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A Certain Scientific Railgun: Is Mitsuko Wife’s character different in the anime and the manga? I summarized the differences [spoiler alert].

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Mitsuko Kongou, a student at Tokiwadai Middle School who appears in “A Certain Scientific Railgun”. She has a strong image of pride, but in fact, her personality seems to be quite different between the anime and the manga (original). This is a summary of the differences between the anime and the manga version of Empress Dowager.

What is the character of Mitsuko Kongou the Wife in the anime version?
A typical high-powered lady?

The wife in the anime version is a transfer student who came to Tokiwadai in the middle of the first semester.
She is especially impressive in the first season of the anime, where she gets involved with Kuroko Shirai incessantly. Maybe because they have a lot in common, such as the fact that they have great powers (level 4) and the language of the young lady, it gives the impression that they have a bit of a history together.

Such is the decisive line (?) of the anime version of the wife. Speaking of which, he said, “Are you acting out of character because you know I’m Mitsuko Tokubandai’s wife? .

As she says, Empress Dowager has pride and confidence in her abilities and family background. Although she is certainly talented, she is often treated as a biting dog in the original anime episodes, perhaps because of this.

The mischievous and friendly side of him

She has a simple, easy to get carried away, or apologizes in the end even when she’s falsely pretending to be something she isn’t, and there’s a side of her that you can’t hate.

She’s also a friendlier person, rushing to the aid of someone she considers a “friend” when they’re in trouble.

What is the character of Mitsuko Kongou the Wife in the manga version (original)?

In the original story, the marriage queen differs from the anime version, first of all from the time of her transfer in. In the anime version, she was a transfer student from the first semester, but in the original, she appears as a transfer student from the second semester in the 7th volume.

Immediately after transferring in, he still shows a confident attitude towards his own excellence, which is the same as the anime version. However, the original episode 41 shows why she is acting the way she is.

Misunderstanding of “friends”

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When she was young, her father, who she adored, told her that “people naturally gather around people who are respectable. He meant that people naturally connect with their friends, but the Empress Dowager mistakenly believed that if she could make herself look respectable, those around her would respect and follow her.

For this reason, the Empress had been trying to make herself look respectable since she was a child, and she thought that her supercilious attitude made those who left her unworthy of being her friend. On the other hand, she also had a complex that she was not the one who could gain friends despite saying so.

The catalyst for this change in her marriage was her encounter with Mikoto. Through her interactions with her, the Empress realized that she had misunderstood the true meaning of her father’s words.
Because of this experience, the Empress of Matrimony was able to become a true “friend” of Wanai Kinpo, Awabuki Manpin, and Mikoto.

An honest, hard-working girl

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Her confident appearance is the same as the anime version, but it seems to be because she is proud of herself for having worked so hard for so long.

Her grades have been high since she was a child, she has passed the transfer exam which is considered more difficult than the entrance exam of Tokiwadai, and she has risen to the level 4, which is also a proof that she has believed in her father’s words and has continued to improve herself.

She doesn’t have the image of the “high-handed young lady” that we get from the anime version, but the original empress has the impression of a hardworking girl who is confident in herself, but is also honest and clumsy.

Differences between the manga and anime versions of Kongou

As mentioned earlier, a major factor in the difference between the manga and anime personalities of the Empress of Marriage is due to the presence or absence of an episode right after she moves in.
There is no depiction of her father or her past, which makes the Empress of Matrimony just a high-flying personality.

Additionally, in the anime, she has become friends with Wanai and Awabuki at some point in time, and especially with Mikoto, she becomes friends with him by saying “I’d be happy to be your friend”. The anime version of Marriage Empress spends a lot of time misunderstanding the meaning of her father’s words.

Will the third season of the anime change the trajectory of Kobgou’s character?

The Empress of Marriage in the anime version lacks an episode where the Empress realizes what a “friend” is like in the original story and also adores Mikoto’s character for making her realize this. In the Daibosei Festival Arc of the third season of the anime, the Empress Dowager will help Mikoto, and that story is also very important.

However, since the loneliness of the Empress’ transfer was cut out and the Empress and Mikoto became friends in the original anime story, it would be impossible to insert that story now.

Although it seems to be a tough sell in terms of scale, there may be an episode added in where they realize something about “friends” because they fought for Mikoto.

Also, since the anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun T” will show the Empress of Marriage as a girl who is able to fight for her friends more than ever before, it seems that it will be closer to the image of the original Empress of Marriage than the first two seasons.


This is a summary of the differences between the anime and manga versions of Mitsuko Kongou . She is cute enough in the anime, but she becomes even more attractive in the manga as well.
In “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun I” she plays a bigger role than ever before, so be sure to check it out!

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