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【Nisekoi】Why is Kirisaki Chitoge so cute? A thorough explanation of the charm that attracts people around her!

Nisekoi is a romantic comedy manga that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2011 to 2016.
The original author is Naoshi Furumi, and the comic has a total of 25 volumes. It has been made into an anime twice, and even into a live-action movie starring Kento Nakajima and Ayami Nakajo.
In this article, I would like to introduce the charm of Kirisaki Chitoge, one of the main heroines of Nisekoi.

Profile of Chitoge Kirisaki

Chitoge Kirisaki is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed half-breed girl with an American father and a Japanese mother, and is one of the main heroines with an important key in the story.
She was born on June 7th, is 160cm tall, weighs 46kg, and has type B blood. Her favorite foods are ramen and meat in general, and her least favorite foods are Japanese sweets and bananas.
Due to the circumstances of his father, a gang boss, he entered a high school in the spring of his first year.
In order to stop the war between the gang and the yakuza, he becomes a fake lover with Ichijo Raku, the son of the yakuza boss.

Attraction of Chitoge Kirisaki

Here are four things to know about Chitoge Kirisaki, one of the main heroines of Nisekoi.

Tsundere that is only shown in front of people you trust

The first charm of Chitoge is his tsundere, which he only shows in front of the person he loves.
The relationship between Chitoge and Raku is a fake lover, and Chitoge thought she would never like Raku, but she gradually fell in love with him as she was touched by his kindness.
However, Chitose, who cannot be honest about her feelings, swears and is violent towards Raku. However, she doesn’t swear because she doesn’t like Raku, but because she trusts Raku so much that she hides her embarrassment by swearing and being violent.
At first, she was not good at spoiling him and gave the impression of being pushy, but after she said something she didn’t mean, she regretted it.
One of Chitoge’s charms is that he is a tsundere character who is sometimes embarrassed and harsh with the people he loves, but behind the scenes he is troubled by his own words and actions.

A kind-hearted character who cares about those around him more than others


The second thing that attracts me about Chitoge is his kind-hearted nature that cares about the people around him more than others.
Because her father is a gang boss, she has been raised under the protection of his men, and has not been able to live like normal children.
The only person he has ever been able to truly trust is his own valet, Seishirou Tsuru, and he struggles with human relationships because he doesn’t understand the distance between people. In the beginning, he had a hard time fitting in at his high school, and even stayed after school to practice greetings by taking notes on the characteristics of the people in his class.
Raku, having grown up in a similar environment, understands Chitoge’s feelings and starts to help him. Raku, who grew up in a similar environment, understands Chitoge’s feelings and helps her to make many friends.
She is troubled by her father who is a gangster, but she does not complain and does her best in spite of her clumsiness.
Also, when she finds out that Onodera and Raku have feelings for each other, she tries to disappear as a phony lover.
She is a kind girl who wishes for the happiness of those around her.
When she received the pendant and key promised 10 years ago, she found out the day before that Onodera and Raku were in love with each other, and Chitoge was supposed to receive the key to the lock, but she pushed her feelings aside and gave her own key to Onodera.
Thereupon, Chitoge told Raku to make Onodera happy, and wished for the happiness of others.
At first glance, Chitoge may seem self-centered, but she is actually a sensitive and kind-hearted girl who cares about the people around her.

Richness of expression that can be transformed

The third charm of Chitoge is the richness of her facial expressions.
Chitoge’s expressive face is very cute, and when he is upset, his face immediately shows it. When Raku does something that makes her happy, she puts on a good mood even while hitting him.
In addition, towards the end of the story, the swearing and violence decreased, and she would make a bashful expression that was typical of Otoyo, making Raku feel unintentionally cute when he had trouble reacting.
Also, when Raku collapses and lays her down on her knees, the expression on her face that cannot hide her happiness is also attractive.
Chitoge’s facial expressions are diverse and ooze cuteness, which is one of her charms.

I can do almost anything, but cooking is the only gap I can’t fill

The fourth attraction of Chitoge is the gap created by her inability to cook.
She is athletically gifted and her studies are so perfect that she ranks at the top of her grade level in most subjects except for Japanese. She is also good at sewing and makeup, and has a surprisingly homey side.
Whenever she cooks, she always ends up burning the food.
When she makes porridge while visiting Raku after he catches a cold, her cooking skills are such that she makes porridge that reminds her of the poisonous porridge that a witch might make.
Her cooking skills are so good that I don’t know how she can make such a dish as a soggy sandwich, but I’m attracted to her because of the gap between her and the perfect person she usually is.
In addition to cooking, she is also bad at cleaning up, dark places, closed spaces, and lightning.


I have introduced the charm of the main heroine of Nisekoi, Chitoge Kirisaki.
She is a kind and gentle person who cares about those around her.
She is a kind-hearted person who cares about those around her more than anyone else.
She is a kind and gentle person who cares about those around her more than anyone else.
The gap between being able to do almost anything and not being able to cook.
These are the charms of Chitoge Kirisaki.
In the third and final Nisekoi popularity poll, she came in first place for the first time. As we approach the final episode, I think the above charms have resonated with fans.

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