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Heisei Rider only connection! A summary of the relationship between Kuuga and Agito

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Basically, the worldview and setting of Heisei Rider varies from work to work.
There is only one work in which the relationship between the two is clearly stated. The first one, “Kamen Rider Kuuga” and the second one, “Kamen Rider Agito”, are the only ones with a clearly stated relationship to each other.
In this article, we look back at the relationship between the two works and summarize the reasons why they are related.

The relevance of the two films as evidenced by the TV series

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The relationship between “Kamen Rider Kuuga” and “Kamen Rider Agito” was clarified from the following two elements: – The treatment of the masked rider in the play

The treatment of Kamen Rider in the movie
Words that appear in the synopsis

Each is described in the following sections.

The treatment of Kamen Rider in the play

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Both films have the word “Kamen Rider” in their titles, but neither has ever been called Kamen Rider in the TV series.
In Kamen Rider Uga, Kuuga is called an “unidentified life form” and is treated the same as the enemy monster.
The three Kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Agito, Gils and G3; all three were never called Kamen Riders, but were referred to by their names.
In both worlds, there is no concept of Kamen Riders, but rather they are treated as non-human, odd-shaped beings.

The Synopsis of Kamen Rider Agito

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A word that appears in the synopsis of “Masked Rider Agito” indicates that the two films are related. The following is the synopsis of “Kamen Rider Agito”.

Two years have passed since the incident with the “unidentified life form” was solved.
The mysterious Oops washed ashore on the coast of Yonaguni Island, Okinawa. Around the same time the Ooparts washed ashore, a series of murders that do not seem to be the work of humans occur all over Japan.
The method of murder is very similar to that of the “unidentified life form” incident two years earlier. The Metropolitan Police Department names the murderer as Unknown and orders the SAUL, an unidentified life form task force, to investigate.
The appearance of Unknown brings about the intersection of the fates of the three masked riders, Agito, Gilus, and G3, who have never crossed paths before.

One thing to note in the synopsis is the word “unidentified life forms”. This is the name used for Kuuga and the enemy monsters in Kamen Rider Kuuga.
The synopsis states that the case of the unidentified life forms has been solved, but it is believed that Kuuga may have led to the resolution of the case.



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