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【That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime】Ramiris is one of the strongest in the works! Here’s a roundup of information on the Fairy Demon King!

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The popular work “Tensura” or “Tensura” for short, which has been at the top of the novel submission site “Shosetsuka ni Noru” ranking for many years. This time, I have compiled information about the brainy fairy demon king, Ramilis, who is under the control of Rimuru from “Tensura”.

Basic information about Ramiris

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In “Tensura”, the story begins when the main character, a dull office worker, dies protecting his junior from a street monster and is reincarnated into another world. However, unlike a normal reincarnation, the protagonist has been reincarnated as a weak monster, a slime.

The main character was reincarnated as a slime named Rimuru, but he grew up in a dangerous labyrinth where vicious monsters stirred, and grew into an existence with unbelievable power for a slime. Rimuru uses his power and intelligence to interact with various races and humans.

Ramiris, the character we will introduce here, is one of the characters who becomes friends with Rimuru despite his position as the Demon King, a high ranking being in another world. First, let’s have a look at the detailed profile of Ramiris.

Profile of Ramiris

Ramiris was born into a race called the Fairy Tribe, and in the past, she was the Fairy Queen who unified the tribe. However, she makes her first appearance in the story as the former Fairy Queen and the current Demon King. Her appearance is that of a small fairy itself.

Ramiris looks weak, but she has the title of “Labyrinth Fairy” and her unique skill, “Labyrinth Creation”, allows her to create a huge labyrinth. In addition, she can use all spirit magic, which is a high spec. However, she can’t seem to use her full strength in her current form, and aside from ‘Labyrinth Creation’, her strength is not as high as it should be.

Profile of Ramiris

Ramiris’s character

Ramiris is the embodiment of an innocent child. She also loves to play pranks and often plays tricks on those who wander into the labyrinth she has created. Basically, Ramiris is a brainy and mischievous fairy, but she also has a side that is typical of a demon king who understands the laws of the world of the law of the weak and the strong. That’s why he sometimes makes a ruthless decision to kill anyone who ignores his warnings and enters the labyrinth of Ramiris without question.

Voice of Ramiris

In the anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”, the voice of Ramiris is voiced by the voice actor Anzu Haruno. After graduating from the Nippon Narration Institute, Haruno Anzu became a member of her current agency, Arts Vision. Her best known works include the role of Mayu Hoshikawa in “Blend S” and “If It’s Cute, Will You Love Me, Even If I’m a Pervert? She plays the role of Ayano Fujimoto in



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