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“Do not mix with that transparent storm, find out” Introducing the charm of anime “Yuri Kumaarashi”

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Do you know a work called “Yuri Kumaarashi”? “Yuri Kumaarashi” is an animation of a school girl whose subject is Yuri as described in the title.

This article introduces the outline and charm of “Yuri Kumaarashi”.

Those wishing to think about the meaning of metaphor
Those who want to see the fellowship between girls
Recommended for you who likes animation with such hope!

【What is “Yuri Kumaarashi”?

“Yuri kumaarashi” is an original animation work broadcasted from January to March 2015. It is a serious lily animation that also contained elements of mystery.
The picture itself is cute and deformed, the work that the bear and the cruelty of a person remain more impressive.

“Yuri kumaarashi” of the work name was attached because “a lily and a bear meet and a storm happens”.

Besides animation, manga, novel version, etc. are also being developed.
Also as the work of director Kohihiko Ichihara, it is the first one cool work.
Unlike director and other works ‘Girl Revolutionary Utena’ (39 stories) and ‘Ringu Pingdram’ (24 talks), it is a pleasing point that it is easy to see at a stroke.


The rough story is as follows.

“At one time, the asteroid Kumaria exploded in the universe and it fell on the planet as a meteor shower, then bears were brought together, bears began to eat people, people began shooting bears and In order to prevent the bear’s threat, “barrier of disconnection” was built between people and bear.

Time flows, another day. Yuri castle silver and Yuri Furuhara are transferring to the “world of arashibaoka school” in the human world. The identity of the two people is a bear who has become a human being. They get closer to the isolated girl in the class, the camellia brilliant feathers. Then there happens a little incident from Yuri castle Ginza and Yuri sakura transfer school. It was a friend and a lover of Mr. Tsubaki Shinku feathers, Izeno pure flower was killed by a bear. ”

Who ate the pure flowers? Why does Yuri castle silver come close to red wings? From the first episode to the last episode, including the mystery, it has become a development that calls a mystery.

Staff and Cast】

The main staffs and cast members who produced “Yuri kumaarashi”, and their representative works are as follows (Titles omitted).


Original: Ikunigomamonaka
Director: Kunihiko Ichihara (“Ringu Pengudrum” etc.)
Series composition: Kunihiko Ichihara, Takayo Ichin (“Magical Girls site” etc.)
Character design: Etsuko Sumoto (“Student Children”. In other works, director of drawing)
Animation Production: SILVER LINK (“Prisma ☆ Ilya Dry !!”)

Yuri castle Silver: Miho Arakawa (“Ringu Pengudrum” Yokomi Takakura, Penguin No. 3)
Yuri Saku Ruru: Yoshiko Ikuta (“Round Pumping drum” Kashiwagi Yukina)
Tsubaki Shinki Feather: Nozomi Yamane (“Azure Lane / Aozya Line” Javelin, York, Pennsylvania)

【Yuri Kumarashi 」’s fun here. 】

I will introduce some attractive points of “Yuri kumaarashi”.

Greasy lily

As the title “Yuri Kumagashi”, one of the themes of this work is “Yuri”. But it is not like a comedy touch. Women and women intersect.

“Lily” scenes flow frequently, and abruptly. It will be barely enough, and if the scene changes, it will be naked on the bed as usual. The lily of ‘Yuri Kumagayashi’ is not a light lily but has a flesh-like feel like a foreign movie.

Story expansion painted on metaphor

Director of “Yuri Kumarashi” is directed by Kohihiko Ichihara who worked on “Girl Revolutionary Utena” and “Ringu Pen Dram”. I can not fall into examples of the 2 works, and this work has also become a work heavily used metaphors.

In words, there are many meaningful words such as “Kisses of promises” and “Transparent storms”. In addition, bee that appears in the fourth episode “I can not get a kiss” in visual terms.

It is difficult to fully understand “Yuri Kumagayashi” from the many metaphor. However, it is the charm of “Yuri Kumagi” that you can enjoy the discussion, such as “What is this metaphor expressing?”


View of the world

A human who “eliminates” and a bear who asks “likes”

As a structure of “Yurikumaarashi”, there is a confrontation structure between people and bears. This confrontation structure is not merely an enemy party.
Each person and bear can roughly see the following properties.

People = creatures that eliminate heterogeneous things
Bears = creatures to eat
People = creatures that eliminate heterogeneous things
In the school which is the stage of “Yurikumaarashi”, there is common sense that “You must stay with your friends to protect yourself from bears.”
Even in a real school, when a suspicious person comes out in the vicinity, you will be instructed “Do not act alone” is it?

To defend themselves, they form a flock. That is the common sense that struck this school. And eliminate things not familiar with the herd.
This is “transparent storm” in “Yurikumaarashi”.
In other words, “transparent storm” is considered to refer to “bullying” in modern society.

Through “Yurikumaarashi” full of scenes, Sora is tossed by “transparent storm”.
Red flag itself is not a character that shuts her mind and speaks positively with people.

And as a feeling of red wings, the feeling of “exclusion” is often drawn.
Elimination of red wings means “not permitting bears”.
Red mother ‘s mother was killed by a bear. In order to kill a bear who murdered her mother, she is essential to gun training.

In this way, in “Yurikumaarashi”, people are depicted as being creatures that focus on “evil” and try to eliminate it.

Bears = creatures to eat

One bear takes the opposite action to eliminate evil. That means “pursue your liking”. And the result is predation. The bear of “Yurikumaarashi” will eventually eat people who liked it. It is literally “I’m cute enough to eat”.

The bear of ‘Yurikumaarashi’ does what it wants to eat the basic prey. Even the same bear eliminates all predatory obstacles.

Its desire also has a silver character of the main character.
What kind of conflict has occurred in the behaviors related to Silver’s “like” and what kind of result was caused? This is one of the mysteries of this work.

Even in reality, there are people who are trying to eliminate opponents by paying attention to differences with people and people who pursue their favorite things.
A glimpse of the point of contact with such a modern society is one of the attractions of “Yurikumaarashi”.

A storm created by people and bears

The title of this work “Yurikumaarashi” stated that it comes from “a lily (woman love) and a bear meet and a storm happens”.
A storm arises when a person who is a red wing and a silver bear who is a bear encounters encounters. This is one of the charms of this work.

“Yurikumaarashi” Among all 12 episodes, red crimps and silver fish / Ra collide and pass each other again.
But overcoming such a collision, the three will deepen relationships.

The encounter and exchanges between Red Feathers and Ginkgo Ruru are close to intercultural exchanges in modern society.
There are cultural and language barriers between us and people with different cultures.
If you look different from yourself, somehow you hold fear.

However, as you interact repeatedly, you will also see eyes on the goodness of the other party.
It is also the charm of “Yurikumaarashi” that makes me feel the process of such communication.


【What is your reputation? 】

Many impressions such as “I do not know well” were seen on the net.
Probably because of the metaphors.
I feel like I can not put words on the goodness of Yuri Kumarashi well.

And those who are addicted have left their own interpretations and considerations. This work will be liked by those who like to think.



I introduced the outline of “Yurikumaarashi” and its attractiveness. “Yurikumaarashi” is a mysterious work that depicts Yuri straight.

If you read this article and you are concerned about “Yurikumaarashi”, why do not you take a look at the first episode.

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