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【Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba】Words of Wisdom – Tanjiro Kamad – Strong, kind, and warm words can encompass people’s hearts even in this day and age


Tanjiro Kamad, the main character of Blade of the Demon.
Let’s engrave his passionate, strong, kind, and warm words to survive in this time of many hardships.

Now I’m not only broken in the bone, I’m broken in the heart. Look straight ahead! Inspire yourself! I’ve done well so far! I’m a can-do guy! And even though I’m broken today and always will be, I will never fail!

These words were spoken during the battle with Kyokkai, the former lower string demon, at the Drum House.

My fracture from the fight with Shusamaru and Yapha in Asakusa before that has not healed.

When he stepped on it, he felt pain and could not put in any effort.
I’m afraid of the inexhaustible Hibiki Kai attack, and I can’t get close to him. ……
This is the line I told myself at that time.

After that, I calmly analyzed Hibiki Kai’s attack, found the thread of an opening, and cut off his head.

In order to return his beloved sister, Priestess, from demon to human, Tanjiro becomes a demon hunter.

The training of the demon killing team is harsh. The training of the Oni-Slayer Team is tough, but more than that, the slightest carelessness in the fight to the death with the demons can be fatal. ……

Tanjiro is constantly fighting with his own heart, which is always on the verge of breaking.

Sumijiro constantly scolds and encourages himself with words of encouragement.

Think, think, think the best you can do. What I can do now is …….

It was a battle with Taro the Geisha in Yoshiwara.

Tanjiro’s water breathing is not powerful enough, and his Hinokami Kagura does not allow him to hold his breath.

He searches for the best he can do at this moment.

Tanjiro’s conclusion was to mix the breaths.
He takes advantage of the advantages of the two breaths and devises a breath that suits him.

Concentrate! Don’t think about anything but this one second. Your sword is dull, your limbs are dull. One second, connect one second! One second at dawn, repeat.

Even in the final battle with Muzan Kimutuji, I encouraged myself to stay focused until the sun rose in the morning.

You people smell like rancid oil. You stink like hell.

This is what he said to the swamp demon that was eating his 16 year old daughter.
Tanjiro never relents in his attack against the vile demon.

Isn’t it similar to the line from Naoki Hanzawa, “You smell like rotten meat, like festering, sore flesh”?

I wonder if Hanzawa read “Blade of the Demise” too?


Those who are bound by strong bonds smell of trust. But you only smell of fear, hatred and disgust. This is not a bond. It is a sham. It is a sham.

In Nada Spider Mountain, Lui ruled over his fake family with fear.
What Lui was looking for was the deep love of his family.
However, true love could not be obtained through fear.
These are words that can only be said by Tanjiro, who knows the bonds of a true family.

When we are born, we are all weak babies. We need someone to help us survive. It’s the same with you, MELISSA. You may not remember it, but someone helped you when you were a baby, and now you are alive.

Joinerji has an aversion to weak people.

This is due to his past when he was a human and could not protect the people he loved due to his weakness. ……

In the battle in the Infinite Train Arc, he looked down on the weak Tanjiro as if he were trash.

In the final battle at Mugen Castle, Tanjiro has become a much stronger man.

In the final battle at Mugen Castle, Tanjiro looks back at him as he has become stronger.

The demon was a human like me. They’re not ugly monsters. Demons are vain creatures. They are sad creatures.

When Yoshio Tomioka stomps on the back of Lui, the demon he defeated at Nada Spider Mountain, Tanjiro tells him to move his foot.

Because his sister, Priestess, is a demon, he slashes her, but he has a kind heart and sympathizes with dead demons.

In the battle with Hibiki Kai, he never stepped on the manuscript that fell on the tatami, and he praised the blood demon technique when he cut off the head.

Unlike other demon hunters, he pays respect to demons.

Let’s be friends. We’re only two brothers and sisters, and no one will ever forgive you for what you’ve done. You will be hated and abused by the many people you have killed. So, at least the two of you, don’t curse at each other.

After being knocked down, the two siblings, Taro and Fallen Princess, cursed each other even though they were only heads.

