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【Dragon Quest Die’s Adventure】What makes Crocodile, Hadler, and Flayzard …… enemy characters so beloved? An in-depth look

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From “Dragon Quest Die’s Adventure,” which will start a new anime in October 2020, we’re featuring a particularly popular enemy character!
They are often featured on the Internet, and are still active even in the age of harmony. Even in the age of Reiwa, these characters are still active and are frequently featured on the Internet, and we examine the reasons why they have captured the hearts of fans!

Crocodyne, the symbol of “Dai Dai” where even the enemies have much to show.

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There are many popular characters in “Dragon Quest Die’s Adventure”, many of which appeared as enemies.
It is not uncommon for an enemy character to become a main character or even surpass the popularity of the main human character.
The symbol of this is Crocodyne.

Crocodyne appears as the leader of the Hundred Beast Demon Corps, one of the “Six Great Corps” of the Demon King’s Army.
He is a muscular lizardman who bears the name “Beast King” and is a power fighter who specializes in physical combat using an axe as a weapon.
He is also the first warlord that the main character Dai and his friends fought.

From a game point of view, he is “the first mid-boss you fight after you have friends.
From a game point of view, he is the “first mid-boss” that you fight after you have new friends, which is the position of Kandata in Dracula 3.
In reality, he had a much stronger aura than Kandata, but he gave a strong impression of being a …… brainiac, and he was a typical “boss enemy with gaps”, as he threw away his pride because of the grudge of having his eyes damaged by Dai, and he insisted on winning even after accepting the advice of Zaboera, the leader of the demon warriors who excelled at dirty tricks. He was a typical “boss enemy with an opening.

However, he regained his pride in defeat and later survived to join Dai and the others.
He played the role of a tank against strong enemies such as Immortal Cavalry Commander Hunkel and Dragonlord Baran, and changed his position from a brainy character to a “victim.

Since joining Dai’s group, Crocodyne has never been active enough to be considered a mainstay.
However, the many scenes in which he is beaten to a pulp by Balan and other strong enemies and screams have become a topic of conversation on the Internet, and he has become a much more memorable character than a poorly-played one, and his position as a beloved character has been firmly established.
The scene in which Pop (who used to be a lower-ranked character) solemnly accepts his dismissal from the battlefield after the final battle with Daimao Burn is also a frequently used story.

Of course, if Crocodyne had been an unattractive character, he wouldn’t have been loved so much, even if he was a top-notch villain.
It is because he has been acting like a warrior ever since he became a member of the team, putting his body on the line for his friends, playing a role in Hyukel’s reformation, and providing mental support for Pop, that the pitiful scenes are even more impressive.

Hadler, the “fallen demon king” turned into one of the greatest warriors of all time

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If I had to name one more enemy character that symbolizes Dai Dai, it would have to be Hadler.
He is a former demon king who raided the island of Delmurin where Dai lived, fought to the death with the former hero and Dai’s mentor Aban, and later led the six legions in the position of demon army commander and stood in front of Dai many times.

However, this Hadler was portrayed as a “fallen demon king” for a long time.

It was good until he drove Aban into a self-destruct spell, Megante, and rendered him incapable of fighting,……, but all of the operations he carried out to defeat the Dai failed, the country he occupied was recaptured, and he himself was defeated by his former subordinate, Hunkel, after failing to lead an all-out attack with his entire army.
In the end, he was forced into a corner, and with the help of Zaboeira, he tried to frame Pop, but was stopped by his mentors Matrif and Dai, and suffered a disastrous defeat.

Despite his position as No. 2 after the Great Demon King and commander of the Demon Army, he was lambasted by Hunkel and not even considered by Balan, revealing his lack of centripetal force.
In fact, as the commander of the demon army, Hadler was notably conceited and mentally fragile, and when his position was at stake, he spent all his time defending himself, exposing a number of abominations that would be hard to believe for a former demon king.

However, with his defeats piling up and his time running out, Hadler stopped defending himself, abandoned his pride, and even gave up his immortal demon body in order to transform himself into a super demon creature.
As a result, he gained strength that was close to that of the Great Demon King, and also lost his mental laxity, and came to be trusted immensely by the subordinates of Hadler’s Guard, a metallic life form created from the orichalcon.

He was undoubtedly the best antagonist as he carried the feelings of his subordinates into the final battle with Dai.

It is often said that “Dai Dai Dai is also the story of Pop’s growth,” but in fact, Hadler’s growth was depicted in more stages than Pop’s.
I don’t think there is any other work that expresses the growth of an enemy character with such care.
In that sense, Hadler can be said to be a unique existence.



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