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[Kaguya-sama wants to tell you] Voice actor information summary! Attention to the full of vitality of young people centered [2019 winter animation] # Kaguya 2018 anime, manga kaguya want to tell, 2019 winter anime moemee-writer

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We have compiled voice actor information of the anime “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you ~ A love brain battle of geniuses ~” broadcasted in the winter of 2019!
We will deliver who will play the main characters including the members of the Shuchiin Gakuen Student Council, including their appearance history!

Shinomiya Kaguya: Koga Aoi

出展 :

The hero who plays the title of “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you”, the student council vice chairman of Shuchiin Gakuen, and Shimiya Kaguya, the grandmother of “Shinomiya Group” Is Ms. Koga.

Ms. Koga made a voice actor debut at the smartphone game “Sealed Hero! Mine Island and the Empty Labyrinth”, which began to be distributed in July 2014, and has also appeared in TV anime since 2015.
Next year in 2016, he played one of the main characters, “Hanabi” in “Magical Girl? Nya ☆ Garuzu”, and in 2017 he played the first star in the role “Tuukaa” Miyata Yuri.
Besides, “Angel’s 3P! “Kinjo Sora, who is in charge of drums, plays the daughter of Reiko who was Saki’s living companion who appeared in” zombie land saga “9 episodes, Tenbuki Manria, etc.

With PV, you can hear Ms. Koga’s voice played with a low tone, which is usually calm, a bit earlier.
Kaguya is also a character with various faces such as ordinary girls and black spots, so you will be able to hear a rich variety of voices on this broadcast.

Shirogane Miyuki: Furukawa Makoto

出展 :

It is a protagonist along with Kaguya, and it is Furukawa Makoto who is the student council chairman and plays the hard work-type talented master Shirogane Miyuki.
I belong to Toys Factory which is famous as a music label of Mr. Children and BUMP OF CHICKEN from December 2018, but with a contract as a voice actor instead of a musician, I intend to continue focusing on voice actor activities in the future is.

Mr. Furukawa went to a vocational school in 2009 and played the game “Golden Whistle” and played the first voice actor in the role of Sadias.
In 2011, he will make a debut as a professional voice actor in the role of Web anime “armed junior high school student” Yoshino Satoshi.

Since then he has been active in various media such as animation, games, drama CDs, BLCD, dubbing, and in 2013 he will play the main character for the first time in the “Golden Time” Mari Tada role.
And in the 2015 broadcast “One Panman” Saitama and “Token Ranbu” break at the role of Ookuri Kara.
Since then, “Orange” Suwa Hiroto, “Idolmaster Side M” Aslan = BB II, “Fate / Apocrypha” red rider (Achilles) played and has gained popularity.

In PV, you can hear the voice of Mr. Furukawa, who plays the Shirogane Chairman, a little earlier.
Only Mr. Furukawa who has a reputation for the height of the singing ability seems to draw attention to how to play the song of the Chairman of the White Silver, which is compared to “the visceral organs”.

Fujiwara Chika: Kohara Konomi

出展 :

The heroine of this work is a mascot-like student council student, and Fujiwara Chika, the secretary, is Kohara  Konomi .

Ms.Kohara, who appeared in dramas and movies in his early teens, made his voice actor debut in the 2016 broadcast “Bakuon !!”.
The following month in 2017, “The moon is beautiful” Kohara Konomi has played the heroine as early as Mizuno.
Even after the “magic circle Gururu” Kukuri, “Girls calling the inferior version of the theater version Magical High School Star Girl” cotton-picking Mina Jia, “Asobi Asore” Nomura Kojun, “Summer Pockets” Naruse Shiro … and so on, etc. He plays a role and is a currently popular voice actor.

Fujiwara’s voice has been shown in the original (110 episodes) to “Measurably high cat in the voice” is implied, but the voice shown in the PV is just a cat without voice itself, the reputation from the fans are excellent.
When the decision was made to animate, who is in charge of Fujiwara’s voice is the most attention of the fans, it was an important position to say that even the selection of people who hold the key to the success of the animation, but it seems quite no problem.

Ishigami Yu: Suzuki Ryouta

出展 :

Ishigami  You, who is also the back protagonist of this work, is in charge of Student Council Accounting.
Mr. Suzuki is a newcomer who debuted in 2016, but appeared as many animation games as early as the following year, and he was selected as the main character of the Internet world, Hayashi, in “Recommendation of Neto Mitsuru.”

Appeared in more than 20 TV animations in 2018, and played main characters such as “slave zone The Animation” Ouga Yuga, “Tsurune-Furubu High School Kyudo Club-” Yamanouchi Kohei. I am showing an activity.
It is also decided to play one of the protagonists, Sato Ichiro, in the anime “Why a teacher here !?”

Appeared in more than 20 TV animations in 2018, and played main characters such as “slave zone The Animation” Ouga Yuga, “Tsurune-Furubu High School Kyudo Club-” Kohei Yamanouchi. I am showing an activity.
It is also decided to play one of the protagonists, Sato Ichiro, in the anime “Why a teacher here !?”

Ishigami first appeared negative characters on the front, and even with the PV, “I think that I will be killed by my senior Shinomiya,” there was also a disturbing line such as “I think that I will be killed by Shinomiya-senpai,” and the performance with much reduced tone is being shown.
As the story goes on, the bonds to the rear fulminate explode, step through the land mines, and the words of the Fujiwara clerk can be used to express his character. You can hear the voice of.



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