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Takagi-san of “good heckler, Mr. Takagi” is a good teacher for 9 reasons 【spoiler existence】

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Winter anime in 2018 when many topical works / popular works were born. “good heckler, Mr. Takagi” who had high expectation from the time before broadcasting also had plenty of animation fans as expected.
As the title suggests, the charm of this animation is Takagi ‘s “Big Skill” place. And pure and original reactions of Nishikato kun who is always made fun of Mr. Takagi is one of the reasons for popularity.

This time, I studied a lot of “teasing & reaction” which these two people showed, and I tried to verify why Takagi is a good teacher!

(There are some spoilers about the story ※, please be careful!


【Part 1: Good at observing other parties】

As a premise, we can not tease opponents who think human beings do not care.
It is impossible to keep toying from the ground all the time because it is fun because the reaction is interesting because it knows a lot of opponent’s weak and cute places, so many drawers will be born.

The encounter between Takagi and Nishibaki-kun was shown at the episode of animation episode 12 entrance ceremony.
Because I liked the western chip that picked up my dropped handkerchief and sent it to the school, it is because of my love of the western piece, so I watched the western piece of the neighboring seat forever and increased the drawing of the girls one by one .

It is the times of the tenth episode “Back compared” that it appears frequently.
It is a story to compare which is taller, but one thing of Takagi’s “Tall, stretched?”
If you do not observe Nishibaki-kun from everyday, it is a word that does not come out.


【Part 2: Good bargaining】

In order to make fun of your opponent you must always be a good one in the bargaining with the opponent.
There are many episodes in which Mr. Takagi’s skillfulness is demonstrated, but the typical one is the first episode of anime and original “eraser”.

In this episode, Mr. Takagi said, “After writing the name of a favorite person in the eraser, I can feel both sides if I use it,” before I ask the teacher to say “I do not want to go to the bathroom” and stand up. .
The point is where you are leaving the classroom after placing an eraser in the position where you can see Nishibata and reach the hand.
Because I am in class, I will not be able to pick up the eraser of the next desk until I stand up.

As expected, Mr. Takagi, I do not have it.


【Part 3: Good thoughtful】

Takagi san has a variety of different kinds. There are teasing fans of the Nishibata kun, some kettles like kissing the core.
Among them, reputation as being particularly cute is “thinking” because of it.

As an example, I will introduce the episode “Nikki” of the third episode of animation.
Nikkei so we arrived earlier than usual, Nishi Okun is a story to discover Takagi in the outside of the school building and find her hiding somewhere in the classroom.

As usual, Mr. Takagi told me that she was going up on her expectations and was surprised without finding it, but this episode is the true point of the episode.

There are still things called early in the morning and there are only two in the classroom, so Takagi said “Everyone should come as it is,” he said boldly.
Everyone thinks that if you are told such a thing, you have favor with yourself.
Besides, since he knows that Nishikatta is sure to be informed, he will be going to school early.


【Part 4: Good turnover】

It is Nishi fragments always being teased by Mr. Takagi, but he seems to be unwilling to keep in touch with him, and he is constantly drawing back his return to Takagi.
For that reason, I try to speak offensive to challenge Mr. Takagi san … but mostly I will get caught up with a perfect return.
Takagi is also a genuine countertop.

As an example, I will introduce the episode “umbrella” of animation episode 3.
Takagi who forgot his umbrella enters the umbrella of West Band kun and goes back to school, Nishiakata kun taught Mr. Takagi who forgot his umbrella with a bullish statement saying “Is it an unexpectedly serious!?”

Mr. Takagi’s response to that, surprisingly, “It may be a bit forgetful” may be a wonderful content.
But this is a hint of clever turnover!

After that, Mr. Takagi said “I still have something to forget a bit.”
Then I will mistreat him as saying, ‘What is this situation saying?’

That’s right. I wanted to say “Mutsu umbrella” to Nishikami kun!
Sure enough, Nishikatsu-kun to be embarrassed.
Takagi-san, it is truly.


【Part 5: Good at patience】


出典 : (c)2018 山本崇一朗・小学館/からかい上手の高木さん製作委員会 : TVアニメ「からかい上手の高木さん」公式サイト

Even if Mr. Takagi is a good teacher, he can not always say that he is perfect.
Very rarely, there are things that my heart is disturbed unexpectedly in spite of the counterattacks of West Band.

