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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Quotes – Sakonji Urokotaki – Behind the harsh words, there is an inexplicable love for his students

“Slow decision”


This is a scene between Tanjiro and Urokotaki Sakonji in the first volume of the book, episode 3 [I’ll be back by dawn], where he first appears.
He is an old man with a Tengu mask who lives at the foot of Mount Sagiri. He is an old man with a Tengu mask who lives at the foot of Mt. He is a nurturer, and is in charge of training people who are good enough to pass the final selection process for joining the Kisatu-tai.
Yoshio Tomioka encounters Tanjiro in his first appearance scene and tries to kill Tanjiro’s sister, Priestess, who has turned into a demon. He is introduced to Urokotaki Sakon as a boy who wants to join the demon squad. Since it was his own apprentice, Yoshio Tomioka, who introduced him, he asked Tanjiro this question to determine whether Tanjiro had the qualities to be a member of the Kisatu-tai. “Tanjiro, what would you do if your sister ate a man? Tanjiro is unable to respond to this question immediately. Of course, Tanjiro doesn’t think that his sister, Priestess, will eat people, and he probably didn’t even think about it that much at this point. Then Sakonji Urokotaki slapped Tanjiro on the cheek and said, “You’re too slow to judge. When Tanjiro was stunned by the slap on the cheek, Urokotaki continued, “I’m not going to pause to answer your question. The reason why you couldn’t answer my question without a pause? It’s because you’re not ready. Walking with a sister who has become a demon involves a certain amount of risk. He tells her that she needs to be prepared in case Priestess attacks someone.
The reason why Urokotaki is so strict with Tanjiro is because the Kisatu-tai, who is a flesh and blood human being, is in a fierce battle with the Oni, who will not die unless his neck is cut off. This is because he understands better than anyone else how difficult it is to train people who want to join the Kisatu-tai, as the struggle between the Kisatu-tai and demons has been going on for more than several hundred years. The final selection test is to stay alive for seven days while protecting yourself from the demons captured alive by the Kisatu-tai members at Fujikasane Mountain. In fact, there was a demon called Te-oni, who was captured by Urokotaki when he was an active member of the demon killing squad, and he had been relentlessly targeting Urokotaki ‘s disciples. He was captured by Urokotaki when he was a member of the demon killing squad. Teshiki had a grudge against Urokotaki and had put his hands on 13 of Urokotaki’s disciples. Naturally, Urokotakii knows that the disciples he has devoted so much time and effort to are no longer with us, so he tries to train them to be tougher and more powerful swordsmen. For this reason, his strict attitude toward Tanjiro is rather inevitable. His true face is unknown, as he never takes off his Tengu mask in any of his works. However, there is a scene in which he embraces Tanjiro with tears in his eyes after Tanjiro successfully passes the final selection and returns to Urokotaki, so we can be sure that he is a good teacher who cares for his students. He is a good teacher who loves his students.


“Good job, Tanjiro, you’re a great kid”

This quote is from the book, Volume 1, Episode 6 [A Mountain of Hands].
Tanjiro is training under Sakonji Urokotaki. The content of his training was beyond the scope of training, and at times it was so severe that it was even fatal. As a final test before the final selection, Tanjiro is given the task of cutting a large rock in two with his sword. Later, Urokotaki himself tells us the true meaning of this task, but it was intended to make Tanjiro, a gentleman at heart, give up on joining the Onikiri Corps by giving him an absurd task. Since thirteen of his own disciples have been killed, Urokotaki doesn’t want to see any more of the children he has devoted himself to dying, so he asks Tanjiro to do this task. As a result, Tanjiro is able to cut down the large rocks and is allowed to go to the final sorting. Urokotaki praises Tanjiro for the first time in the film. The words are followed by a passionate hug. We don’t know what kind of expression he has on his face because of the Tengu mask, but he is very happy that his apprentice has far exceeded his prediction.
On the other hand, he must have been very anxious to send his own disciple to the final selection again.

“If Priestess attacks anyone, Tanjiro Kamontan, Sakonji Urokotaki, and Yoshio Tomioka will apologize with all their might”

This is a quote that appears in the 6th volume of the book, episode 46 [Mansion].
Tanjiro Kamon accompanies Priestess as a member of the demon killing squad in order to turn her back into a human. Originally, the Kisatu-tai was a group that hunted and killed demons, and it was outrageous for a member of the Kisatu-tai to accompany a demon. Summoned to the headquarters of the Kisatu-tai for violating the rules of the Onisatsu-tai, Tanjiro Kamon is asked by the nine swordsmen who have earned the title of Pillar, the highest rank in the Kisatu-tai , why he accompanies demons even though he is a demon hunter. The pillars were unaware of the situation. The pillars, unaware of the situation, try to punish Tanjiro and Priestess. Many of the swordsmen who want to join the Kisatu-tai are people who have had their loved ones taken away by demons, such as family members, friends, and lovers. Therefore, no matter what kind of situation the newcomer Tanjiro is in and why he accompanies his sister, Priestess, who is a demon, he is far from understanding. While the pillars are divided in their opinions, the leader of the Kisatu-tai , Teruya Sanyashiki, appears. He is cursed with a short and sickly life due to the curse of producing demons from his family in the past. He is cursed by a curse that once produced demons from his family, and is now sickly and has a short fate. In his first appearance in the story, he is almost blind, and cannot walk alone, so he is led by his own child. After Okate’s appearance, Okate herself explains to the pillar about Tanjiro’s treatment, but the pillar is still not convinced, so she reads out a letter. The sender of the letter is Rintaki Sakonji, who raised Tanjiro for the sake of his stepson. Originally, the nurturer trained his own apprentice to pass the final selection test for the Kisatu-tai . In other words, they have a master-disciple relationship. Tanjiro’s parents were killed by demons, and he had no relatives. After two years of training under Urokotaki Sakonji, Tanjiro successfully passed the final selection process and joined the Onikiri Corps. This quote is one of the sentences in the letter to Okate-sama, and is the scene in the story where Tanjiro is moved to tears, but it also represents an important setting for the story to come. Normally, when a person is transformed into a demon, they tend to starve and attack their immediate family members who have high nutritional value. However, Priestess becomes a demon and attacks Tanjiro at first, but she barely keeps her wits about her and tries to protect her brother Tanjiro from Yoshio Tomioka, whom she recognizes as an enemy. Urokotaki Sakonji felt that this unusual situation as a demon had the potential to create a stir in the current rigid demon hunting and the longstanding conflict between demons and demons, and he proposed to the lord that Tanjiro take Priestess and live as a member of the demon killing team in exchange for his life. As a result of this letter, the disposition of Tanjiro and Priestess was not questioned, and the story moved on to the next phase. This scene shows the humanity of Urokotaki Sakonji, who risked his own life for his own disciples and bet on their future potential.

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