuji “a manga artist who can’t laugh”.
It was fatal for him, as he’d come to the fore with gag manga with underhanded stories.

Then Kakuji had another stroke of bad luck when he broke his brush.
A pile of magazines collapsed while he was at work, causing an accident that left him in a coma for nearly a year.

Fortunately, miraculously, he woke up… but Kakuji’s memories had regressed when the princess was ten years old.
It seems that his most enjoyable time was then.

The final episode will focus on whether or not those memories of Kakuji will come back, his mother’s survival, and whether or not the princess was actually aware of the fact that her father was a manga artist.
If only this were a normal comic book.

However, this work is the quintessential Kumeda-sensei work, with the unexpectedly rapid development of the final episode.
I suspect that he has a further twist or more than that in store for us from here.

This work differs from Kaizou and Zetsubou-sensei in that it presents from the beginning the future chapter that corresponds to the Syrian spurt.
As a result, many fans are expecting that this one will be different from the previous titles, so there will be no darker developments or settings.
In fact, this work is about the bond between parents and children, and it is hard to think that the theme of this work has a heavier setting for the children than for the parents.

Therefore, we can assume that this film has a bright and unexpected direction.
For example, the princess was aware of her father’s occupation early on, and she was secretly aiming for that job herself… or she was actually informed of her mother’s survival.
Maybe such hopeful “hiding places” are left at the end of the story.


The original work of “Kakushigoto” has already reached its climax, and it has been announced that it will be completed in volume 12, and it seems that the final episode is scheduled to be linked to the anime.
The manga artist is good at making the final episode a big twist in the story, so it seems that he has some kind of big story in mind for this work as well, but from the interview and the author’s comments, it looks like it won’t have the same taste as the last episode of “Kaizou” and “Zetsubou-sensei”, but will be an emotional epilogue.
I’m hoping for a great happy ending, one that ends with a smile on Princess’s face!

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