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【Dragon Quest IV】What makes the PS version different from the franchise version? Here’s a summary of the additions

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What makes the PS version different from the franchise version? Dragon Quest IV: Led by the Gods” is a remake of “Dragon Quest IV: Led by the Gods”, the last of the franchise’s Dragon Quest series released by Enix (now Square Enix) in 1990, and was released by Enix in 2001 for the PS as an exclusive software title. It has been released.
Here’s a look at Dragon Quest IV: The Guided Masters as a PS classic that’s still fun to play now. I tried it.

Dragon Quest IV PS Edition Basic Information

・Compatible devices: PlayStation
・Genre RPG
・Number of players: 1
・Development / Publisher Enix
・Release date: November 22, 2001

This game is a remake version of the franchise version with new elements added.
The scenario structure is the same as in the franchise version, and while in the franchise version the game had an AI-based auto function except for the main character (the main character of each chapter), in this game you can choose between manual (Melee Ezekiel) and AI (other strategies).
Additional elements that particularly caught my attention were the hidden dungeons and backbosses after completing the scenario, which I won’t mention here because it would be a spoiler, but it was a great addition for fans of Dracula 4.

Additional Factors

The following are additional elements of this game.

A Town of Immigrants

The popular “Emigrant Town” from “Dracula 7” is back in this game.
Players can gather various types of immigrants from all over the world to create their own original town.
I played this game quite a bit back in the day, as it was a fun way to get the elements of a town in Dracula.

War Record System

In this game, your victories in battle, the number of times you’ve been wiped out or escaped, and the maximum damage you’ve taken so far are recorded, and these values, as well as your current storyline progress, level, and equipment, determine the title that represents the current state of the protagonists.
To put it simply, this system allows you to flesh out your “current player level”.

Additional Scenarios

The demo screen now includes a prologue for each character in chapters one through four, as well as an “introduction” to the beginning of chapter five in the franchise version.
A “Chapter 6” was also added as an additional scenario after completing the game, as well as equipment for exclusive characters.

Other Additions

・The number of small medals and additional prizes
・Partial changes to the map
・Additional tool bag
・Add a monster

Three-dimensional effects that were not possible in the FC version

The graphics in this game take advantage of the characteristics of the PS to create a three-dimensional map, which was not possible in the franchise version.
The dungeons and towns are represented in a 3D map with a lot of depth, making it a more realistic RPG.
Also, the party’s movement speed is much faster than in the franchise version, making for a stress-free gameplay experience.
Of course, the characters are also rendered in three dimensions, so the graphical balance is good, and it can be said that Dracula 4 takes advantage of the characteristics of the PS.

It’s more difficult than the FC version

In the FC version, the first “Metal King” in the series allowed you to level up at a good pace before the final boss, and you were able to beat the final boss with ease, but in this game, the level before the final boss is set at a lower level, which increases the difficulty slightly, and the additional scenario requires more experience than the Metal King (although there is an even more awesome Platinum Metal monster).
The additional scenarios can be considered to have increased the difficulty of this game over the franchise version.


I’ve introduced Dragon Quest IV: Guided Masters as a PS classic that’s still fun to play today.
As a Dracula fan myself, I purchased this game on the day of its release, and having played the franchise version, it was a huge shock to me.
Of course there were changes and additional elements, but there were also “challenging elements” that I couldn’t enjoy in the franchise version, so I was satisfied with that alone.
Later on, the DS version and others were released, making this game a success for Enix.
I can confidently recommend Dragon Quest IV for PS as a PS classic that is still fun to play today.

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