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[Hypnosis Mike] The reason for the explosive popularity is in the margin of imagination!

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Do you know how popular Hypnosis Microphone is?
Currently, it is a work that boasts explosive popularity among women who like voice actors, but this is actually a work that is being developed on drama CDs.
It has been decided to make it into a game or to become a game, but is it already a game? ? So popular. What is the reason why it became so popular in just over a year after the project started?

With hypnosis microphone

“Hypnosis Microphone” is a rap song project by 12 male voice actors. Voice actor wraps! ? is what I think.
The project started on September 4, 2017. As you can see from the character design that contains “Otomate”, it is sold as content for women.
For women, content such as “Hakuouki” and “Uta no Prince-sama” has often been used to solidify most of the characters with popular voice actors, but “Hypnosis Mike” is actually well known There are few voice actors.
The majority is known by four out of twelve. This person is definitely a popular voice actor! The person named is Hayashimi shou only one person.
Nevertheless, it is very popular.

How popular is it? Top regulars in Oricon ranking!

出展 :

Seven CDs have been released as of December 10, 2018.
The 7th “MAD TRIGGER CREW VS Matenrou” is exceptionally song-only, except that it contains songs and drama parts.
A CD in which two teams face each other in a lap battle is particularly popular than a CD in which each team (division) is featured.

“Buster Bros !!! vs. MAD TRIGGER CREW” ranked 2nd in Oricon
“Fling Posse vs Matenrou” ranked third in the Oricon
“MAD TRIGGER CREW vs.Matenrou” is No. 1 at the top of Oricon has won the first place in the Oricon.

It is the order that holds down “super express” and “Utada Hikaru”!
Moreover, the most popular of the seven titles is “MAD TRIGGER CREW vs. Asten”, which has been recorded only for songs.
It has been released as a drama CD for six works, and it is still sold with only an emergency song if it is thought that the seventh work is also a drama CD. Even though it is a work that is neither a game nor animation, what is the reason why it won’t drop in popularity even if it goes beyond the drama part?

Popular reason 1: Fan participation type and freshness! Get a bill live!

出展 :

“Hypnosis Microphone” is a “fan-participation” work in which fans can support their favorite teams and characters in a visible manner.
The fans can vote for the result of the rap battle. If you vote for the team that you support for the right to vote following the Drama CD, the more votes you win, the better. It will be easy to understand if you have the image of the AKB 48 general election.

The fans can vote for the result of the rap battle. If you vote for the team that you support for the right to vote following the Drama CD, the more votes you win, the better. It will be easy to understand if you have the image of the AKB 48 general election.And the final result of the battle will be announced live!
It is possible in real time to be present at the place of finalization.
Rap battle is a setting that is being performed on drama CDs, so being able to hear the announcement in an event with voice actors might feel as if you were in two dimensions! ?
Although it is bad for both voice actors and fans to be at the heart of the game, it is nice to share the joy and regret with the fans of the same team.

Popular reason 2: large margin of imagination!

出展 :

Although “Hypnosis Mike” has drama parts, the drama parts included in each CD are about 10 minutes to 20 minutes. It is not possible to grasp the character and relationship of each character very much.
So, the viewer can imagine each character based on the drama part, and it is very popular in the community.
Moreover, there are lots of settings that are imaginative, so once you get stuck you get stuck in depth.

Setting 1 to inspire imagination

出展 :

All the leaders of the four divisions (teams) originally formed a team together.
However, now all have separate teams, and what has happened in the past, that Ichiro and Samatoki, ramuda and Jyukurai are dog monkey relationships, respectively. Is a setting that I am very concerned about.

Setting 2 to inspire imagination

出展 :

“Mother kills father and lives with important sister who commits suicide”
It is a part of the lyrics of the character song of the leader of the Yokohama division, Aohichugi-samatoki.
The lyrics are as follows, but the drama part has not been mentioned at all yet.
The lyrics that lead to the character’s past are scattered all over the place, so the fans of “Hypnosis Mike” get caught up in the swamp as they want to grab the new information on the new CD.



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