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Can you enjoy the [FGO] anime even if you don’t play the game? Examining the latest work up to Camelot & Solomon

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If you’ve seen “Fate/stay night” and “Fate/Zero” but haven’t played FGO, or if you’ve never touched the Fate series before, can you enjoy the FGO anime?
We’re predicting the latest game version of FGO, as well as its features!

The original shoge anime is not suitable for beginners

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First of all, as a general rule, anime based on shoge is not beginner friendly.
This is because, unlike anime based on manga or light novels, there is no way to explain the setting, story, worldview, or relationship between the characters of the original work from beginning to end.
In the past, many shosha games have been adapted into anime, including “Grand Blue Fantasy”, Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden, AIDLISH SEVEN, An-san Buru Stars! There have been a few hits, such as “The Last Man on Earth”, but most of them are short on explanation that should be there.

Of course, this isn’t due to cut corners or budget constraints.
If you’ve already played the game, the worldview and basic settings are just common sense to you, so explaining them at length could be seen as a waste of time.

Also, because of the long term nature of shagehouses, the number of scenarios and main characters is often so large that even two cool games are not enough.
Unlike consumer games where the anime is broadcasted after the package has been sold out, shoge games are expected to attract new users through the anime and should appeal to those who don’t play the game, but there isn’t enough time to explain the game in detail in the anime.

If you make it easy to understand for people who don’t play the game, players will think it’s boring.
If you focus on the story and characters for the original game users, people who don’t play the game will think it’s hard to understand and that it’s not very detailed.
This is a dilemma that must be faced by anime based on shashagehouses.

However, in the case of a shoguage game, while acquiring new fans is important, the long-term retention of core users (those who pay a heavy fee) is an even more important issue.
For this reason, it is impossible to create an anime that does not take existing users into consideration, and as a result, most of the original shoge anime are created specifically for the original users.
The “Fate/Grand Order” anime is no exception.

The first anime adaptation of the series, “Fate/Grand Order – First Order” is a film adaptation of the first part of the original work, and it was a great way to introduce the beginning of the story within the limited length of the anime.
On the other hand, it doesn’t have a lot of ups and downs in its storyline, which could be called the limitation of the introduction, so it’s not a good work to enjoy as an anime work.
‘The beginning of FGO has been turned into a video! While the joy of the fans of the game was noticeable, there were a lot of people who hadn’t played the game yet who didn’t like it.

The next anime, “Fate/Grand Order -MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM-” is not a continuation of the previous work, but a prequel to the prequels of the second part, and since it is mainly a supplement to the second part, it is not suitable for unplayed groups.

Is Babylonia a cartoon for Master Gil?

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As you can see from the above two titles, FGO’s anime adaptations are fragmented and thin on continuity.
To symbolize this, “Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Monster Battle Line Babylonia”, which was the first TV series to be aired for two cools, is an anime adaptation of only the first seven chapters of the original work, “The Seventh Singularity: Absolute Monster Battle Line Babylonia: Chains of Heaven”.
In case you missed it, Episode 0 Initium Iter, a digest of the story up to Chapter 6, was delivered, but those who have not played the game who missed it will start watching the main story without knowing important information about the world of FGO and the background of the heroine, Marsh Kirierite.

For this reason, those who have not yet played the original story and started watching from the first episode of the TV anime will follow the story without understanding the relationship between the main character Ritsuka Fujimaru and Marsh, what they are doing, and how they came to visit Uruk, where the story takes place.

Despite this, quite a few people seem to have enjoyed this Babylonia.
Surprisingly, the unplayed group may have enjoyed it more than the original group who were bewildered by the differences with the game.

There are two main reasons for this.

One is that the central character in this seventh chapter is that Gilgamesh.
Even if you haven’t played FGO, if you’ve been exposed to any of the Fate series, you’ll know Gilgamesh as a Servant.
In stay night and Zero, his arrogance and brashness came to the forefront, but in this title, Gilgamesh is portrayed not as the Heroic King (in his prime), but as the Sage King, the Gilgamesh before he was born, and it seems that Fate fans who only followed the anime were watching his every move with a fresh mind.

Another thing is that this seventh chapter is a royal story.
The general story of the seventh chapter is “Fujimaru and Marsh join the goddesses and fight against the bad guys in order to protect Uruk under the rule of the wise king Gilgamesh”.
Even if you don’t know much about the background of Fujimaru and his team’s goal of infiltrating the singularity that is the cause of the destruction of human history and eliminating the problem, the past story, the detailed settings, and the relationships between the two, the storyline of this work is interesting enough for you to enjoy the story with a clear ending: “Encounter with local people, servants, and goddesses → Battle with King Gorgon → Appearance of trauma maker Rahm → Death struggle with Tiamat.

Especially the former, Gilgamesh’s bravery has many scenes to show, and he gives a speech before the final battle against the few remaining people, and in the last scene, he gives a speech worthy of the name of the wise king, and there is no sign of his pride.



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