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【My maid is too usable! 】 Takanashi Misa’s cute attraction summary! What is a voice actor? # Uzamaid

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Especially falling in the fall of 2018 even among animation “Our maid is too usa! “.

Here, we will summarize the cute charm of the beautiful little girl “Takanashi Misa” of the Russian half character of the main character.

What is Takanashi Misia?

Takanashi Misha says, “Our maid is too usable! It is a hero of a Russian half-boy with a blond hair blue eyed second-grade beautiful girl in the hero.

The fairy tale appearance which the Japanese detached to the clear white skin is praise that it is beautiful, but on the other hand, it was disgusting for the young Misha and it was a truancy in the first half of the work.

Personality is solid for the second grade of elementary school, there are cold places that did not depend on external circumstances seem to withdraw and seems to withdraw, but on the other hand, the topic of interest is stuck and the youngster who was suppressing it all over The place to come out is adorable.

Misha had lost his mother early and lived with Yasuhiro, who was married to his mother, and was sending daily bullying and bashing out the housekeeper hired by Yasuhiro.

It is a cute place in Misha that you lose your immediate family and looks like a cheeky girl with lots of depictions with poor mouth, whether it is a stress that no one can afford.

Misa called a perfect beautiful girl to the shape of a nail is attractive with its cute appearance and the spirit of a strong-minded place.

Encounter with Kamoi Tsubame

A new domestic worker hired by Yasuhiro is another main character of this work “Kamoi Swallow”.

Misha tried to drive out the swallow as bullying, as I have done to my old domestic police officer, but since swallow was a former self-defense officer and a muscular muscular brutal woman, I have no trouble.

In addition, he knew that Swallow was a pervert for young girls, and even don.

There was no gap in swallowing to escape like a domestic wife so far, Mischa was just getting pace sharply steadily in obsession with obsession to want to be friends with swalls.

However, swallowing and other housekeeping is perfect, except Mr. Usuza, it is an excellent maid, so Misa will be forced to accept the swallow as well.

Misha, a beautiful little girl with a perfect Russian half, is going crazy by being swayed by a swallowtail, a metamorphosis maid, is the main point of this work and Misha.

Misha to drag in the swallow

Swallow is a perverted act of stealing and stalking beautiful little girls such as Misha and the like in a criminal act, and Misasha dancing to it is repeated many times per story.

Indeed, for Mischa, swallow is a repeated nightmare, but seeing that is an interesting part of this work.

For example, when a swallow looked at Mischa, he inflicted elementary school cosplay and infiltrated elementary school with a glider from the sky was funny.

For Mischa who is angry or donkey, swallows are incorrect in honorific terms, but Misha is a feminine and pretty goddess to preach to a swallow in Tame.



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