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It’s Shamiko’s fault.” “Shamiko is bad.” “Shut up…” “I’ll do my best for the rest of the day.” “I’ll do my best for the rest of the day.” – An in-depth review of lines that have become popular on the internet

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An in-depth look at the lines that have spontaneously gone viral on the internet, including “Shamiko’s bad,” which won a silver medal at the 2019 Anime Buzzword Awards!
I’ve put together the background of the line, the events that led to it, the impact it had on me afterwards, and more!

They never once said, “It’s Shamiko’s fault.” “Shut up….”

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The anime “Machi-Cad Mazoku”, which started broadcasting in July 2019, was expected by everyday anime fans as the first Kirara-type anime after three cools, but the level of attention among anime fans as a whole was not very high because the work was not well known when it started broadcasting.
However, by the time it started to air in the second half of the season, it showed the momentum to represent the summer school, and the average number of Blu-ray and DVD (discs) sold over 5000 copies.
The events were very successful, the goods were sold out, and it became a popular work with a second season in mind.

This momentum was helped by Momo Chiyoda’s line, “Shamiko is to blame”, which was circulating on the internet.
While it was a fan creation on Twitter that was never used in the work, it became an internet meme, and in September 2019 it was turned into an article in the Nico Nico Encyclopedia and the pixiv encyclopedia, reaching the eyes of people who hadn’t seen Machikado Mazoku and contributing greatly to the work’s increased visibility.

Several factors came together to make this line so popular.

The line “It’s Shamiko’s fault,” is so exquisitely phrased that it is not surprising that Momo actually said it, and it has become a common theory among fans that the scene was not depicted in the original work by chance.
When the book of Machi-Cadomazoku was out of stock nationwide, the phrase “Houbunsha is to blame” was widely used, and the versatility of the phrase “xxx is to blame” can be applied to just about anything, which can be said to be the reason for the popularity of the story.

There have been other cases where lines that were not used in the manga have become popular on the internet, such as “Shamiko is bad,” which is not used in the manga.
The most famous one is “Is your order a rabbit? The line “Shut up….” by Chino in
The original source material is a line in an unnamable sentence created by a fan, but this line is also very versatile, and it’s not surprising that Chino actually says it (he says similar lines like “Tippy, it’s too loud…”), so it’s not just a temporary fad, but it’s become completely established.

However, there is a slight difference between the two lines.
While “Shut up…” gives the impression of being a line from Chino, “Shamiko is the one who’s bad,” is not a line from Momo, but rather a line that symbolizes the Machikado Mazoku work itself.
This may be due to the difference in the timing of the popularity of the work.

Shut up…” was a fad after Gochiusa was established as a popular work, but “Shamiko is the one to blame” was a creative line that was aired during the time of the broadcast of the anime, when Shamiko and Momo were getting closer and more excited about the yuri scene.
Since it was the time when yuri lovers were interested in Machikado Mazoku, there were many people who got to know the work through this line, and they must have had the image that “Machikado Mazoku = Shamiko is bad”.

Incidentally, contrary to these two, there is a line that was popular because of the gap between the two, “This character would never say such a line.
Yunocchi from “Hidamari Sketch” says “If you think that’s what it is, then it must be so, in your mind.” with the eyes that have lost their highlights.
This was originally a colla quoting Shigeru Shikishima’s line from “Shoujo Fight”, but the gap between the ease of use and the aforementioned gap made it popular for a while, and it is still used occasionally.

The “I didn’t tell you” series has a strong story element, but even after its peak has passed, it’s still being used for a surprisingly long time.

What do “I’ll do my best for the rest of the day” and “Don’t stop…” have in common?

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Speaking of lines that have become popular on the internet, “I’ll do my best for another day” and “Don’t stop…” are two lines that cannot be left out.

Today I’ll do my best for another day” is a line from Suzukaze Aoba, the main character of NEW GAME!
It won the Bronze Award for the Anime Popular Word Award in 2016, but it actually went viral two years earlier, in 2014.
There was no particular reason for this to become popular, and the lines from the new manga that hadn’t yet been made into an anime were not published in magazines or when the book was released, but rather spread slowly over the next few months, making it an unusual trend.

The line “Don’t stop…” is a phrase that was uttered by Olga Itsuka in episode 48 of “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blood Orphans” as her last will and testament when she defended her comrades and died.
Immediately after it was broadcasted, the scene itself was more of a topic of conversation than the lines, due to the shocking death of a main character and the Saturday Night Fever-like pose of the main character and many other aspects of the death, but around the following month, the lines started to walk by themselves and spread like wildfire. I went to work.

At first glance, these two buzzwords may seem like very different types of words, but they actually have a great deal in common.
In fact, they have one major thing in common: they are both buzzwords that have caused confusion on the part of their creators.

In the case of “Zoi,” the author and editors of the manga had not put much effort into writing the manga, and because the manga was a buzzword, it seems that there was a lot of discussion as to whether to jump on the bandwagon or to stay away from it.
As a result, it seems that they decided to take advantage of the trend, but not to use it again in the work (it wasn’t even planned to be reused in the first place), and it was played as a normal scene without any special effects in the anime.

The production side did not expect “Don’t stop!” to be a serious scene, and the production side did not expect it to be a good story, especially for Hosoya Yoshimasa, who voiced Olga, as he was known to be associated with Olga and her lines, and it was a very successful scene in which he played many of the main characters every year. But it has been a long time since he was called “the leader’s man”.
However, it seems that neither Hosoya-san nor his staff disliked it and often treated it as a story.

Both lines are emblematic of the work, but their subsequent online presence is in stark contrast.
The word “Zoi” is not used for a long time in the series and the image of Zoi has faded and it is only used as another name for NEW GAME by non-fans.
On the other hand, “Don’t stop!” is still frequently used as a synonym for Tetsuetsu, and there are still many people who use it as a storyline.

As the series will continue to be serialized in NEW GAME, it is not desirable for the series to be pulled solely by the “Zoi” image, but as Tekketsu has already been completed, it is desirable that “Zoi” remains in the series in order to leave a lasting impression.
The common denominator is that both have settled on a good landing spot for the work.

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