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【 Dragon Quest Die’s Adventure】Why does Pop have such a strong following? An in-depth examination

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From “Dragon Quest Die’s Adventure,” which will be airing a new animation from October 2020, we’re featuring Pop, who has a huge following on the Internet!
We take a look at why he’s been so beloved for so many years!

Pop Character Overview

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A main character in Dragon Quest Die’s Adventure, and a member of the party of the brave Dai.
He is one of the apostles of the former hero Aban. He was born as the son of an arms dealer in the village of Lancakes, and became a forced apprentice after being saved by Aban.

He is a wizard by profession, specializing in fire spells, and has been able to use Melazoma, the highest Mela-based spell, since the beginning of the story.
He was aware that he was good at ice-based spells, but when he learned to use medlar, it was pointed out to him that the output of flame-based spells was stronger.

As for his abilities as a magician, although he had learned many spells, the power itself was not very strong, and even his melasoma was not decisive.
On the other hand, his sense of style is first-rate, as he can use a weather spell (Ranarion) that is usually considered difficult to learn at his level at the time, and he can imperfectly imitate the extremely difficult Finger Flare Bombs without actually seeing them.

During the course of his adventures, he meets Matrif, a former companion of Aban’s, and under his tutelage, he rapidly develops not only his magic but also his mind and heart.
He became a trump card for Dai’s group by mastering the supreme annihilation spell Medoror, and fought alongside Dai until the end as the “Great Mage” who also handled the brain.

The voice actor for the 2020 version is Toshiyuki Toyonaga.
The 1991 version was voiced by Keiichi Namba.

The time between being a jerk and being a jerk is surprisingly short

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Dragon Quest Die’s Adventure finished its serialization in 1996, and the anime was broadcast for a relatively short period of time, so many people’s memories of the work have faded.
That image is that he was a jerk and not very strong at first, but he grew up and eventually became one of the best in the series.
This in itself is not wrong, but I feel that the “jerk” part has been exaggerated quite a bit.

Pop’s character was not bad from the beginning.

The first time Pop met Dai was on the island of Delmurin, where Dai lived, and he came to the island with Avan.
At that time, Pop was not a cocky or sarcastic guy, and when he found out that Abang and Dai were fighting using Dragoram, he was so nice that he immediately rushed to the scene out of concern.
Even after that, he had some small moves, such as getting carried away and not wanting to train hard, but he also had a competitive side, such as being inspired by Dai to train secretly by himself.

However, it was only during this time that he and Dai left the island and arrived in Romos, where they met Maam and fought against the Crocodyne, that he was clearly “unpleasant.
He is always quarrelsome to Maam, tries to decide everything by himself without listening to Dai’s requests, boldly says that the girl he likes is “a girl who will listen to anything I say,” and when he fights Crocodyne, as soon as he judges that he is no match for her, he quickly runs away by himself, leaving Dai behind.
It’s not hard to imagine that he had the worst reputation among readers during this period, and it was probably judged to be a drag on the work.

In recent years, due in part to the impact of this episode, Pop has been given the image of being “unpleasant throughout the early part of the story,” but as mentioned above, the only time he was clearly strange was in the second and third volumes against Crocodyne.
At the end of the third volume, he was blackmailed by Mazoho, a member of the fake heroic group, and he faced up to his lousy self and showed enough growth to make Crocodyne upset.

It seems that Pop lost his mental support pillar, Aban, and instead traveled with the younger Dai, which caused him to grow up and his originally immature mental side became apparent at once.
It’s true that abandoning his friends is outrageous, and his inexcusable behavior makes it easy for him to leave a lasting impression, but his period of stupidity is much shorter than I imagined, and it will probably be summarized in two or three episodes in the new anime.



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