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[Revisions Revengez] New original animation directed by Goro Taniguchi is youth “disaster” group drama [2019 winter anime] # Revusions

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We have summarized the original animation “revisions revisions” to be broadcast from January 2019!
We will deliver along with the staff & cast information what is the content of the new director of Goro Taniguchi known for “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” and more!

The latest work of “Lelouch” directed by Goro Taniguchi is a panic group drama

“Revisions” is an original animation broadcast from January 2019 as the second installment of Fuji TV’s late-night animation frame “+ Ultra”.
People who time slipped to the world more than 300 years by “Shibuya drifting” where the central part of Shibuya is jumped to the future are the monsters of the futuristic people called “Revisions” and the huge machines they operate The story of searching for a way back to the original era while fighting.
It is an animation that uses CG throughout the entire movie.

The genre is “adolescent” disaster “group drama (Junobyl panic ensemble).
It is a time travel thing, but because the future where it drifted is a totally different environment from the present world of “the world where wilderness and forests spread and ruins are dotted”, it seems to be able to be seen in a similar sense to different world reincarnation. .
In addition, because it deals with the atmosphere of panic movies, it also has elements of panic things such as zombie animation.

And the three most vividly depicted are “SF,” “Robot,” and “Battle.”
In order to protect Shibuya from the threat of revisions, the main characters fight by operating the puppet weapon “string puppet”.
With the released Teaser PV, you can get a glimpse of a glimpse of powerful action scenes using CG.

It is directed by Goro Taniguchi to lead the work.
His great attention was drawn from popular works such as “Infinite Revival”, “Scride” and “Planetes”, and “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” broadcasted in 2006 recorded explosive hits.

Series configuration “Yuruyuri ☆ High! Makoto Fukami and Taichi Hashimoto who worked as a producer for The Tower of Druaga.
Mr. Fukami is also known as a novelist who worked on “Young Gun Carnaval” and others.

Character design “Wake Up, Girls! Naoki Chikaoka, CG design by Jun Shirai, and mechanic design by Yohei Arai.
White set will do animation production.

Prior to anime broadcasting, comicalize and novelize are also being developed.

A luxurious cast gathers

“Revisions Revisions” is a collection of very luxurious staff, but the cast is no less super luxurious.
A voice actor with a proven track record has been appointed for all characters other than the main character.

Kouki Uchiyama plays the main character, Daisuke Doujima .
“Mobile Suit Gundam UC” Banner Links, “IS Infinite Stratos”Itika Orimura, “Amagi Brilliant Park”Seiya Kanie”NIsekoi” Raku IchiJo is a popular voice actor with abundant leading role experience.

Daisuke encounters an abduction case at an early age, and he is told by a prophetic woman, Ms. Miro, that “a great crisis will occur, then you can protect everyone is yours.” However, the hard thing which continued to believe the word.
It is noteworthy how Mr. Uchiyama will play such stubborn and unceasing him.

It is Mikako Komatsu who plays Miro.
“Moretsu space pirate” Ayaka Kato, “Gundam Build Fighters” I was the main character in the role of Iori Say, “After all my youth romantic comedy is wrong. “I’m playing a lot of popular characters such as Saika Totsuka and” Nisekoi “Seishiro Tugumi.
A voice actor who has many opportunities to play boys and masculine women.

Miro is a character that lacks emotional expression and pushes for rationality.
It is a character who has a strong hatred in Revengez and is putting himself in the fight with a strong will, and Komatsu’s haunting voice matches.

An excellent student who frequently collides with Chang, Gai and Steiner are “Free! Takeshi Nanase, “Saiki Satoshi’s Tribulation” Nobunaga Shimazaki, who is known for his works such as Shun Kaito, is in charge.
Guy’s twin sister, also an excellent girl, Jan Luu, Steiner said, “Bless this wonderful world! Megumimin, “Takagi-san,” is played by  Rie Takahashi.

The glasses girl with a Marin) role is “I hold a promise flower in the morning of goodbye” manaka Iwami” of Makia.
Daisuke’s close friend, Keisaku Asano , is in charge of Susumu Saito, who is familiar with SSSS.GRIDMAN Utsumi General and others.

Besides, Yoko Hikasa  who always plays the role of Revengez, who is always sober, Yukari Tamura who is the sister of Chiharu’s twin sister and Lori Maid, looks like a stuffed dog It has been decided that Houchau Otsuka will play Revisons’ Nicolas Satou.



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