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The 20 most talked-about anime with a swimsuit episode! If you’re looking for a swimsuit-wearing, cackling, cackling anime, you just can’t miss it!

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Pick up the swimsuit session that is shown as a “service session” in various works!
We’ve selected a total of 20 swimsuit episodes, from the ones that sparked your popularity to the ones that caused you controversy.
Some of them even have a swimsuit episode!

How to raise a dull girlfriend

出典 : ©2017 丸戸史明・深崎暮人・KADOKAWA ファンタジア文庫刊/冴えない♭な製作委員会 ©2015 丸戸史明・深崎暮人・KADOKAWA 富士見書房/冴えない製作委員会 : TVアニメ『冴えない彼女の育てかた♭』公式サイト

Sae Kano became a hot topic because of its innovative attempt to air the first episode of the service episode (an original episode written by the author) before the first episode.
The first season’s episode 0 was a bathing episode, but the second season’s episode 0 “Service Episode of Love and Pure Affection” successfully grabbed the hearts of the viewers with the swimsuit episode.
It is made only with the spirit of service, and all the heroines are showing off their swimsuit.


出典 : Ⓒ円谷プロ Ⓒ2018 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「GRIDMAN」製作委員会 : TVアニメ「SSSS.GRIDMAN」公式サイト

The “SSSS.GRIDMAN” that quickly captivated viewers who were unfamiliar with the original “Electric Superhero Gridman GRIDMAN”, but in episode 5 “Challenge, Hatsu”, the unexpected swimsuit episode was realized.
It wasn’t the standard swimming pool or swimming in the ocean, but a rafting trip that was part of a school field trip, and from the start of the episode Akane in a swimsuit made an appearance.
There were also quite a few service cuts.

Of course, the other heroine, Rikka, also showed off her pronounced thighs, making it a very satisfying swimsuit episode.

出典 :

SAO’s swimsuit episode is somewhat unique; it was broadcast on New Year’s Eve as a special program after the end of the first season, ‘Extra Edition” falls under this category.
This special episode, the swimsuit episode is a swimsuit episode, but at the same time it is a compilation of the swimsuit episode, which is a novel composition.
You can see new footage of the heroines frolicking in swimsuits and famous scenes from the first season all at once.

If it was in a 30 minute frame, there were not many swimsuit scenes and I would have cried, but this episode was 2 It’s a gorgeous time frame, and nearly half of it is new footage.
As a result, it’s as dense as or more than the usual swimsuit sessions.

A Certain Scientific Railgun

出典 : (C)鎌池和馬/冬川基/アスキー・メディアワークス/PROJECT-RAILGUN : とある科学の超電磁砲 アニメ公式サイト

The first and second season of Railgun is based on the original story and the second season is based on the original story, but the swimsuit episode is the first episode 13 of the anime “The line of sight is divided into upper and lower for bikinis, but for one piece it shows the line of your body, so only the thin side looks good”.

The episode that will be used to predict the future original storyline is under a lengthy subtitle, and at the time, there were a few people who were worried about it… but this episode is well received, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was the deciding factor for Railgun to be loved for a long time.
Although Mikoto and her friends are in swimsuits, which is not rare in copyrighted illustrations, their moving appearance is quite rare.
In that sense, it is a special time.

IS 〈Infinite Stratos〉

出典 :

Swimsuits are an essential part of any romantic comedy anime, but this “IS (Infinite Stratos)” was one of the most popular swimsuit episodes in the series.
The relevant episode is episode 9 of the first season, “It’s 11 o’clock when we get to the ocean! (Ocean’s Eleven)”.
All of the heroines are in swimsuits and there is a solid, even show, which is a model for a swimsuit episode of a harem anime.

For this reason, the d Anime Store conducted a survey in 2017 for its “Favorite Swimsuit Episode” and it came in a proud second place after SAO.
It can be said to be a popular episode that supported the huge success of this work.


出典 :

Nowadays, the swimsuit episode has become an established part of the daily life and Kirara anime, but the one that sealed the deal was this K-On! It is.

It’s the kind of work that doesn’t seem to be associated with the sexy line, but episode 4 of the first season, “Camp! and episode 10 of the same series, “Another Camp! The entire light music club went to a camp at the beach in However, the trio of first-year students, including Azusa, go to the pool, so there are three swimsuit sessions in this series.
Azusa, who gets sunburned easily, is given the nickname “Koge-nyan,” a play on the usual nickname “Azunyan,” and the swimsuit sessions have become very popular with fans.



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