One of the most popular episodes, the episode 11 episode “Critical” is its best example.

Nishi fragments, who was the first in the zodiac signature & blood type fortune telling, today I am enthusiastic to change Mr. Takagi, but I will welcome after school without anything in the end.
On his way home, she declined to accept an invitation from a friend for a game, as it is Takagi and her school.
Takagi asked “I was glad” against Mr. Kishi Nishi, who is thinking of being ARE COREE by all means wanting to tease Mr. Takagi.

The answer of Nishibaki for that is a critical hit in Mr. Takagi’s chest! (Please take a look at animation or original works by all means)

However, Mr. Takagi, I will survive without changing the expression while West Band is in front of me.
However, the critical power was enormous, and after having broken up from West Band, I could not keep my joy hidden away with my mouth.

If it is not good to have patience, you will not be good at gauging. Even so, it will be too cute.


[Part 6: Good way to make facial expressions]

Mr. Takagi’s skillfulness, one of the good reasons for bargaining is skill of expression.
The impression of a small devilish laughing face is strong, but in reality it is tossing West Band as much as possible using various facial expressions.

Although you can check its skill with various episodes, I will introduce the fifth episode “Test return” as an easy-to-understand example.
It is a story of a very simple constitution of hitting the results of the test, but by doing so, most of the content is gathered in the bargaining of the two people.

First of all, Nishibaki works insight and expects “about 92 points”, but Takagi’s expression at that time seems to be “Kyoton” which is not usually shown.
It was a pity that in reality it was really 92, as I felt it as a high-tech technique … inviting Nishibakun-kun’s suspicion by changing his expression outright.

However, it is truth that only Takagi knows whether this is truly “surprised to be honored and made it Kyoton” or “I purposely made it overly reactive”.


【Part 7: Well praised】

In order to make fun of your opponent, it is no good just to get fooled. It is necessary to shake feelings and toss.
For that purpose, it is important to act like saying “praise” such as to make a person feel good, Takagi is actually a good compliment.

Animation Episode 3 “Muscle Train” is a story that I sprang out unexpectedly to the strange stoic of West piece Kun, … 10 times the number that was made by Ms. Takagi … …. Takagi Says, “I feel a bit somewhat strong,” he says.
However, until now, you can say even if you do not have a good compliment.

Mr. Takagi is awfully skeptical that after this we are “doing the tele?” After this, “I feel it is true that it seems to be strong became true” and furthermore, furthermore, “I am not a little cool Where you stab a Todome.
How is this three-stage utilization.
Everyone is truly received, I wish I could say such a thing.


[Part 8: Good spirit of boldness]

出典 : (c)2018 山本崇一朗・小学館/からかい上手の高木さん製作委員会 : TVアニメ「からかい上手の高木さん」公式サイト

A bold confession is the privilege of a girl …… The phrase of saying is not in the world of animation.
Mr. Takagi is also an ordinary middle school girl except for skillful and superstitious cute places, so it does not seem to be an exception.

As a scene in which Mr. Takagi’s boldness is appearing, I will list the times of the “rain boarding” of the 5th episode of animation.
In this episode, two people under the school will rain with a shelter at a nearby shrine to escape the sudden rain that came out suddenly.
So, Takagi asked me to lend you gymnastics of Nishikami kun (because my gym clothes were a bit wet).

This is also a lot of boldness, but after that, I say to west girls who got wet and wear their gym uniform!

Gymnastics wear exchange at the age of having already entered puberty, a junior high school first grader.
Mr. Takagi who attacked the line of barely finished with “boldness” … It is truly.


【Part 9: Good choice of teasing opponent】

As long as there is, this will be the only one.
Even if Mr. Takagi is a good teacher, if the opponent is cold or the reaction is slow, the performance will not be fully demonstrated.
I guess Takagi ‘s guts shine 100%, or more, because the opponent is a western chip.

As long as you do not care who you like, you can not really change your mind ♪



“Mr. Takagi who is a good teacher” has fewer characters than other everyday animations, and the range of action is also quite small.
For that reason, although the classic bargaining that Takagi knocks out and the Nishikami kun will overwhelm the majority of the content, still thinking that it is really awesome to have a lot of episodes that are so fun and hearty I will!
“Takagi san is a good reason” verified this time may apply to “reason why” Mr. Takagi who is skillfully good “is popular” as it is.



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