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【Heavenly majesty】 Ultra anticipated work which was chosen as “1st this comic!” At the stage of grabbing

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To celebrate the monthly Afternoon series “heavenly demon” shining first place “This comic is amazing! 2019” I summarized this work!
“The heavenly majesty” that attracts attention as the latest work of Masashi Ishiguro known as “Town is going around” is such comic!

Mysterious survival adventure drawn by the author of “It town”

A mysterious survival adventurer drawn by the author of “It town” is a manga work series serialized by Masato Ishiguro in monthly afternoon.
Beginning series from 2018, 2 volumes of Comics will be released in March 2019.

This work has two scenes depicted.

One is a “mystery facility” that appeared in the first episode.
Children are educated by robot teachers in their peaceful places where there are nature such as streams and trees in the building.
Not only children but also adults, the old woman called the headmaster called the outside of the facility “a dirty world in which an amateur monster grew” “hell”.

Another stage is the collapsed world that seems to be outside the facility that was ridiculed as its “hell”.
From the fact that “Perhaps the future, maybe Japan” was written on the pillar during the afternoon serialization, it would be no doubt that it is Japan in the near future.

The story of this work progresses while alternating both plays.
In the facility part there are a lot of children such as a boy named Tokio and a girl named Mimihime, their daily life is main.
In one hell part, he depicts the adventure of a boy who is aiming for a paradise heaven (a possibility of a mysterious facility) and a woman · Kirko who has undertaken his bodyguard.

In collapsed Japan, many buildings are damaged and the population seems to be considerably less.
It is clear from the words of Kirko that the cause of the collapse is a disaster, but it is unknown what type of disaster was hit by what scale.
And in the devastated world, a monster called “Hiruko” appeared and seems to be hitting humans.

There are many other mysteries besides that.

Maru is aiming for heaven because there is a human of the same face as him (a possibility of Tokio) and to hit a medicine for that person.
Then it seems to be taught that “everyone may be saved”, but detailed information is not heard, and it is not even known who taught it to the first in the first place.
Also, Mar has a mystery ability to defeat Hiruko, but it is unknown why he possesses such ability.

Also in the last volume of 1 volume Kirko revealed that the body is a woman but the brain is a man.
There is a seam like a surgical mark on her head, suggesting that the brain was transplanted, but the reason is unknown.

In this way, this work has only 1 volume, so many mysteries are scattered around.
Mr. Ishiguro is famous for his hit movie “Animation is still going around”, but the content of “heavenly demon” is a totally different line from the town.
Although there are also quite hard descriptions, depiction full of weakness unique to Professor Ishigu is also alive, not serious enough.

It is a work that will give us a sense of expectation for the future in various ways.



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