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【Pokemon】Rockettes and gym leaders Sakaki! I summarized his activities and the presence of his son

An evil organization, the Rockettes, plan to take over the world through the power of Pokémon. The reigning leader is Sakaki.
His vindictive nature, which has stood in front of the protagonist many times in order to achieve his ambitions, is alive and well in the games, anime, and manga.
In this article, we summarize Sakaki’s activities in games, anime, and manga, as well as his son.

Activity in the game series

In the original Pokémon Red/Green, Sakaki appears in the following three locations and battles with the main character three times.

・Rocket Team Hiding Place
・The Silf Company
・Tokiwa Jim

Fight twice as the boss of the Rockettes

The boss of the Rockettes is the original form of Sakaki.
You will fight twice in the Sylph Company in Yamabuki City, the Rockettes’ hideout hidden in the basement of the game corner in Tamamushi City.
He tries to eliminate the protagonist, who is trying to destroy his own ambitions, and fights back, but the result is defeat. He is defeated, leaving behind the Master Ball and the Rockettes.

Fight as a gym leader in Tokiwa Gym

Early in the game, Tokiwa Gym cannot be entered due to the absence of the gym leader. The gym leader there is Sakaki. He was absent from the gym because of his activities as the Rockettes.

After being defeated twice as the boss of the Rockettes, Sakaki returned to Tokiwa Gym, but why did he return to the gym after being absent for so long?
That’s because the title of Gym Leader is the perfect temporary figure to endure the world until the protagonist can revive the Rocket Corps, which was destroyed by the hero.
The title of Gym Leader is trusted by the townspeople, and the job of Gym Leader is a way to save money for the Rocket Corps’ activities.
When the protagonist visits the gym, he doesn’t use cheating tactics, but plays fair and square. He is depicted fulfilling his duties as a gym leader by handing over a gym badge and a deliberate machine.

Was the weakest gym leader

Sakaki is the last Gym Leader to fight in the game, and his Pokémon are over level 50, making him the best-bred Pokémon of all Gym Leaders.
Although Sakaki has such a Pokémon with him, he is rumored to be the weakest Gym Leader in “Red/Green”. Its high level may seem intimidating, but its level is so high that its moves are weak.
As you can see below, Sakaki’s Pokémon deliver only weak moves that even early Pokémon can learn.

・Poison Sting
・wag a tail
・Fury Attack

You mainly have a handful of Water-type Pokémon, but they won’t use Water-type techniques.
As long as you have Water-type Pokémon, you can win easily. This is the easiest Gym Leader for trainers who have picked a Xenigame from the first three you get and raised it to a Camex.

Declared the disbanding of the Rockettes by three defeats

As mentioned earlier, Sakaki will be defeated three times by the hero in the game.
Not only as the boss of the Rocket Clan, but also as the leader of the gym, he will be destroyed. This is the ultimate humiliation for the prideful Sakaki.
After three defeats, Sakaki feels the limits of his abilities. He declares the dissolution of the Rockettes and disappears.

Resurrection as Rainbow Rockettes

Sakaki has disappeared for a long time, but he is back in “Ultrasun Ultra Moon”.
He forms a new organization called the Rainbow Rocket Clan and once again stands in front of the hero.
The members of the Rainbow Rocket Corps are the following characters who have served as the bosses of the evil organization in previous game series. An evil organization with one of the most gorgeous and powerful characters of all time has been born.

・Team Magma:Matubausa
・Team Aqua:Aogiri
・Team Galactic:Akagi
・Team Plasma:Ghettos
・Team Flare:Fradari

Sakaki’s Pokémon are also strengthened to their largest-ever level, and he uses Mewtwo, the legendary Pokémon, as his trump card.
After defeating the hard-to-please Sakaki, the Rainbow Rockettes are disbanded. They disappear from the protagonist’s life, leaving behind the discarded line, “I’ll find the next world to conspire against.



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