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[Bungo Stray Dogs] A thorough examination of the possibilities for the fourth season! Does the strong performance of the original and merchandise have a pulse?

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We summarized the possibility of a sequel to the popular anime “Bungo Strayed Dogs”, which has a huge following among women, being made!
We thoroughly examine whether or not a fourth season of this work, which has been supported by many fans and sold well in the third season, is really possible.

The new duo’s unique work has grown into an anime adaptation!

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Nowadays, “Bungo Stray Dogs” is loved by a lot of fans, but it was not the hit that was promised in the beginning.
The author of the original work, Kafka Asagiri, made his commercial debut on Nico Nico Douga, but this work was his commercial debut.
Haruga 35-sensei, who was in charge of the artwork, also worked on illustrations for the light novel, but this was his debut work as a manga artist.

In other words, Bunsto was a manga by a combination of newcomers.

Naturally, there was no major advertising beforehand, and the cover of the January 2013 issue of Young Ace, where the series began, was not featuring Bunsto, but Eva.
Even though at the time the comic book version of Evangelion was the dominant force behind Young Ace, the title of the new Bunsto series wasn’t even on the cover.

It was such a quiet start, but with the unique setting of turning a great man of letters into a handsome man and the battle of different abilities unfolding, as well as the exotic and beautiful appearance of the great men of letters, the manga steadily gained fans, and by the time the first volume was released, it was sold out in many stores and was reprinted urgently.
With the conclusion of Eva soon after, Bunström was given the green light to become the magazine’s new front runner, and in the September 2013 issue it was featured on the cover for the first time.

Since then, Bunström has continued to increase its circulation significantly, and as of March 2014, it will exceed 800,000 copies.
The magazine has grown into a major work for Young Ace, with its cover on the 4th anniversary issue, and has also started a media mix.

And in August 2015, it was made into an anime for TV, which was highly anticipated by fans.

Disc sales were strong. Sales of the original work also remained strong

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The anime adaptation of Bunsto was successful enough.
Blu-ray/DVD (disc) sales of the first volume of the first season that included the event’s fastest priority purchase application ticket exceeded 8000 copies, and although sales dropped significantly after the second volume without the Ibe Chickens, the average number of copies sold exceeded 5000.
The second season showed almost the same sales trend and recorded about 5000 copies.

The third season, which aired two and a half years after the second season, averaged about 3300 copies.
The 2nd season was practically split into 2 cool seasons, so it was a reasonable result to keep the sales, but even though there was a gap of more than 2 years, the sales of the 3rd season was down 30%, so it can be said to be a good fight.
It is a proof that the series has a strong base of loyal fans and there is a sense of trust that sales will not drop significantly in the 4th season.

Also, the effect of the anime on the original work is remarkable.
The circulation of the original manga of Bunsto was 1.7 million copies in August 2015 when the anime adaptation was announced, 2.5 million copies in April 2016 when the first season began, and 4.1 million copies in January 2017 when the second season ended.
Before the anime aired, the pace was 100,000 copies per month, but during the anime’s broadcast period, it is clear that the pace has doubled.

After that, a movie was made in 2018 and the number of copies increased further, reaching 6 million as of February 2019.
And in May 2019, during the third season of the series, it reached 7.5 million copies in May 2019.
Sales have barely dropped after the third season, so it may eventually reach 10 million copies.

Many works that have sold millions of copies of the original work will be made into sequels regardless of disc sales, and Bunsto has sold enough discs to make a fourth season a possibility.
In addition to the original work and the discs, this work is also selling very well in terms of merchandise, so well that some products are sold out immediately.
KADOKAWA, the publisher of Bunsto, is a company that specializes in total media strategy, including merchandise, so a work with strong merchandise sales will inevitably get more attention.

Even if you look at it from every aspect, the 4th season production has a pulse.



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