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30 Female Characters with Curly Eyes! Not all of them are soothing, but what are their surprising tendencies?

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We’ve selected 30 of the most well-known female characters with attractive “tareme”, or drooping eyes!
The degree of tare eyes and the personality of each character are used to find out the tendency of tare eyes characters, and to verify if there are any characteristics other than the general image of “healing”!


出典 : © アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive」製作委員会 : アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive (プリコネR)」公式サイト | Cygames

The main character of “Princess Connect!
Re:Dive”. She was a traveling swordswoman who met the main character Yuki and her group, and together they founded the guild “Bishokuden”. …… Her real name is Eustiana von Astraia, a princess of the Kingdom of Landsor.
Her real name is Eustiana von Astria.

She is very cheerful and energetic, and is the mood maker of the Gastronomic Temple, always smiling.
She is always hungry due to the influence of her powerful equipment, so she is always eating something.
Incidentally, the name “Pecorine” was given to her by Kokoro, who also belongs to the guild.

In the original game, she is not depicted as having big eyes, but in the anime version, she is clearly distinguished from Kokoro and Cal, and has big eyes.
However, the degree is smaller.

The voice actor is M.A.O.


出典 :

The protagonist of “I don’t want to be in pain, so I’m going to focus on defense.
She was invited by her friend Sally to play the VRMMO “NewWorld Online”, and due to her beginner’s luck and her straightforward personality, she took actions that the management didn’t expect, and as a result, she acquired countless powerful skills and gained an extraordinary strength.
Her real name in real life is Honjo Kaede.

Her eyes are small, but since Sally, who often works with her, has a kind of slit-eyed look, Maple’s slit-eyed look is emphasized.

The voice actress is Kaede Hondo.

Kamado Nezuko

出典 : ©吾峠呼世晴/集英社・アニプレックス・ufotable : アニメ「鬼滅の刃」公式サイト

The younger sister of the protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado, and the main character of “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”.
Although she is turned into a demon by Kibutsuji Musan, she barely retains her humanity and works with him while wearing bamboo shackles, gradually regaining her humanity.
Although his consciousness was clouded due to the effects of demonization, his true character is kind and family-oriented.

In addition to Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Shinobu, Kanawo, and Mitsuri also have tawny eyes.

The voice actress is Akari Kito.

Minato Sakura

出典 :

A main character in “Zombieland Saga” and a member of the zombie idol group “Franchouche”.
After being killed in a car accident, she came back to life and became Zombie No. 1, and started idol activities to make Saga more exciting.
Since becoming a zombie, she has had a more positive and cheerful outlook, but her original personality was distorted by her many “I don’t have it” experiences and was more negative-oriented.

Among the members of Franchouche, Lily also has tare eyes, but I’m not sure if she can be called a female character.

Her voice actress is Kaede Hondo.

Kagamihara Nadeshiko

出典 :

One of the main characters in “Laid-Back Camp”.
After meeting the other main character, Rin Shima, she discovered the appeal of camping, and has been trying her hand at solo camping as well as group camping with an outdoor activity circle (Nokuru).
Her personality is always cheerful and innocent, and although she is not shy at all, she is not one to step in without hesitation.

Her eyes are round in contrast to those of Shimarin, who always looks at her with a fierce glare, and she has a charming smile.
When she smiles, it emphasizes her normal round eyes.

She is voiced by Nao Toyama.

Ushigome Rimi

出典 :

She is a member of the girls band “Poppin’Party” in “BanG Dream!
She is quiet and timid, but her love for Popipa is strong and she is always there for the members.
She loves chocolate coronets, and the first song Popipa performed in the anime, “My Heart is a Chocolate Coronet,” was written by her.

Although there are many female characters in Bandori, there are surprisingly few with clear-cut tares, such as Paleo from RAS and Nanami from Morfonica.

Her voice actress is Rimi Nishimoto.

Tojo Nozomi

出典 :

A member of the school idol group “μ’s” from “Love Live! She is a third-year student at Otonokizaka Gakuin and a member of the school idol group “μ’s” from Love Live!
She is a calm girl who speaks in a fake Kansai dialect, but she sometimes sexually harasses the members of the group, or gives them accurate advice based on the predictions of the cards, making her an elusive figure.
In the first season of the anime, she was the vice president of the student council.

Yuuhei Murota, the character designer of Love Live, has a very calm style of drawing, which is why there are many girls with tawny eyes in Love Live, but the degree of tawny eyes is particularly large among them.
Marie from “Sunshine” is also in this line.

Her voice actress is Aina Kusuda.

Sakuma Mayu

出典 :

A yandere idol from “THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS”.
Her eyes are lightly highlighted and she wears a ribbon around her left wrist, giving her a morbid impression, but as long as her producer doesn’t get involved, she’s a normal girl.
She consistently ranks high in the general election, and has been in the top 10 for four consecutive years since the 6th general election.

The iM@S series is a treasure trove of characters with taware-me eyes, and there are many other famous ones such as Nitta Minami and Futaba Anzu, but she is the one with the strongest impression of taware-me eyes.
As well as the lowering of the corners of her eyes, her taware-eyes give her a unique and mysterious atmosphere, which makes her taware-eyes stand out even more.

Her voice actress is Yui Makino.


出典 :

She is a member of the “Chimametai”, a character in “What’s Your Order, Usagi? and is a member of the Chimametai, which is also a unit.
She is a natural girl with a calm personality, and seems to have Cocoa as her goal.
Her real name is Megumi Natsu.

In Gochigusa, Chino and Chiya also have tare eyes, but Megumi has more tare eyes than the others.

Her voice actress is Rie Murakawa.


出典 :

She is a member of the 501st Fighter Wing “Strike Witches,” a unit that appears in “Strike Witches,” and her real name is Lynette Bishop.
She is a family-oriented girl with a quiet personality who doesn’t like to fight, but she has a strong will that won’t let her down once she makes a decision.

Among the 501, Yoshika and Sonya also have tare eyes, but it is Leanne who has the strongest image of tare eyes.
The reason for this is that it matches the traditional image of tareme as being healing and family-oriented.

Her voice actress is Kaori Nazuka.



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