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20 gambling cartoons! I’ve put together a collection of works that depict various forms of gambling, including mahjong, horse racing, bicycle races, and casinos.

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We’ve selected 20 cartoons based on gambling, including mahjong, horse racing, bicycle races, casinos, and more!
We’ve put together a variety of gambling comics, from those that pursue psychological warfare and brainstorming to behind-the-scenes works that show you what goes on behind the scenes in gambling!

Kaiji Series

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It is a very popular series that has been serialized by Mr. Nobuyuki Fukumoto since 1996.
The first serialization was “Gambling Hakkairoku Kaiji”, and the episodes were restarted with different titles such as “Gambling Fallen Rogue Kaiji: Kazuya Archetype”, “Gambling Fallen Rogue Kaiji: One Poker Archetype”, and “Gambling Fallen Rogue Kaiji: 2.4 Billion Escape Archetype”, but they are all the same series.
Also, “Chuuganroku Tonegawa

and Hancho, a day out, and other spin-offs.

The main attraction of this title is the gambling with highly unique rules.
The first game, “Limited Rock-paper-scissors,” adds the concept of cards and stars to the usual goo, choky, and par, limiting the number of cards and time, and displaying the number of cards remaining on the electronic bulletin board to create a highly strategic game in which the game’s outcome constantly changes.
Numerous other great games such as “E-Cards” and “Swamp Pachinko” have also been created.

The game has a strong media mix, and three live-action movies have been produced.
Mr. Fukumoto’s other works include “Ten Tenwa Street’s Kaijinji”, “Akagi: The Genius that Descended into the Darkness”, and “Silver and Gold”. He has written several of Japan’s most famous gambling comics, but the number one name among them is still It’s gotta be this Kaiji, isn’t it, LIAR GAME?

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It is a gambling manga that was serialized in Young Jump from 2005-2015.
A good-natured college girl and a young man who is a genius con artist take on the game tournament “Liar Game” and are forced to engage in numerous psychological battles in order to win the game.
The drama aired in 2007 in a late-night slot gained a good reputation and recorded an average rating of 11.4%. It became a hit, with a total of more than 5 million copies in circulation, due to its instantaneous rise in popularity.

Almost all of the games in this work are based on the premise of psychological warfare.
For example, in the second round of the “Minority Decision Game”, there is a questionnaire with a yes or no answer, and the majority group is eliminated, but the answer to the questionnaire can be a lie, so it is a psychological game that specializes in how to not let other people’s votes be the same as yours.

The author, Shinobu Kaiya, is a manga artist who specializes in gambling manga, and has also created works with strong gambling elements such as “ONE OUTS” and “Welcome to Winner’s Circle”.


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If “Kaiji” is a representative gambling manga of the 1990s and “Liar Game” is a representative gambling manga of the 2000s, “Gamekegrui” can be said to be a representative gambling manga of the 2010s.
Set in the prestigious Hyakkaoh Academy, the story is about a gambling addict, Yumeko Jabami (Jabami Yumeko), who confronts various opponents with various types of gambling.
The popularity of the series has led to three spin-offs, “Gamekegurui-sou”, “Gamekegurui (kari)”, and “Gamekegurui Delirium”, and the series has sold over 5.5 million copies in total.

The gambles that appear in the series have their own unique rules, including “Voting Rock-paper-scissors,” in which 30 classmates write one of three cards on a card and place it in a voting box and draw three cards to face off with their cards, and “Double Nervous Breakdown,” in which players must match both the mark and the number to make a pair.
Cheats are used in each of these gambles, and Yumeko’s insight in detecting them and her ability to use them to her advantage is a highlight.


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This epic 49-volume manga was serialized in Young Jump from 2006-2017.
It is one of the best examples of gambling manga, dealing with both real gambling and original gambling in its own setting.
On the other hand, some readers may recognize it as a fighting manga because it is not only about brain fighting but also depicts violent action.

There are two main characteristics of this work: one is the aforementioned depiction of violence that gives it a strong underground feel.
The other is the fact that the battle situation changes two or three times due to the deception and manipulation of each other, and the story continues to revolve around a series of reversals, one after the other.
The combination of a genius gambler and a good-natured young man who is skilled in tactics is a common thread in other works such as “LIAR GAME”, but the actual content of the story is so unique that there is no end to the number of requests to restart the series.


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This long-running series started in 2006 and continues to be serialized to this day.
The huge success of the series has spawned a variety of related works such as “Saki Achika Arc: Episode of side-A”, “Saki the dawn of age”, “Rei Toki”, “Ritz”, and the new parody series “Saki Biyori” and “Saki re: KING’S TILE DRAW”.
In 2009, the series was made into an anime for television, and since then, various media mixes have been made including spin-off anime and drama adaptations of the series.

The theme of the work is high school girls and mahjong, and since mahjong is treated as a competition rather than gambling, it is characterized by the fact that the game element is stronger than the betting element.
Characters with characteristics similar to different abilities compete with each other, so it can be seen as a cross ability battle.

Tetsuya, the man known as the Jangsei

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It is a mahjong manga that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 1997 to 2005.
This one differs from “Saki” in that it depicts mahjong as a form of gambling.
It was also made into a TV anime from 2000 to 2001.

From the subtitle of the work, it seems as if it was based on a real person, but the main character Asada Tetsuya is a pen name that was used by an actual novelist and mahjong player, Mr. Takehiro Shikkawa, for his mahjong novels.
The story and characters of this work were created with reference to Mr. Shirokawa’s books “Mahjong Horo Ki” and “Dosa Ken Bakuuchi Jigoku”.

Gambling such as Hanafuda and Chinchorororin also appear in the story, in addition to mahjong.

What are you betting on, Tori Baku?

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This manga has been serialized in Manga Action since 2017 by Kuzushiro Sensei, known for “Inugami-san and Nekoyama-san”.
It is a comedy work about a high school girl, Tori Baku Kei, who wants to bet and win, but has no ability to gamble and is a clunker in addition to her lack of gambling skills, and a junior male student, Mashime Tadashi (Majima However).
This is a manga in which the clumsy losing attitude of Tori Baku’s senior is enjoyed, and it is a manga of extreme cuteness, which is rare in the gambling world.

Even if it is reduced to ashes.

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This was the last serialized work that the late Kakashi Oniyagashira worked on before his death, and unfortunately it was written out of print.
The story follows the struggle of the main character Yuki, who takes on the challenge of participating in a “game-game” in which she must die in order to obtain the 1 billion yen she must raise to save her sick sister.
Gambling works have a high affinity with death games, and this manga is also a gambling + death game manga.


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Manga action from 2016-2018 by Dr. Rensuke Oshikiri of “High Score Girl” and “Misumi Saw The manga was serialized in
It depicts the self-defeating daily life of four women who sit in front of a pachinko parlor before it opens and play mah-jongg all night long. Comedy.
It’s a gambling story + gambling addiction observation diary.

Let’s win this time.

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This manga was serialized in 2019 in the women’s manga magazine Petit Comic.
It is a story about the main character Nanoka Kayama (Nanoka Kayama), a SE who is immersed in her work and is in her early 30s, who is invited by her handsome boss to become a horse owner….
It is a rare manga for women with gambling elements, so it is a rare work.



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