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The 30 best adventure anime! I’ve put together a list of recommendations for romance and battles to keep you on the road.

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A selection of 30 of the most popular adventure anime filled with excitement and romance!
We’re bringing you all sorts of anime that range from a harmonious and entertaining journey from start to finish, to a world tour for a sincere purpose like revenge or escape!

I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to put the extreme pressure on my defense.

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A TV anime based on the Narou novel.
It is a story about girls who play the VRMMO ‘NewWorld Online’.

NWO is a standard online RPG in which the main character, Maple and her friends move around the field to face various dungeons and sometimes players compete with each other.
Since this is only an in-game adventure, there is no danger, and the content is basically cheerful and fun.

There are a few battles here and there, and no romantic elements.
This is a game where you can enjoy the way not only the Maple Tree guild, but also the entire guild as a whole, grows out of the ordinary.

The rising of the shield hero

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This is an alternate universe transfer fantasy based on the NARROW novel.
The main character, Naofumi, who was summoned as a hero of the shield, distrusts humanity due to the betrayal and wickedness of a woman. This is a story about a journey to save the world with a minimal number of people while falling into

Because of the aforementioned incident, Shobun has lost his temper and become skeptical, the beginning of the story has to be a dark adventure. However, he gradually regains his humanity through his journey with the heroine, Raftaria.
It’s not a cheerful adventure story, but it is not a good story because of Hisafumi’s mistrust of women. It’s not a dark fantasy, and there are many elements available to tickle your sense of adventure.

Re:Starting from zero in a different world

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This is an alternate universe transition fantasy based on the Narou novel.
It is a story about the hardships of Natsuki Subaru, who is suddenly transferred to another world and gains the ability to return to death.

Due to the nature of returning to death, the story has to be repeated over and over again in the same place, and there is always a sense of despair in the story, so it is not an open-ended adventure type of work.
The main focus is not the excitement of going to an unknown place, but rather the challenge of the crisis of finding a way to overcome the difficulty.
It also has a strong human drama with romantic elements.

Bless this wonderful world

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This is an inter-world reincarnation fantasy based on a narrow novel.
Kazuma, a boy who was reincarnated into another world with the goddess Aqua as his companion, forms a pleasant party and enjoys his days. This comedy aims to defeat the demon king while living in the city of Axel.
The world looks like an RPG, and although there is a base in the city of Axel, all the party members are involved in a different There’s a strong sense of adventure, as you’re often heading to towns and settlements.

While there is an element of romance, the party has more of a family feel to it than that, so even though it’s slapstick, it’s still a hot mess. It’s an enjoyable piece of work.

Log Horizon

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This is an alternate universe transfer fantasy based on the Narou novel.
It is a story about the daily struggles of people who have been transferred to a world that is very similar to the MMORPG “Elder Tail”.

This is a game that is more like an escape drama than an adventure, because the goal is to escape from a world that you have mindlessly wandered into.
However, there are many opportunities to go on journeys, meet local people, cooperate with friends, and other elements that give a sense of adventure, so this is a work that can be enjoyed as a high-purity adventure fantasy.


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This is an alternate world transfer fantasy based on a web novel and a light novel.
At the moment of the end of the service of VRMMORPG『Yggdrasil』, a man who was transferred to another world which is very similar to the one in the game in the form of a skeleton he made as an avatar, aims to conquer the world with his subordinates under the guild name of “Ainz Wool Goun”.

Originally, adventurer in this game was a term for a mercenary who fights monsters, but the original meaning of “one who explores the unknown” was found during a meeting between Ainz and Ainzac, and the approach to adventure is firmly established in the game.
Because it’s a dark fantasy genre, it’s easy to get the impression that it’s not very adventurous, but that’s not really the case.

Is it wrong to want to meet someone in a dungeon?

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A fantasy work based on a web novel and a light novel.
It is a story about the main character, Belle Cranel, who yearns for a heroic tale, and continues to grow up and challenge dungeons while receiving the favor of the goddess Hestia.

It is not an adventure type of work, as the main content is exploring dungeons and conflicts in the labyrinth city of Orario, so it is not an adventure that travels from city to city in the outside world.
However, the dungeons are not completely explored, and the more you dive into them, the more troublesome tricks and powerful enemies await you, so the more you encounter danger and explore unexplored areas, the more you will feel the sense of adventure.

Sword Art Online

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A fantasy work based on a web novel and a light novel.
It is a story by the main character Kirito and his heroines who risk their lives to take on various VR MMORPGs.

While there are elements of death games and survival, the story is not all serious as it is basically a game.
Every time you enter a new chapter, you are challenged with a new game, and the fact that you can enjoy a different view of the world makes it feel like an adventure fantasy.
You can enjoy both the romance and battles in this game.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

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It is an alternate reality transfer fantasy based on a novel.
A boy and girl who wandered into another world, “Grimgar”, travel to survive, sometimes losing their friends and sometimes falling out with each other.
It is a rare work in the otherworldly fantasy genre because of its realism, which is the complete opposite of a light-hearted adventure, where you can experience the difficulties and difficulties of life.

There is a great deal of focus on human drama, and I recommend this game to those who enjoy the relationships with their friends and the changes in their relationships.

No game・No life

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It is a fantasy work based on a novel.
It depicts the activities of the genius gamer brother and sister-in-law duo, who were summoned to an alternate world where everything is decided by the game, “Disboard”.

It is not a story about adventure, but the days in an unusual world based on video games give a strong sense of cross-cultural exchange.
This is the main reason why we feel the adventure is stronger than other cross-world reincarnation/transference fantasy stories.



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