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【Zombie Land Saga】 Does Nikaido Saki have the character of a leader? What? Verification Summary # Zombili Land Saga

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

A member of “Zombiland Saga” Fransch, I summarized Nikaido Saki, the leader who has the most spirit!
I will take up her characteristics and attractiveness thoroughly from the viewpoint of “Will it be suitable for leaders of Francis?”

Nikaido Saki Character Outline

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

One of the main character of “Zombili Land Saga”, the zombie No. 2 of the idol group “Francis”.
Birth of May 15, 1979, sunset of August 30, 1997 (18 years old at the age of 18).
Height 153 cm, weight 45 kg, three size 77 (C) / 54/82.

It features a unique hair style with a long long blonde as a ponytail and a mesh of orange and yellow green.
I usually wear clothes in a red ska jean with a bad style of a long skirt, and when I go to bed I am wearing a green jersey and red trousers.

Before life is the head of the ladies ‘team Ladies’ team who accomplished the Kyushu domination, the Yankee of Bari Bali that both autonomous and others can admit.

As a result of challenging the chicken race at Saga · Miyama in order to attach with the rival team’s murderer (Korosuke), it fell under the cliff and died as it is.

After about twenty years as a zombie, it revived, and started as a member of the zombie idol group “Franche”, formed by Tatsumi Kotarou.

Because it is a Yankee, since the pattern is bad and fighting so quickly, while aggressive behavior including prominence of “killing” is conspicuous, on the other hand, because it is a Yankee, it makes obediently pass through to the opponent who once acknowledged thickly once in the emotion.
Since he was born in Saga prefecture and his activity base was also Saga, I always talked with Saga dialect, and I am most familiar with Saga’s local spot such as “Drive in bird” and local neta, attaching attachment also more than others.
As a person who wanted to partition, I ran as the only candidate for deciding the leader of Francis and assumed office as it was.

It seems he was addicted to Tamagotchi who was an explosive boom in 1997.
I was always concerned about Tamagotchi at the beginning of zombie formation.

The voice actor in charge of animation is Tano Asami.

The person who can say what to say

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

Saki who became the leader of Francis, she did not have any experience of idle at all.
Saying that such Saki is more likely to have idle than Junko Konno who was active in the forefront as Showa Idol as Mizuno Ai who ran the top of Heisei idol, it is said to be tough I can not help it.

However, idle leaders do not necessarily have top idols’ qualities.
For example, Ms. Takahashi of former AKB 48 has never entered TOP 3 in the general election, but led the leader to AKB 48 as Japan’s top idol group and continued to pull for a long time.

It is said that Takahashi’s emphasis on putting together AKB 48 was “prepared to have courage to be disliked”.

From the creator of AKB 48, Mr. Yasushi Akimoto, he was admonished that he should be told what to say for the team because he can be hated, so he thought he thought so.
In other words, in order to grow and maintain an idle group, it is necessary for someone to point out problems of individuals and groups, and it is the leader who plays the role.

In the case of Francis, this “problem pointed out” seems to be very important.

Franche is a very special group of members.
If there is a “legendary flower painting” sunset that was born before the Meiji era, there is also a group with intense generation gap, which is also unprecedented with Hosikawa Lily who was active as a child of Heisei.
It is inevitable that the problems spurt out as these members work in the same group, and with no reserved character it will not be a leader at all.

In that respect, Saki is a personality that makes it clear to say anything to anyone, so it can be said that it has the necessary conditions for the leader of Francis.
Producer Tatsumi and other fans say their opinion regardless of fans is also a troublemaker temperament, but in terms of being able to say what is difficult to say originally is extremely excellent.

Also, I am aiming for “nationwide domination” before life, it is also a positive material that we can openly say that.
A leader sets a high goal and talking about it, the group is put together with high consciousness.

In addition, Saki is an idle inexperienced person but has excellent sensibility.
Ten episodes “NO ZOMBIE NO IDOL SAGA” pointed out problems about the movement between songs, and I was convinced of love and Junko.
Not only can you say what you want to say “but also” to say what you can say “is the leader, and Saki shows that there is that ability.

Behavior for not letting you leave

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

Ms. Takahashi tells us the most difficult thing in the work of the leader “to rejoin the members who are about to quit again.”
This is a problem unique to the leader of the idol.

For example, in the case of a company project leader or a sports captain, it is rare for the human being who is trying to quit a company or a team to ride consultation, but do not give top priority.
The leader is the role of leading the project and the game to success to the last, and it is usual to think whether or not to quit as individual problems.

But in the case of idle, I can not go that way.
The departure of members affects the popularity of the whole group.
If there is only one member, the fans of that member will leave …… One of the reasons is that there is a drop in image as a bigger problem.

As idols mean idols, not only real images but also images are very important.
If you think that “Are you withdrawn from the fans was bullied?” “Is it actually a black environment?”, Etc. It leads to image down, and further impressions will be worse if there are more than one withdrawal .
The image down caused by the withdrawal of the members leads to a sluggishness of the group, even affecting even the worst survival.

Therefore, it is very important for idle groups not to leave a departure person, it is also an important role for leaders to encourage members who are motivated.
In this regard, Saki is more aggressive than any other member.

That was noticeable in the 6 episodes “Sentimental SAGA” and 11 episodes “Only one SAGA in the world”.

In the 6th episode, love and Junko collided from the difference in idleness and became bad, but Saki poked at the love overwhelmed there, and urged love to reconcile afterwards.
It was Junko that I was about to quit, but as the cause is due to conflict with love, persuasion of love leads to retirement to Junko.
And in the 11th episode, instead of returning to life memories, instead of returning to the zombie era, I cared about Sakura who refuses idol activities stubbornly, trying to persuade her to visit her room earlier than anyone else.

Even though there is no knowledge as an idol, Saki, who tries to set ahead with solutions to the “human relationship within the group” that would be most problematic in the idol group, would be suitable for the leader of the idol.



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