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【Detective Conan: Magician of the Silver Sky】The only scene with a confession from Ran! Synopsis and an in-depth explanation of why it’s so popular! [Spoiler]]

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It is the eighth theatrical version of “Detective Conan”, and the second one in which the popular character “The Phantom Thief Kid” appears in the movie version, “The Magician of the Silverwing”.
We discussed the highlights of the film, which goes beyond the Kaito Kid, with an explanation of its contents.

Synopsis 1:  A warning letter from Kid. A new arrival to Ran!

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Speaking of The Phantom Thief Kid, it’s a warning letter with a code in it. It arrives at actress Juri Maki and starts with Juri asking Kogoro Mouri to escort her to the jewelry.
Inspector Nakamori, who always appears in one set when the Phantom Thief Kid appears, also makes an appearance, of course. The child-like brawl between Captain Nakamori and Kogoro Mouri is a treat that is only available when Kid appears. From the beginning of the film, the Kaito Kid is a big part of the story.

The biggest showpiece in the beginning of The Magician of the Silverwing, and “the development limited to the Kid’s appearance” is “the part where Shin-ichi Kudo and Conan are together”. Well, Shinichi’s identity is the Kid in disguise (laughs).
In the third theatrical film, The Sorcerer at the End of the Century, there is a description of “Conan knows that the Kid knows that Conan = Shinichi Kudo”.
So “Kid disguises himself as Shinichi Kudo right in front of Conan”, from the Kid’s point of view, it’s “Conan is there, so he can afford not to book the real Shinichi Kudo because he’s there”, and from Conan’s point of view, “disguising himself as Shinichi Kudo right in front of Conan is a tease!”. And yet he can’t let Ran and Kogoro know who he is, so he has to treat Kid as the new big brother! It’s stressful! The situation is overwhelmingly unfavorable to Conan.
Until then, the only people who knew that Conan = Shinichi Kudo were Conan’s collaborators like Dr. Agasa and Heiji Hattori, so it was very unusual at the time to have a picture of the Kid and a panicked Conan using the figure of Shinichi Kudo to poke fun at him.

Synopsis 2: Kid and Conan’s aerial battle

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On high alert, the Kid changes his disguise to that of a theater security guard. However, his true identity is discovered by Conan and he escapes before he can steal the jewelry. The Kid and Conan confront each other on the roof of the theater. Kid is a hang glider. Until now, Conan’s weapon against the Kid who can fly has been a mecha invented by Wisdom and Dr. Agasa.
However, in The Magician of the Silver Wing, he uses paragliders to chase after Kid with his paraglider. This is the first time that Conan does not use skateboards or kick-enhancing shoes to engage in aerial combat. The Kid is the only opponent who can fly, so this is also a great performance because he’s there. However, he misses Kid by one step, probably due to the difference in his experience in aerial combat.

Synopsis 3: A murder on a plane

As a token of their gratitude for saving the jewels, Mori and his group and the main cast are invited to the launch of Juri’s Hakodate vacation home. They board the plane from Haneda to Hakodate in heavy rain, but on the plane, Juri, the client, is poisoned and killed by an unknown assailant. The “detective” aspect of “Detective Conan” comes out in the middle of the film. In “The Magician with Silver Wings”, the scene where Kid is active and the murder case are separated. Even Kid fans can scream at Kid and concentrate on solving the mystery in the scene of the murder.

Synopsis 4: Eri Kisaki’s Mystery Show

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Having solved the murder mystery, Conan holds a wristwatch-type tranquilizer gun at the ready for Kogoro Mouri, but at the same time the plane shakes and his aim is lost. Ran’s mother, Eri Hailey, whom he has never played before, is hit by the anesthetic needle, but Conan manages to get her to confess to the murder by playing the role of Eri Hailey in an impromptu performance.
The case is now solved. The case is now solved and the only thing left to do is to protect the jewel from the Kid until the end, but
…. This is the beginning of the furious buildup to the climax of The Magician of the Silverwing.

Synopsis: 5 The captain of the plane drinks poison and is unable to fly. Conan and Kid’s Joint Front?

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After kissing Juri’s poisoned finger, the captain and the co-pilot ingest the poison and are unable to fly the plane.
They despair that no one can fly an airplane so conveniently, but the actor Isao Shinjo comes forward to say that he has some experience in piloting an airplane. He also names Conan as his assistant.
In the cockpit, Conan says to him “You’re Kid, right? The Kid easily reveals himself and they form a joint front until they arrive in Hakodate. The plane arrives in Hakodate safely with Kid at the controls and Conan assisting, but the landing is aborted just before landing at Hakodate Airport due to lightning and other weather problems. Kid’s arm is injured and he is unable to control the plane.

Synopsis 6: Ran’s Confession to Shinichi

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The lives of all the passengers are on their shoulders. Ran is piloting the plane in extreme conditions, but the dock where it is scheduled to land is dark with no lights. The Kid gets out of the plane in his hang glider while Conan and Ran are in a hurry. The Kid, who had been instructing them, is gone, they have little fuel, and there is no way to land. Conan uses the intercom to inspire the despairing Ran with Shinichi’s voice over the intercom, but Ran lets out all her thoughts as if all the tension in her head is gone.
And for the first time in Detective Conan, she confesses her feelings to Shinichi.
This is the only rare and precious scene in the “Detective Conan” series.

Synopsis7: Police car runway

When the Kid got out of the plane, he didn’t run away; he deliberately flew in a hang-glider so that the police would find him and guide the police car to the dock. The dock made a runway for the police car, and with it as a landmark, the plane piloted by Ran was able to land safely.
Ran thought that it was Kid pretending to be Shinichi who had called, and the confession never happened. And then he goes back to being the blunt Ran from the original story… lol.



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