Tanjiro was the one who pacified them.

Each of the demons had their own sad circumstances that forced them to become demons.

The Gyutaro siblings were also among the lowest class in the brothel, and they supported each other to survive.



Aoi-san, who helped me, is now a part of me. I’ll take Aoi-san’s thoughts to the battlefield with me.

During the training sessions to prepare for the decisive battle against the Ugen no Oni, Tanjiro was nicknamed “Mother” by the troopers because he was said to be good at cooking rice and roasting fish.

He was nicknamed “Mother” not only because of his cooking skills, but also because of his gentle personality that embraces everyone around him.

When Tanjiro was injured in the battle with Lui at Nada Spider Mountain, Aoi of the Butterfly House supported him in his functional recovery training.
Tanjiro thanks her, but Aoi looks down.
After staying behind to be sorted out, he sneers that he is a coward who was too afraid of demons to go into battle.

This is what Tanjiro replies.
A light went off in Aoi’s heart.

I don’t think there’s anything in this world that doesn’t matter. I guess Kanawo has a small voice in his heart. I know it’s important to follow instructions, but hang in there! People are driven by their hearts, and our hearts can be as strong as we want them to be.

Abused by his parents, Kanawo Kurilochka is unable to express his emotions.

To make a decision about what not to be directed, he tosses a coin to get an answer. ……

Tanjiro tosses a coin and says that if it comes up on the top, Kanawo should live his life as he feels.

The result is a surface.

Kanawo asks him how he got the result.

Kanawo says that it was just a coincidence that the toss came up, and that he was going to keep tossing it over and over until it came up.

When Tanjiro leaves for the battle of the infinite train, Kanawo keeps the copper coin against his chest.

Later, when the sound pillar Uzume Tengen tries to take Aoi to Yoshiwara, Kanawo resists Uzume.

Under the influence of Tanjiro’s words, Kanawo was able to express her feelings.



Considerate”? Lack of consideration is cruel! I suppose you’re generally right, and maybe not wrong, but sword smithing is an important, important job.

In the village of the sword smith, he argued to the Kasumi Pillar, Mutsuichiro Tokitohru, who was being cruel to the sword smith’s son Kotetsu, that the position of the demon hunter and the sword smith were equal and that they should help each other.

Even if the other party is a pillar and has a higher status,Tanjiro does not flinch and returns his opinion.

Even if the other person is a pillar and has a higher rank,Tanjiro does not flinch and returns his opinion, out of gratitude and respect for the people who support him.

What you do for others will end up benefiting you in the end.

When Muichiro, who is supposed to be in conflict with Tanjiro, is looking for a sword smith,Tanjiro offers his support.

Muichiro, who was indifferent to others, asked why Tanjiro cared so much about others.

He replied, “Mercy is good for no one.

Now we know why Tanjiro is so caring and helpful.





I’m sure I’m not the chosen one. But still, even if you are not the chosen one, even if your strength is not enough, there are times when one just cannot retreat.

Due to the bruise on his forehead, Tanjiro is mistaken by Anjuro’s father to be the natural heir of the Sun’s Breath.
In fact, the bruise on his forehead is a burn mark.

Despite feeling his lack of strength, Tanjiro continues to fight to defeat the demon.



There are no such people. They’re people who are willing to risk their lives for someone who isn’t them. They’re people who didn’t want anyone else to go through the pain and sadness they did.

Kanawo gives him a drug that turns him back into a human.
Kanawo gives him a drug that turns him back into a human and he tries to return to human form, but until the very end, Mujirō tempts him to drag him into his own world.

Why did they lose themselves but only Tanjiro ……?

He says that his dead friends hate him because he survived. ……

I rejected Mujirushi’s words once and for all.

It is not Tanjiro who is tempted by the misery.

The bond between the members of the Onikishitai was unshakable.


In the end, before Tanjiro could become a pillar, Onimai Tsuji Misato collapsed and the Onisatsu-tai was disbanded.

Tanjiro’s fighting power may have been weaker than the pillars.

However, his strength of mind, kindness, and conviction were the strongest.

Many of his quotes are proof of this.

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