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The first horror revives! Biohazard 7 charm · Synopsis etc.

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Speaking of biohazards is also popular in books and movies, but this time I would like to write about the latest series biohazard 7 series.
Biohazard 7 has two versions, the grotesque version and the regular version, released and supports VR.
In addition, the first biohazard horror has finally revived!
Furthermore, since you can play with VR, you can experience fear as if you are in the game.
Even with the regular version you can experience enough fear,
In the grotesque version you can feel even more fear by combining a more cruel scene.


In the biohazard series, the main character of the past work often became the main character again in the new work, but in this work, the new character of Ethan Winters is the hero.
Ethan wanted to go looking for his wife who disappeared three years ago,
I will head to the site of the Baker farm in Darvey, Louisiana.
However, Ethan was hit by a human of Baker in Baker’s house believed to be ruins and caught in a prison …
The rescue of Mia and escape from the Baker’s house become the main point of the story.
Especially impressive in the story is the scene that the Baker family surrounds the main character and the table while eating something like the fragments of organs lined by the table.
Feeling incongruity and uncomfortable feeling in the situation that you are eating like abnormal things like things like organ fragments,
I was shaky and shuddered (; ∀;)


Speaking of biohazard, it is a zombie, but in this work a new creature called mallad will appear. Molded is a monster that appears to be moldy to human beings.
Although it is a small fish enemy, it is difficult to deal with if you can come close to it, so we recommend that you deal with it one by one!
There are several reinforced individuals in this molded.
Quick mall dead will stick to the ceiling and wall quickly with four legs and attack.
Although it is quick, there is even more durability, so it is quite tough.
It is quite painful to beat with a hand gun, but if it is a shotgun it is recommended as it can blow off the firepower too high!
A giant version of molded dead called Fat · Molded also appears.
Fat · mall dead is extremely durable and the damage is great when rushing up, so it is recommended to shoot your feet with a shotgun and stop the movement!

point of view

Resident Evil Biohazard is different from past works Game screens are becoming first person perspective.
It is a view similar to everyday life, so it was easy to enter the biohazard world.
I have not played in VR, but still BGM that matched the real image and atmosphere brought up, I was touched by the fear of the biohazard more experienced!


The title of the biohazard I played for the first time was Resident Evil 4,
In Resident Evil 4, first the villagers are hit by a group of villagers, but a man with a chainsaw chase after the group from among them.
I tried shooting with a hand gun to stop the chainsaw men who chase me,
The chainsaw man did not try to stop the movement.
The moment when the man stopped in front of me, my body was rigid with fear and I died without doing anything (No Д `) Shikushiku ….
At that time, the reality that a man with a chainsaw comes closer I felt terror very much in the situation where I could not feel it.
However, since the horror feeling became thin in the series after this,
Although it became interesting as an action game, I could hardly feel terror.
However, this work thinks that it is becoming a game that can be enjoyed while being very throbbing easily entering the world of fear of biohazard at BGM and first person viewpoint etc. which were in the image and the atmosphere.
I also expect the next work! !


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