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[Otherworldly Uncle] Summary of Uncle’s abilities and activities! And a look at what happened to Mabel!

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The manga “Otherworldly Uncle” tells the “tragic story of an uncle who returned from another world and whose tragic experiences cannot be heard without tears”. This article provides information about the different world Gran Habermaru, where the main character spent 17 years of his life, as well as a summary of his abilities and activities. We also discuss what happens to one of the heroines, Mabel!

What is an “otherworldly uncle”?

Otherworldly Uncle is an “otherworldly fantasy gag” manga drawn by the manga artist, Almost Dead, and has been serialized in the web manga ComicWalker since 2018. The book is published in three volumes. (As of January 2020)
Winner of the Special Award and U-NEXT Award at the “Next Coming Manga Awards 2019”! It’s a work that is getting a lot of attention right now.

The Synopsis of “Uncles of the Otherworld

After a car accident, “Uncle” fell into a coma and miraculously woke up 17 years later, but he said he was in another world. He also speaks a mysterious language and chants a spell, which leads people to think he is crazy.
But all those uncle’s words are true!
After witnessing his magic, his nephew Takafumi decided to move in with his uncle and earn money by being an “YouTube”.

Takafumi was looking forward to hearing about his otherworldly experiences, but he soon found out that his otherworldly life was very harsh and very different from your typical light novels and manga.

In the other world, Takafumi was mistaken for a demon because of his ugliness, and he was hunted and nearly hanged many times.
The unfortunate uncle, who can use powerful magic due to his special skill of being able to talk to spirits, but is afraid to give up the credit because he’s afraid that his failure will be known.
An insensitive uncle who is oblivious to the favors of a cute tsundere elf or a beautiful, slightly reclusive girl….

Even though his life in the other world is not exactly a comfortable one, Takafumi witnessed his experiences and grew to love (and even respect) him for his strength and resilience in the other world without feeling unhappy about it.

What kind of experiences will we get to see from him today? Takafumi and her childhood friend Fujimiya spend their days watching footage of their uncle’s experiences in the other world.

What are your uncle’s abilities and activities? Otherworldly Setting Summary

While many characters who have been transferred to other worlds often have special abilities that could be called “transference perks,” you may be wondering what kind of abilities your uncle has gained.
Here is a summary of Uncle’s abilities and activities, as well as a look at the world he was transferred to.

Otherworldly “Gran Habermar”

The other world (Illerors) to which Pops has been transported is a world of swords and magic called Gran Habermaru.
It is a world reminiscent of RPGs, fantasy novels and comic books, where humans, elves and other races coexist in the city, as well as monsters and magical beasts.
There are many different sized settlements, and over New Year’s Eve, feasts and drinks are served by the lord as a “thanksgiving service to the gods for the winter”. The atmosphere is reminiscent of medieval Europe from the streets and the clothes of the inhabitants.

One of the main characteristics of Gran Habermar is that the people who live in Gran Habermar are uniformly beautiful.
Unfortunately, uncles who didn’t fall into this category were often mistaken for demons (a subspecies of Orcs) and almost hunted by them.

In addition to orcs and goblins, Gran Habermaru is a dangerous world where powerful demons such as dragons, cyclops and titans also exist. Because of this, there are “adventurers” who are paid to take on the task of defeating and defending against monsters.
As an adventurer, Pops basically works alone (solo) to defeat the monsters, but it seems that many adventurers are asked to join a party of several people.

In addition, Mabel, a descendant of Mabel, told us that there were people who were transferred from Japan to Gran Habermaru in the past. And it turns out that this side of the world is called “Nihon Habermaru”.

Summary of Uncle’s abilities

The magic your uncle used in Gran Habamal is somehow effective in this world too!
Here’s a summary of the magic your uncle can use

Wild Talker.
An ability that the uncle gained in another world. This has enabled him to talk between races with different languages. In addition to the human language, he can also talk with spirits and demons.
The reason why Uncle is able to use powerful magic in Gran Habermaru is presumably because he was able to borrow power through conversations with spirits.
Furthermore, any language can be translated into any language he knows, but direct dialogue and desperation are the conditions for activation.

