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What was the best selling late night anime of the 2000s? Announcing the top 50 sales!

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We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 late night anime sales of the 2000s, which produced many hits that are still talked about today!
The rules are “the number of units sold is the average of the coolest songs sold”, “the best-selling cool song of the 00s”, and “boxes are not counted”, and the ranking will be announced in a countdown format!

No. 50 [0.96 million] War Banner of the Star World

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This space opera is based on the sequel series to the light novel “Crest of the Star World” three years later, with the first season airing in the spring of 2000 and the second in the summer of 2001.
The first anime adaptation of “Hoshikai no Monshou” sold 3,000 to 4,000 copies, but this one, which is on a larger scale, touched the heartstrings of anime fans and sold twice as many copies as the first one.

No. 49 [1.00 million] Library War

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This science fiction action series is set in a world where severe repression of creative works has taken place, and depicts the resistance of a library.
The TV anime version, which aired in the spring of 2008, was well-received, followed by an animated film in 2012 and a live-action adaptation in 2013, both of which have performed well.

No.48 【1.000000 copies】Mai-HiME

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It is a media mix work that has been developed since 2004, and the anime version produced by Sunrise was broadcasted between 2004 and 2005.
As the catchphrase “Sunrise’s first moe anime”, it changed the image of Sunrise, which had a strong impression of robot animation, and it has many service scenes.

47 [10,100,000] Bugmasters

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It is an anime adaptation of a long-running fantasy tale serialized in “Afternoon”.
It was broadcasted from 2005 to 2006, and many anime fans were enthralled by its unique atmosphere, and it became a huge hit, which is rare for a hardcore anime.

No. 46 [10,300,000] Queens Blade: Wandering Warrior

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The anime adaptation of Hobby Japan’s competitive gamebook was broadcast in 2009 in two installments.
The work, which beautifully and erotically depicts female fighters fighting in the “Queen’s Blade”, an arena held every four years, received tremendous support from male anime fans.

No. 45 [10,300,000 copies] Natsume’s Friendbook

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It is a long-selling title that has been adapted into an anime of a popular girls’ manga and has had a total of 6 TV anime adaptations.
The first season was broadcast in the 2010s with a tremendous stable of 10.02 million copies and the second season with 10.03 million copies. It sold around 10,000 copies in the third and fourth quarters as well.

No. 44 [1.06 million] Shakugan no Shana

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It is a fantasy anime based on a light novel, which started to be adapted into an anime in 2005.
It is not an exaggeration to say that with the success of this work, the rapid advancement of the light novel anime started.
It is also one of the most representative battle heroines of the 2000s.

No. 43 [10,700 thousand copies] Toradora!

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A coming-of-age romantic comedy based on a light novel that was aired between 2008 and 2009.
The comedic and light style of the series has captivated many anime fans with its emotional portrayal of the hero and heroine’s conflicts and struggles in the second half.
The Blu-ray box set that was released in 2011 sold 20,000 sets, double the number of sets sold at the time of the broadcast, and was a big hit, selling 30,000 copies in fact.

No. 42 [10,900 copies] Kannagi

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It is an anime based on the manga that was aired in the fall of 2008.
It is a love comedy about the daily life of the heroine who is in love with God and the people around her.
In the OP, the heroine Nagi-sama became an idol and sang and danced, which was well received.

No. 41 [1.1 million] Honey and Clover

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The first episode of Noitamina series was aired from spring to summer 2005, and is a career piece for Umino Chika.
It is a coming-of-age ensemble drama set at an art college that depicts the sweet and sour love story of a man and woman who have a crush on each other.
As a result of attracting attention as a new anime slot, it became a huge hit, selling over 10,000 copies, and a second season was broadcasted in 2006.

No. 40 [1.1 million] Chobittsu

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This is an anime based on the SF romantic comedy manga by CLAMP, a company that has produced hit works such as “Magic Knight Rayearth” and “Card Captor Sakura”, which was adapted into an anime in 2002.
It depicts a love story between a human and a machine (humanoid computer), and it became a hit, partly because of the trend of the time when robo-musume heroines such as Marci in “To Heart” and Mahoro in “Mahoro Mattic” were very popular.

No. 39 [1.12 million] Minatoke

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It is based on an everyday manga that is still serialized in Young Magazine.
The first anime adaptation was in 2007, and after that it was produced for 4 seasons.
The sales of the first season exceeded 10,000 copies and was very popular, but the second season was controversial because the original characters were introduced and the style was completely changed, and sales dropped to less than half.

No. 38 [11,900] Fruit Basket (2001)

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The anime based on the hit shoujo manga, also known as the remake aired from 2019-2020.
The first anime adaptation was in 2001, and it was broadcast over two cool seasons and was well received.
Unusually for a shoujo manga, it focuses more on family than romance, and is popular among men as well.

No. 37 [1.21 million] To Aru Majutsu no Index

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It is an anime based on a long-running light novel, the first season was broadcasted between 2008 and 2009.
In the first season, which was the first anime of a certain series, “Index Arc,” “Vampire Slayer Arc,” “Absolute Ability Evolution Experiment,” “Envoy Depravity Arc,” “Uchisatsu Arc,” and “Aztec Magician Arc” were visualized.
The disc sales immediately after the broadcast are lower than the second season that was aired in the 2010s, but the DVD-SET and DVD-BOX that were released later sold 5000 sets each, which is more than 20,000 copies in real terms.

No. 36 [1.22 million] DARKER THAN BLACK – The Meteor Twins

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It is a science fiction action series that aired in the fall of 2009, the last cool season of the 2000s, as a sequel to the original anime “DARKER THAN BLACK – The Black Contractor” produced by Bones, which aired in 2007.
Although it is a legitimate sequel to the first season, it sold much better than the first season.



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