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She’s going to be animated! A new genre of romantic comedy in which the heroine is a “rental girlfriend

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Updated 1/23/2020

The romantic comedy manga “Kano, Okaerimasu”, which is currently serialized in the Weekly Shonen Magazine, has finally been made into an anime!
So we’ve put together some information on what it’s all about, what heroines it’s about, and more!

I owe you…

出展 :

Title: She, I owe you.
Author:Reiji Miyajima
Serialization: Weekly Shonen Magazine
Number of volumes: 13 (as of January 2020)

She, Okaimasu was first published in Weekly Shonen Magazine 2017 issue 32 on July 12, 2017.
The author is Reishi Miyajima, famous for his work on “AKB0049 – Love Ban Ordinance” and other books. He has a reputation for drawing attractive and cute girls.

The number of copies of the book has exceeded 3 million.
In December 2019, the long-awaited TV anime adaptation is set to take place.

Can I rent her? Synopsis of the main story

Kinoshita Kazuya is a university student who has been rejected by his first girlfriend after just one month. To get rid of his loneliness, he decides to use the “Rental Girlfriend” service, where he can pay a small fee to rent a girlfriend for a few hours.
As he waits to see what kind of monster will appear, Mizuhara Chizuru, a super-smooth beauty, arrives. Kazuya is bewildered, but enjoys the date, but the emotional scars of being rejected cannot be healed. During their second rental date, he inadvertently throws a few heartless words at Chizuru.

This is a troubled romantic comedy involving an ex-girlfriend, another rental girlfriend, family and friends.

The potential heroines are all pretty anyway!
Chizuru MIzuhara (Ichnose Itinose)

One of the heroines, Mizuhara Chizuru, is a first year student at the same university as Kazuya, and she happens to live in the apartment next to him.
She is described on her website as a “neat and pretty lady-like girl”.
She has long black hair and excellent style. She shows us various hairstyles.
Kazuya calls her “Mizuhara”.

He treats me like “my ideal girlfriend” while I’m renting and shows me how professional he is.
He dresses and wears make-up that makes him look inconspicuous, so much so that it’s hard to tell that he’s the same person. She’s very clear about what she does on and off the job, and when she’s not working, she’s very expressive and has a very expressive side to her, saying things clearly and getting angry.

In fact, she works as an actress and works as a rental girlfriend to both practice her acting and earn money to make ends meet.

Mami Nanami

Asami Nanami, also one of the heroines, is a freshman at the same university as Kazuya. She was Kazuya’s first girlfriend.
They ended up breaking up within a month, but Kazuya is still very much in love with her. He often fantasizes about Asami.
Medium short with light, almost blonde hair with a loose perm. She’s small and cute and the type of girl you want to protect.
Even after the breakup, she is still being thoughtful, and this is what makes Kazuya feel even more unhappy with her.

Kazuya calls her “Mami-chan” (she is called “Mami” instead of “Mami” in the book).
He has a back account on social networking sites and mutters some pretty nasty things. He says of Kazuya that he would have been fine with anyone to be his boyfriend, but for some reason, he is troubled by his own obsession with Kazuya and Chizuru.

Ruka Sarashina

Ruka Sarashina, also one of the heroines, is a rental girlfriend who originally worked at a different office than Chizuru. She appears as the rental girlfriend of Kuribayashi, a friend of Kazuya’s, and they get to know each other.
Her claim on her website is “sisterhood idol girlfriend”.
She has black hair with a short cut and a big ribbon on her head as her trademark. She is a very stylish high school student.

Kazuya calls her “Ruka-chan”.
She was born with a low heart rate and was convinced that Kazuya, whom she was thrilled to be with, was the one. He secures his position as her, albeit tentatively, with his fierce attack.
She is the most ardent of all the heroines, and constantly appeals to Kazuya to show her love for him.

Sumi Sakurasaka

Sumi Sakurazawa, also one of the heroines, is a college freshman who is a new rental girlfriend in the same office as Chizuru.
She has medium-short, reddish hair color and stylishly braided hair on the right side.
She works as a rental girlfriend to cure her shyness, but her level of shyness is so high that she can’t talk to people properly.

Still, when I went on a date with Kazuya, I was able to smile and say “see you later” at the end. After that date, she falls in love with Kazuya.
In the extra episode, “Sumi Sakurazawa, first year in college, professional girlfriend, maybe this “feeling” is unprofessional.”
This ticker completely joins the heroine front.



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