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Voice Actor] The top 10 characters played by Chino Ai are announced! Which character is your signature work?

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The top 10 most popular and well known characters that Ai Chino has played in the past!
Who is the character that will become the signature of the popular voice actor, nicknamed “Kayanon” by fans?
Announced in countdown format from #10!

No. 10: Mocha

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The anime development of “Is Your Order Usagi?” started in 2014. character.
She doesn’t appear in the main series, but only in certain episodes as Cocoa’s sister, but since Gochiusa itself is a popular series and her activities outside of the main series, such as character songs, are also prominent, she is very well known.

She is an invincible character who can do so many things, including baking bread, that Kokoa has a complex about her, but because she is a cis-con, Kokoa is her biggest weakness.
He has had a great influence on Kokoa’s personality, and it can be said that his influence has spread to Chino and Lise.
Her full-fledged appearance started in the second season, but even in the first season, she appeared in her childhood form.

Chino’s inclusive voice is characteristic of her character, so besides Mocha, she has also appeared in “Gakkogurashi! Aoi Sakurada (Aoi Sakurada from “Dandelion in the Castle Town”) and other big sister characters. There are numerous opportunities to play them.
And in 2019, I’ll be playing the mother character, “Do you like mothers whose normal attack is a whole attack and two attacks? ‘ She even plays Mamako Oosuki (Oosuki Mamako).

No.9:Oki Futaba

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In 2016 and 2018, the anime adaptation of Amanchu! She is one of the main characters in
He is called “Tekko” by the other main character, Kohinata Hikari, who calls him “Pikari”, and he and his girlfriend are the two of them. She discovered the allure of diving through an encounter with a girl who changed her whole life.
At first, she was quiet and timid, but gradually she started to show her bold side.

She is more than just a friend to Pikari; she’s a great friend of Pikari’s, even to the point of putting one foot in front of the other.
There are so many scenes of them getting along with each other in the series.

Chino-san has many opportunities to play the yuri character, especially in the scenes where she plays Sayaka, the older sister of Sayaka in “Will Soon Become You” and Rin Toyama of “NEW GAME!

No. 8: Mashiro Shiina

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She is the main heroine of the romantic comedy “Sakura-so’s Pet na Kanojo” that aired from 2012-2013.
She does not show her emotions, but she is not cool, she is simply an eccentric person with a genius skin.
However, as she meets the main character Kanda Sorata and is cared for by him on a daily basis, she gradually becomes more and more expressive.

Ms. Chino’s breakthrough came in the second year of her debut, and since then, she has played many protagonists and main heroines. I love you, I love you, I love you. and Lucy in “Servant x Service” from 2012 to 2013.

No. 7: Mayaka Ihara

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She is the main character in the popular anime “Hyouka”, which was aired in 2012 and produced by Kyoto Animation.
She falls in love with Fukube Satoshi, another main character, and is so passionate about him that she joins the classics club in order to be with him.
On the other hand, she has a lot of different sides to her, such as being a sharp-tongued person to the main character Houtarou, and the lack of self-confidence and high demands of the manga club she is involved in.

Ms. Chino, who can use not only her calm voice but also her sharp voice, has played the role of the energetic girl, such as Saori Takebe from “Girls und Panzer”, with great skill.

No. 6: Alice

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She appeared as the heroine of the third season of Sword Art Online, Alicization Arc.
She is a childhood friend of Kirito & Eugio and was originally the daughter of the village chief of the Village of Rulid in the Underworld.

When she reappeared, she lost her memories of her past and her personality was implanted as the Alignment Knight Alice Synthesis Thirty, which made her proud and strict.
However, when she crossed the line of death with Kirito, she gradually became more like a tsundere heroine, and she began to take a liking to him after she continued to support Kirito, who had lost his right arm and had become a cripple.

Although she is an artificial intelligence, she is the only female character who can be said to compete with his regular wife, Asuna.



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