Iculus Erlan.
Magic to visualize memories. In this world, it is used to recreate the memories of the uncle in the other world. It seems to be able to recreate anyone’s memories, and has even recreated Takafumi’s childhood memories.

Iculus Cuora.
Memory Erasing Magic. Used to erase facts and unpleasant memories that you didn’t want to know. However, even erased memories can return if there is a kicker, in which case they are warned by a physical load, such as a bloody nose.

Wagent Seld (Magna, Hiruna).
It is a spell that controls the wind and can move things around. In this world, you can chant “Kaze yo~” in Japanese.

Legswold Stagga
A restraining spell that uses light handcuffs to immobilize an opponent.

Kyraidorgid Lioran.
Creates a sword from light. The first magic my uncle used in another world.

Legswid Geldona.
Increasing Launch Power.

Ballyboot Folg-Bastor.
Burn your enemies with a giant bird of fire.

Other Abilities
Flight & Fast Flight: The ability to fly and travel through the air. This is useful because you can get items you bid on at auctions with free shipping.
Storage Magic: The ability to move items in and out of subspace. This is useful for keeping bulky items out of the way.
Mind-reading: You can read a person’s thoughts by touching their head.
Shapeshifting Magic – The ability to change one’s appearance, but one’s mind gets too close to the altered form to be able to maintain one’s identity.

Uncle’s activities in another world (?) at a glance

With the help of the spirits, Uncle was able to use magic more powerful than ordinary people. What did he do with his magic? I’ve got it all together!

Making a Water Gushing Jar
In an attempt to save his drought-stricken village, an uncle created a “water jar” with a spell (a bill containing magic) to save his village from drought.
He thought he had become a hero for saving the village from a shortage of water, but something about his act seemed to violate a religious taboo, and the villagers nearly hung him and smashed the jar….

Defeating the Blaze Dragon
Because of the danger of harming the village, Uncle was asked to defeat the Demon Flame Dragon, which was resurrected.
In order to defeat the Demon Flame Dragon, he needs the Sword of the Frozen God, which is passed down by the Ice Clan, and he meets Mabel, a descendant of the Ice Clan. However, Uncle ignores the flag to obtain the Sword of the Frozen God and defeats the Demon Flame Dragon without the Sword of the Frozen God.
He ends up being resented by Mabel for ruining her existence.

Defeating the Demon Poison Dragon (Venom Dragon)
In order to save an elf who was being attacked, an uncle said that he “worked hard and devised” to defeat a demon poisonous dragon that was said to be impossible to defeat with normal strength. This was my first encounter with Tsundere-san.

Releasing and rebuilding the large scale wards
A large scale ward was set up in the Sealed City of Rubaldrum to protect it from the mythical monsters living in the “Land of the Beasts”.
This large scale ward was set up using lost magic technology, and out of curiosity, Uncle breaks the ward! While about a thousand gigantic and powerful monsters were heading towards the city, Uncle Monsieur Monsieur used the power of a genie to set up a large scale ward around the city again. However, because he was the one who broke the warding, the spirits complained to him about it.

Defense of the village of Dordo
Alicia and her friends met an adventurer on their journey. Alicia and her friends were asked to protect the village of Dordo from goblins, and Alicia’s uncle was to help them, but the goblins were even more numerous than she had anticipated.
After failing to carry out the strategy in the game, Uncle succeeds in destroying a large army of goblins by collapsing a mountain.
However, when Alicia finds out that Alicia saw her uncle’s actions (destroying and rebuilding the wards) in the sealed city of Rubaldrum, she erases the group’s memories so that they don’t hear about her failure.

Defeating the Demons in Shalegh Village
The uncle reunited with Alicia’s group (Aria and her friends think it’s their first meeting since he erased their memories). When he heard that Alicia and her friends were going to defeat a hedgehog-like monster called the Stinging Beast that has been attacking the village of Sharegh, he mistook the term “hedgehog” for “Sonic” and decided to solve the problem through dialogue.
However, the stabbing beast appears, looking nothing like Sonic and looking like a giant hedgehog. Furthermore, after hearing the uncle’s heartless comment about wanting to torment humans, he magically charred the hedgehog to death.



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