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【Bocchi, The, Rock】 new band-based four-panel masterpiece! Next Kirara-type anime leading candidate

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We’ve compiled a summary of the most popular kirara-kei manga “Bocchi, The, Rock”, which is now ranked #8 in the Next Coming Manga Awards 2019!
We introduce the characters, including the lone and shady protagonist, Hitori Goto, and get a closer look at the possibility of making an anime!

The story of a guitar hero growing up

Bocchi, The, Rock is a 4-panel manga work that began to be serialized by Hamajiaki-sensei on Manga Time Kirara MAX in December 2017.
It is a band story mainly about the main character Goto Hitori (Goto: Hitori), a gloomy protagonist who has zero friends and leads a life of only playing the guitar at home and uploading it on the internet.

Hitori is a lonely guy who wants to be in a band. He brings his guitar to school and tries to appeal to his school to get his band mates, but no one notices and he fails.
On his way home from school, he is forcibly invited by Ijichi Nijika, the drummer of the band “Kizoku Band”, who has run away from the guitarist and is at his wit’s end, to a live house and joins the band.

It seems to be an ideal situation for one person who wanted to join a band, but …… has been playing alone for many years and is unable to match the sound of the band, and is unable to show off her skills, which she has practiced for 6 hours a day for 2 years and has over 100,000 views on video posting sites.
But the band’s inability to show off their skills is undermined by the fact that they’ve been practicing for two years, practicing for six hours a day for two years and getting over 100,000 views on video-sharing sites. …… This is the story of how the band grows as a band member and as a human being, together with Rainbow Natsu, a bright and cheerful organizer, Ryou Yamada, a talented bassist who is very fast-paced, and Ikuyo Kita, a returnee guitarist (who is actually a beginner on the guitar) who ran away from the band.

The charm of Bocci Za Lokku lies in the portrayal and direction of the characters.

You will find a lot of self-sabotage in the main character, who is always negative and seems to be the incarnation of a shady character, and when his mentality collapses significantly, the drawing collapses furiously, even to his face.
Although he is a talented person by nature, due to his character, he is not recognized by the people around him and it makes the readers very irritated. However, there are a few people who see through Hitori’s abilities such as Niinatsu’s sister, the manager of the live music club “STARRY”, and her junior bassist Hiroi.

Then, the day they decide to play their first real live show.
When the entire band is not performing well and everyone is at a loss for words, …… one person finally demonstrates his or her abilities.

This series of performance scenes depicted in episode 12 is intense, and the production that ignores the frame layout of a four-panel manga is a masterpiece.
It is a very high quality piece of work, not only as a daily life story, but also as a coming of age and a story of one’s growth.



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