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【Alice in Borderland】A thorough explanation of the synopsis and highlights of the anime! Also details about the main characters.

Alice in Borderland is a Japanese manga and anime series that tells the story of three teenagers trapped in a strange game-like world where they must fight to survive against other participants. The anime adaptation was released on Netflix in December 2020, and it quickly gained popularity thanks to its unique world-building, fast-paced action, and suspense-filled plot.


The story begins with the show’s protagonist, Arisu (Alice in English), living a mundane life in Tokyo. He is a rebellious teenager who feels disconnected from society and often skips school to play games with his friends, Chota and Karube. One day, the trio is transported to a deserted version of Tokyo, where they soon realize that they are not alone.

The new world they find themselves in is a deadly one, with all the basic amenities, but devoid of human life. The first challenge they are faced with is a game of tag with deadly consequences. Arisu and his friends must evade the mysterious pursuers that seem to come from nowhere and kill the players without a warning.

The trio is eventually joined by other survivors, including the cute and capable Usagi and the enigmatic Kuzuryu. Together, they navigate a world where they have to solve a series of games and puzzles to survive. The games range from the relatively simple, such as outrunning a stampede of charging bull-like creatures, to complex ones, such as solving riddles to unlock hidden rooms filled with helpful information or deadly traps.


As the story progresses, the characters’ motivations and backstories are uncovered, and as they come to understand each other, their loyalties become tested. Arisu, for instance, is forced to confront his past and reconcile with the father who left his family when he was young. Meanwhile, Kuzuryu’s mysterious past and motivations are slowly revealed as he helps the other players survive the deadly trials.

One of the anime’s biggest strong points is the rich world-building. The games the players face mirror what society considers important, demonstrating the emptiness of modern Japanese society’s character. The tasks set before the players increasingly become political, reflecting the social values that the youth of Japan lacks. The portrayal of the dystopian world is masterful, and the eerie atmosphere adds a layer of suspense and tension to the story that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.


The characters in “Alice in Borderland” are diverse and well-developed, with each character having their own unique personality and strengths. The interactions between the characters add depth to the story and keep the viewer engaged throughout the series.

I’d be happy to give an overview of the main characters in “Alice in Borderland.

Ryohei Arisu (Arisu)

Arisu is the protagonist of the series. He is a high school student who finds himself trapped in an alternate world with two of his friends. He is a skilled strategist and often devises plans to help his group survive the various challenges they face.

 Daikichi Karube (Karube)

Karube is one of Arisu’s friends who is also trapped in the alternate world. He is loyal to Arisu and often acts as the group’s muscle due to his large stature and physical strength.

Chota Crow (Chota)

Chota is the third member of Arisu’s group. He is a small and nimble parkour athlete who has a penchant for stealing. He also has a strong sense of justice and often tries to do what’s right, even if it puts him in danger.

Saori Shibuki

Saori is a survivor the group meets early on in the series. She helps the group navigate the challenges they face and demonstrates a calm and level-headed personality.

Aguni (The Queen of Hearts)

Aguni is the main antagonist of the series. She is one of the leaders of the alternate world and is responsible for the deadly games that the group must compete in to survive. She is intelligent, manipulative, and ruthless.


Hatter is another leader of the alternate world who serves as Aguni’s right-hand man. He is a skilled fighter who enjoys playing mind games with the survivors.


Niragi is a survivor who often works with Hatter to try and eliminate the other survivors. He is highly intelligent and often uses psychological manipulation to turn people against each other.

Overall, Alice in Borderland is a thrilling and suspenseful anime with an intricate storyline, beautiful animation, and well-developed characters. It is a fantastic blend of action, mystery, and dystopian storytelling that will keep you engaged from start to finish. So if you’re looking for a unique and thrilling anime experience, Alice in Borderland is the perfect anime for you.

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