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[Betting Crazy] Second term broadcast decision! Highlights and character summary #Betting Crazy

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“Betting Crazy” which drew girls who challenge the battle which bet your own life on the stage of “private Hyakao Gakuen” where everything is decided by gambling.
When the anime was aired, it was “Betting Crazy” which quickly became famous because of the acting power of the voice actors and the face art of the character, but from January 2019 the 2nd period will be broadcast decision and from many fans I am getting attention.
This time I would like to summarize the highlights and characters of the second term.

What is “Betting Crazy”?

Story that the private hundred private Hyakao Gakuen that determines the position in the school by gambling on the stage, boys and girls is that holding a variety of speculation fight betting his own survival.
Mutual reading of deceiving each other and hands, and is characteristic of the difference has also drawn negative aspects of capitalism, such as the treatment by winning or losing.

Also a attractions also characters who face arts in gambling.

Highlights of Betting Crazy second term

The highlight of the second period is the entry of new enemies called the Momobami clan.
So far, the school has been ruled by the student council, but one day the student council president Kirari Momobami declares that “dissolve the student council and hold a general election.”
A student council general election that swirls various conspiracy.
Yumeko and her friends Ryota Suzui,Meari Saotome, and Itsuki Sumeragi can all survive the general election.

It is expected that the battle will be much more radical than in the 1st period due to the appearance of unique enemies.
Also, one of the highlights is the part of who will ultimately win the election.

I can not wait until the anime broadcast.



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