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【Dragon Quest Die’s Adventure】It still stings! A collection of Dai’s Adventure quotes.

Die’s Adventure was serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine for about seven years starting in 1989, and was so popular that it was made into an anime in 1991.
The popularity of the series went down for a while, but after it became the subject of a collaboration for a game application created by Square Enix, it became popular again, and in 2020, it was decided to make it into an anime again, which started airing in October.
Did you know that Dai no Daiboken has spawned a number of famous quotes?
In this article, I’ll introduce you to some of the best quotes from Die’s Adventure.

A brief synopsis of Adventure.

Dai, a young boy living on the island of Delmlin, is taught by Aban, a brave man from across the sea, but he is blocked by the Hadler of the Demon King’s Army.
Aban asks Dai and his friends to defeat the Demon King’s army, and they travel to Papunika and other cities, defeating the leaders of the Demon King’s army one after another.
However, the Hadlers once again block their way and attack Dai and his friends.
Dai and his friends barely manage to defeat Hadler, but this time, the great demon king Byrne, who is even more powerful than Hadler, is waiting for them.
Dai and his friends go through many twists and turns in their quest to defeat Burn.

Die’s Adventure Quotes

Here is a list of quotes from each character in Die’s Adventure.
I’ll introduce the character who said the quote and the situation at the time.

It is because they are unwinnable that we need to risk our lives.

This is a quote uttered by Aban.
This quote was created in the scene where Abang confronted Hadler when Hadler attacked Dai and the others on Delmlin Island when they had not yet reached the starting line of the heroes.
In fact, Hadler overpowered Abban, so Abban was prepared to die to protect his disciples.
In order to release the self-sacrifice spell “Megante”…

For a moment…! But… like a flash…! I’ll live through it like a dazzling fire!

This is a quote uttered by Pop.
In the scene where Dai is confronting the Great Demon King Byrne, while Dai is in the depths of despair, Pop doesn’t give up until the very end and throws these words at the Great Demon King Byrne.
Pop didn’t give up until the very end, and said these words to Daimajou Burn, and Dai’s will to fight was restored.
Without Pop, Dai’s victory over Daimao Burn would not have been possible.

Don’t underestimate me, the Great Demon King!

This is a quote uttered by Hadler.
Hadler has been revived by the Great Demon King Byrne for a long time.
As a result of Hadler’s repeated blunders, Byrne decided that Hadler was no longer capable of stopping Dai and the others, so he decided to take action and get rid of Dai and the others.
He decided that he couldn’t even stop Byrne from killing the Dies, so he decided to stand up for himself and get rid of them. Hadler, who didn’t find this amusing, rebelled against Byrne for the first time and declared that he would rather deal with the Dies himself than be killed.
It was a moment when we got a glimpse of Hadler’s determination, even though he was the enemy.

I believe that a man’s value is determined by how much he can let go of his obsession with the past…

This is a quote from Crocodyne.
Hunkel was about to take his life for granted, and he told him off.
Crocodyne was asking for a second chance for Hunkel.
It can be said that Crocodyne was not a demon, and in the true sense of the word, he was more than Balan, he was called “Otoko”.

That wasn’t a melasoma, that was a mera…

This is a quote uttered by the Great Demon King Byrne.
This is what Pop replied to Byrne’s spell when he said “melazoma”.
If Byrne were to unleash Melasoma, it would probably mean that Byrne possesses enough magic power to unleash Melagiah.
This shows that he has a huge amount of magic power.

I can’t change the way I live… because that’s what being an adult is…

This is a quote uttered by Balan.
While fighting with Dai and crossing swords, Balan learned his true intentions and said it in a melancholy atmosphere.
It is “heavy” because of the reality of human ties involved.
For Balan, who thinks that his wife was taken away from him by human desires, it is difficult to take the side of humans.

I’m gonna kill you. I’m leaving this earth.

This is one of the quotes from Dai.
The key to this quote is something that the Great Demon King Byrne said before he was killed.
“Will you become my subordinate? He refused.
Dai refuses and is now ready to fight the final battle against the Great Demon King Byrne.
Byrne also said that even if peace came to the world, you would be persecuted because you are not human, but Dai didn’t let that confuse him and fought Byrne.
In the manga, after defeating Byrne (the demon eye king Byrne), he actually left the earth. (He seems to be alive, but we can’t confirm it for sure.)
Since Dai really left the earth, this is the most appropriate quote to decorate the end.


So far, I have introduced various quotes from Dai no Daiboken.
As I thought about it again, there were many quotes that came out from each character.
It will be interesting to see where these quotes will pop up in the anime broadcast that starts in 2020.

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