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【Blood Blockade Battlefront】I’m not as much of a bum as they say! Thoroughly analyze the zap!

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Zap Renfro, a member of the Libras in “Blood Blockade Battlefront”, is a character that is called “scum” by both the officials and the readers, but is he really that much of a scum character? Here is an in-depth analysis of Zap Renfro based on his interactions with the characters around him, and a verification that he may not be as much of a scum as people say! I’m not sure what to make of it.

What is “Blood Blockade Battlefront” Zap Renfro?
Officially recognized as “human scum”

Zap Renfro is one of the main characters in “Blood Blockade Battlefront” and is a 24-year-old man who belongs to the secret society Libras. With silver hair, brown skin, and a height of 178 centimeters, he looks “handsome” at a glance.

However, on the inside, he is portrayed as an “unreasonable scum” character. He is sloppy with both money and women, gambles away his salary on the same day, and doesn’t have a room of his own, so he goes from room to room with various women. He doesn’t have a room of his own and goes from room to room with various women. The character is thoroughly portrayed as a “useless” person, as he is depicted to be involved in smoking and drugs.

The members of Liebra also call him “an incorrigible scum” and “the royal straight flush of useless men,” and it seems that his face is the only good thing about him. The reason why Zap is able to stay in Liebra is because he is recognized for his fighting prowess and ability to overpower them. He also has the passion to be the first one to come to the aid of the Liebra members when they are in danger.

Zap is like a “do-it-when-you-want-to-do-it” character, which is common among characters portrayed as bad people or scum. In this section, we’ll focus on Zap and introduce him as a character who is full of scum, but also as a character who loves his friends.

Zap’s technique is the Douryuu-ho, Kagutsuchi! The key is Zippo

All the members of Libras have some kind of technique or skill. Zap is a user of the “Hitotsuboshi Ryu Keppo,” or Kagutsuchi. What kind of technique is this? He transforms his own blood into a kind of sword and uses it as a weapon. In order to activate this technique, he needs to bleed, and in Zap’s case, he uses a handheld zippo (with a needle attached) to wound his palm and make it bleed.

The basic idea is to use the blood as a sword and fight mainly by slashing at the opponent, but it can also be used in a variety of applications, such as tracking enemies by using it as a thin thread, capturing them by using it as a net, or walking through the air with a thread of blood like Spider-Man.

Although he is usually called a scum by not only the officials but also the readers and fans (though he deserves it), Zap’s battle scenes are popular because they are powerful and worth watching. And it’s not just for show, he’s got the ability to do it as well, which is why his fellow Libras all look up to him.

Zap is played by voice actor Kazuya Nakai

The voice actor who plays Zap Renfro is Kazuya Nakai. Kazuya Nakai is famous for his work as Jushiro Hijikata in “Gintama”, Roronoa Zoro in “One Piece”, and Masamune Date in “Sengoku Basara”.

When Mr. Nakai was chosen to play Zap, many fans said, “He fits the image perfectly! When Mr. Nakai was appointed as Zap, many fans voiced their approval, saying, “He fits the image perfectly!

He and the main character, Leo, make a good uneven duo
Zap and Leo meet from episode 1

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The main character, Leonardo Watch, is the one who often works with Zap. The main character, Leonardo Watch, often works together with Zap, but rather than working together, Zap is usually the one who messes with Leo and “snares” him. This is another example of their scumminess. These two met in the first episode, and it was Zap who inspired Leo to join Libras.

Leo was originally a newspaper reporter who came to Jerusalem’s Lot to see if he could find any clues to help his sister, Michela. One day, however, he gets involved in an incident involving a bank robbery. There he encounters Zap, who mistakenly thinks he is a newcomer who was supposed to come that day. Leo knows that he is mistaken, but wants to help him, so he lies and says that he is the new guy.

That’s how the main character, Leo, became a member of Libras. Zap was the “man of destiny” for Leo. And although Zap is frustrated that he was cheated, he and Leo have been working together a lot since that day, as if they were rotten friends.

The way he treated Leo was horrible, but there was trust

Zap is much bigger than Leo, and Leo is much weaker in actual combat because he has the “righteous eye of the gods” which allows him to see everything, so there is no way that Leo can compete with Zap, and he usually ends up getting beaten up.

As you can see, Zap is usually very bad to Leo, but there is a kind of trust between him and Leo.

When talking about the relationship between Zap and Leo, one thing that cannot be overlooked is the second episode of the first season of the anime, “Chase the Phantom Ghost Wagon! . In this episode, Zap shows up at Leo’s part-time job, interferes with the pizza delivery, and even eats a pizza that was on its way, showing his usual “trashiness”. However, Leo is attacked by criminals whom Leo accidentally discovers, and Leo is kidnapped, while Zap himself is seriously injured. In the midst of Leo’s crisis, Zap does not joke around at all, but uses his own skills to track Leo down and successfully rescue him, despite his dying condition.

In this episode, we can see that Zap, who usually does nothing but treat Leo badly, recognizes Leo as an important friend and presence.

In the first place, the reason why Zap has been persistently showing up at Leo’s place of work is because he is worried about Leo’s safety. Initially, Zap was asked by Klaus to guard Leo, and superficially he refused, but secretly he was worried about Leo, and he did it without letting Leo know.

In addition, when another woman caught Zap spending the night at a woman’s house and ordered him to search for a missing cat as revenge, and then put a curse on him that would make his lower body explode and become useless if he didn’t find the cat in time, he cried out to Leo first.

When he was given a curse that would make his lower body useless if he didn’t find the cat in time, he cried out to Leo first. Since he tries to rely on Leo first when he is in trouble, Zap has a lot of trust in him.



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