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【Hell Girl】I’ve compiled a list of three reasons why we can expect a live-action film version to be successful

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The popular horror anime “Hell Girl”, which has been broadcast for four seasons, has finally been made into a live-action version!
Live-action adaptations of popular works that have been developed in a variety of media, including anime, drama, novels, video games, and pachinko (Japanese pinball machine), are exciting for fans, but they are not without their own concerns. It’s easy to see the success and failure of a live-action adaptation.
In this article, we have summarized the following information about the live-action adaptation of “Hell Girl”.

・Synopsis of the live action version
・Three reasons to expect it

Knowing what goes on behind the scenes of the production before you watch the film will help you enjoy the movie from a different perspective. If you’re a fan of “Hell Girl”, please take a look at it for reference.

What is “Hell Girl”?

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Before we touch on the live-action adaptation, let’s briefly review “Hell Girl”.
In short, it’s about “Ai Enma avenges a grudge on behalf of someone else”. It’s just like a “Special Worker”.
The feature of “Hell Girl” is that the client also has to pay a price. As the saying “If you curse a man, you get two holes” goes, you can’t condemn a man to hell with a half-hearted resolution.
It focuses on the “negative emotions” that we all have, and it’s filled with content that you can’t help but sympathize with.

Synopsis of the live-action version of “Hell Girl”

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Hell Communications, a mysterious website that claims to be a grudge-fighter.

Ichikawa Miho and her friend Nanjo Haruka audition for the band’s chorus, but Haruka is the only one who passes. After passing the audition, Haruka’s behavior changes as if she were a different person.
Miho, curious about Haruka’s condition, investigates and discovers that the reason for her change is because of the band she auditioned for. The real purpose of the audition was to find a sacrifice for the band’s success.

In order to save her dear friend, Miho accessed the “Hell Communication”. She called up Ai Enma and tried to rescue Haruka.
If you curse a man, you get two holes”, what kind of fate awaits Miho who used “Hell Communication”?

3 Reasons Why You Can Expect a Live Action ‘Hell Girl’

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It’s not uncommon for anime and manga adaptations to be resented by fans. The more passionate fans are, the more picky they are, and they demand a high level of reproduction.
But don’t worry. For the following three reasons, the live-action adaptation of “Hell Girl” is a promising film.

A live-action project that all three parties agreed to launch

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One of the first things that happened was that the director, the producer, and the author of the book discussed it and agreed to it before the project started.
Mr. Hirata, the producer, decided that “Director Shiraishi would be able to make a live-action version of ‘Hellboy'” and offered the film to Shiraishi. Shiraishi judged that the film had high potential to meet the expectations of fans and decided to take on the director’s role. The author of the original work also assured him that “Director Shiraishi will be able to handle it.
Director Shiraishi has a proven track record with “Sadako vs. Kayako” and “Impossible Criminal”. Since the original director has given his approval, we can expect a high level of perfection in this live-action film.

Respecting the original setting

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Whether or not to change the setting of the original work is one of the points that make the difference between success and failure of a live-action adaptation. There have been many cases of changing the settings of the film and getting a bad rap.
Director Shiraishi took into account the popularity of “Jigoku Shoujo” and respected the setting of the original work. He tried to make a live-action film based on the original work.
He was very particular about how to create “human fear” and “depression” with respect to the original. We can expect to see expressions that only a live-action adaptation can produce by making use of the setting.

Ai Enma is well cast

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Ai Enma, the main character of “Hell Girl”. Although she doesn’t assert herself, she is a character with a unique atmosphere that makes her presence felt, isn’t she?
It’s very difficult to express such an atmosphere of Ai Enma in a live-action version. If the casting is not appropriate, the character’s image will be destroyed.
The actress who was chosen to play Ai Enma was Tamaki Tina. Tina Tamaki has more of a western style appearance, but her performance as Enma Ai was so high that all the production team members were satisfied with her.
The appearance, the way she looks, the way she looks, the way she looks, the way she acts, etc. are all perfectly reproduced in this figure of Ai Enma. Do you want to die once? You should not miss the high level of perfection in the familiar line, “I’m not going to let you go.


In this article, we summarized the following information about the upcoming live-action version of “Hell Girl”.
Synopsis of the live-action version
Three reasons to expect it.
You could tell that the production team started the live-action project with a lot of attention to detail. With the original author’s endorsement, there’s no need to worry that the film will be a disappointment to fans.
We can expect to see a unique expression that is different from the anime, drama, and novel. Don’t miss the amazing performances by the gorgeous cast including Tina Tamasiro as Ai Enma.
If you are a fan of “Hell Girl”, you must see this movie at least once.

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