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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun: A summary of the changes and activities of the police inspector after the Great High Seas Festival Arc! [Spoiler alert]

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【To Aru Kagaku】 no Railgun: A summary of the changes and activities of the police inspector after the Great High Seas Festival Arc! [Spoiler alert]

What’s the strategy?
Inspector Kesaku had teamed up with Genio Kihara in the Daibosei Festival Arc and was planning to take revenge on Gakuen City

His ability is Liquid Shadow. It is a rare ability to use a liquid of 20 or more specific gravity (such as metal) at will. It has a weakness that precision manipulation is difficult unless the volume and volume are the same as the user’s, but the liquefied doll has the ability to He is extremely combative and can be remotely controlled from hundreds of miles away.

While he has a jovial personality, he doesn’t seem to think nothing of killing innocent people, but he is still capable of being brutal for his purposes.

Past of the police guard

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Kesaku, like Shokuhachi, is from a research institute called the “Clonedry”. He met a cloned girl called Dolly there, who was killed by the city of School City itself. As a result of this, the police chief came to hate the president of the school city.

As a result, he was imprisoned in a juvenile detention center for attempted terrorism. He was a third-year student at Kirigaoka High School-affiliated junior high school, but dropped out of the school. His hatred was anticipated by Genjo, and he continued his activities in the dark section of the school even though he was considered dead in the data. I did.

Incidentally, the age information of “ninth grade” is either 14 months before she attempted the attack or It’s impossible to determine if it’s current or original. Therefore, the current age of Kesaku would be something like 15 to 17 years old.
In any case, he is older than Mikoto and Shokuhachi.

A change in alarmist attire

In the Dahosei Festival Arc, Police Plan (the illustration above is pink in the original draft) was dressed in a rather distinctive black nurse-like costume, carrying a whip, and a skull necklace.

This costume was a disguise for the dark organization “members”, and surprisingly, Inspector liked it too! It’s not her private clothes, though. (From To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Volume 9)

For that reason, after the Daibosei Festival Arc, in which there was no longer a need to disguise as the directive role of the “member”, the “super-electromagnetic gun” No. The alarmist in volume 14 is wearing a simple shirt, jacket and plain skirt. The jacket looks like a school uniform, but I’m not sure.

At the end of the Daibaisai Matsuri Arc, he was dressed in what looks like his summer uniform, but it is thought that he couldn’t continue to wear the school uniform he dropped out of.

An overflowing fondness for Dolly
And the slightly overprotective side?

A vigilance plan that was boiling with hatred for the very school town that killed Dolly (or, more accurately, her memory). It’s only natural that she cares for (the sister she inherited). There are also scenes where he seems to “love” Dolly too much to be a mere friend.

For example, in the first episode of “Superman”, in which Kesaku and Dolly participate in a prison break trial event in a juvenile detention center, he is seen to be “too fond” of Dolly. Volume 14. After encountering a creepy robot as an assassin during an event, Inspector “shows Dolly something creepy He snaps and kicks that robot in the leg.

Since Dolly is a cloned girl who is not used to the world, Inspector often acts like a guardian of Dolly, even though he is her friend.

No way, it’s a princess hug!

Also, the jailbreak trial in volume 14 has a scene where, what a surprise, Dolly gives the alarmist a princess hug! . Normally I get the impression that the police force is taking care of Dolly, so the image of Dolly helping the police force in a princess hug Many people may feel a kind of gap moe in

It is not only a warning plan, but also a rare sight of Dolly using the power generation ability like a clone of Mikoto.

Vigilance and food bees are “close enough to fight”?

After the Daibosei Festival Arc, Kesaku has a friend-like relationship with not only Dolly but also the bumblebee.

In the 12th volume of “The Supernova Cannon”, there is a scene where he makes fun of the obedient bee through the “liquefied doll”.

She is the “caring older sister” to Dolly, but when it comes to the There seems to be a lot of tinkering and teasing going on. This is a form of peacefully demonstrating to the bumblebees the high level of agitation that was shown in the Great Haisei Festival Arc.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to be disliked by the fact that he can sense the true intentions of the bumblebees who don’t say what they really think, or that he understands and respects the bee’s intentions.

Although the bee seems unwilling to be teased by the police, we can see their friendship from the fact that they call each other “guardian” by name.


After the Great High Star Festival Arc, he was not picked up, but he has been in the game a little bit. It seems that he will pay for what he did at the Great High Star Festival at some point, but the 14th As of volume 14, I’ve been having fun with Dolly and the bee.

Especially in volume 14, you can see how well they get along with each other and their relationship with the bee, while both Police and Dory are active in their own right, so be sure to check it out!

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