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【Detective Conan: The Last Wizard of the Century】Spoilered synopsis! Shinichi appears before Conan!

The Magician of the End of the Century, the third theatrical installment of Detective Conan, was released in 1999.
This is a spoiler-filled discussion of this film, which is still popular as of 2019.

【Storyline of “The Sorcerer at the End of the Century】

①Kid’s Warning Letter

The scene starts off with the Phantom Thief Kid taunting Ayumi, a first grader.
It’s a scene that clearly shows what kind of character Kid is.
The next scene is a scene that makes you wonder, “Is this really Conan? The next scene is a police investigation meeting full of old men with a heavy air about them. Is Kid really the main character? It’s a very Kid-oriented beginning.

②Heiji motorcycle accident

Conan and Heiji chase after Kid, who arrives as announced and flees with his trademark hang-glider to get the “Imperial Easter Egg”. The means of transportation is Heiji’s motorcycle.
Conan and Heiji are chasing the hang-glider through the crowded streets of Osaka, and of course, they crash into an oncoming car. With Heiji’s encouragement, Conan pursues the Kid alone, but in vain, as the Egg is stolen.

③Kid falls into the ocean

The story seemed to be going in the direction of tracking down Kid to get back the stolen egg, but then there was a disturbing laser aimed at Kid’s right eye as he flew with a smug look on his face in a hang glider. The next thing he knows, Kid is shot in the monocle he was wearing over his right eye and falls into the ocean.
This is where the film really begins.
Who is the person who shot Kid? What is his purpose? Why did the Kid call himself the “Wizard of the End of the Century” in his warning letter? This is where all the mysteries begin.

④Conan to the Great Sea

While traveling by boat to move the Egg to a safe place, Natsumi Kosaka, a blood relative of the Egg’s creator, raises the possibility that there may be two Eggs that were thought to be one. It was also suggested that there might be another Egg in the Kasaka family’s castle in Yokosuka. So they decide to go to the castle after the ship arrives at the port. But that’s Detective Conan for you. There is a murder on the ship. When Conan sees that the body of the murdered man was shot in the right eye, he is convinced that it is the same person who shot Kid, and asks Dr. Agasa to investigate the “sniper aiming at the right eye.
Conan also senses Kid’s presence here, and has a hunch that Kid has entered the ship. In addition to the search for the culprit, the viewer is also left with a mystery: “Who is Kid? At the same time as the search for the murderer, the audience was also left with the question, “Who is Kid?
While the murderer remains unknown, the scene shifts to the castle of the Kasaka family.

⑤Solve the mystery of the Egg & battle the murderer at the castle of the Kasaka family

A murder case occurs as you proceed through a castle with various devices like a karakuri mansion. As expected, the body was found with a bullet through the right eye. Neither the murderer nor the person Kid is disguising himself as is revealed, but the group is determined to solve the mystery of the Egg.
The Egg, which was considered a precious treasure, was a personal album of the Kasaka family, projected by light.
Peaceful family photos are projected all over the walls, and for a moment, the atmosphere is peaceful. However, the story does not end without the identification of the murderer, and it is here that the murderer moves to steal the egg. The Egg is stolen just as the murderer intends, and even Kogoro Mouri and Ran Mouri are targeted in the right eye, trapping the group in the castle.
Conan confronts the culprit one-on-one in the blazing fire. The culprit is a Russian named Seiran Poshi, who pretends to be Chinese.
Conan wins the confrontation with Hoshi Seiran, but is engulfed in flames and almost loses his way to escape, but for some reason, Detective Shiratori appears to Conan in desperation.

⑥Conan’s true identity will be discovered by Ran!

When all is said and done, the stage shifts to the Mouri Detective Agency.
Ran, who had suspected that Conan was Shinichi since they were on the ship, cried and asked Conan if he was someone else. Ran, who has suspected that Conan is Shinichi since they were on the ship, cries and asks Conan, “You’re not the same person, are you? Ran asks Conan, crying.
Ran, who has suspected that Conan is Shinichi since the beginning, cries and asks Conan if he is a different person. Conan is about to reveal his true identity, when a soaking wet Shinichi Kudo appears, disguised as the Phantom Thief Kid.
When Ran disappears, Kid tries to disappear, but Conan reveals that he knew that Kid was disguised as Detective Shiratori.
The movie ends with an atmosphere of a shared secret between Conan, who knew who Kid was but didn’t tell him, and Kid, who knew who Kid was and helped him.
This scene at Mouri’s detective agency is still a fan favorite as of January 2019.



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