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【Put them on, Ms. Takamine】A romantic comedy that combines time leap and eroticism

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This is a summary of the popular manga “Put them on, Ms. Takamine” currently being serialized in Gangan JOKER!
We’ll be focusing on the appeal of Takamine san, the student council president who reigns at the top of the school caste, as well as the charm of this work and the characters that appear in it!

Daily tale of a girl who takes off her pants and spends her time

“Put them on, Ms. Takamine!” is a manga series by Yuichi Hiiragi that began serialization in the monthly Gun Gun JOKER in January 2019.

Hiiragi started serializing “Today’s Maou-sama” right after the first issue of Gangan JOKER, and later serialized “Is Zombitch included in Bitch? which was serialized.
Currently, in parallel with “Takamine san”, he is also serializing the extra chapter of “Gekkeguroi”, “Gekkeguroi Mousou”, on Manga UP!

This is a school erotic comedy that mainly focuses on two opposites: Takamine, a high school girl who has been the student council president since her freshman year and is at the top of the school caste in both academics and athletics, and Takashi Shirota, a high school boy who is at the bottom of the class in both academics and athletics, has no friends, and has no presence at all.

One day, Shirota happens to see his classmate Takamine changing clothes in the gym equipment room, and wonders why she isn’t wearing a bra.
Later, he encounters an even more puzzling event.
Right after the whole classroom was surprised to see that Ms. Takamine, who had always scored 100 points on tests, scored 98 points, she somehow took off her pants in public.

The next moment, Shirata’s vision switches to the scene just before the test is returned, and Takamine receives the test.
Her score was 100 instead of 98.

When Shirata asks Takamine about it, he learns a shocking fact.
Ms. Takamine was the owner of a different ability.

Takamine’s ability is called “Eternal Virgin Road,” which is a time-reversal ability that allows him to rewind time by taking off his underwear.
However, the underwear she takes off disappears, so she is always without a bra or pants when she uses her ability.

If you use the ability, you can start over with as many pairs of underwear as you want, no matter what mistakes you make.
However, Ms. Takamine did not gain her current position and fame through this power.
Originally excellent in every way, she believes that everything must be perfect, and is not satisfied with even the smallest mistake or a minor deviation from her ideal, so she uses her power to correct it.

Mr. Takamine, who has been made aware of (or rather exposed to) the secret, proposes that Hakuta become a “closet boy” who will be forced to wear underwear after exercising his powers.
Shirata refuses at first, but after Takamine’s trickery almost turns him into a rapist, he reluctantly vows to become Closet-kun on the condition that he can rewind time and pretend he never happened.

This is the beginning of a busy day for the perfect beautiful girl with strange time-reversal abilities and the inferior student who has become the one who makes her wear underwear.

The first volume, released in September 2019, was so popular that it sold out and was quickly reprinted.
It is currently attracting a lot of attention as the most promising erotic comedy.



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