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【Smile Down the Runway】The protagonist, Ikuto Tomura, is a talented and promising newcomer! Breakthrough Summary

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Ikuto Tumura, the protagonist of “Laughing on the Runway”, is a high school student who has a fashion sense and skill that is highly regarded even by professionals. In this article, we gathered all the information about Ikuto Tumura and his activities as a budding designer.

Character Overview

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Ikuto Tumura is a character from Laughing on the Runway.
He is a junior in high school and has loved making clothes since he was a child.
His hobby of making clothes has developed into his dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Her hair is in a bun, and the color of her hair is pure black.
He doesn’t have a nickname, but there is one person who calls him “Okappa”.
Most of the time, he is called “Ikuto” by his first name.

Ikuto was raised in a motherless household.
Moreover, he is the eldest of four siblings, three girls and one son.
Therefore, in the beginning, he gave up his dream of becoming a designer because he wanted his younger sisters to be able to choose their own career path, and he planned to go straight to work after graduating from high school.
To make matters worse, his mother, who is in charge of the family’s finances, has fallen ill and is now in hospital.
He also has to work part-time as a newspaper delivery man in order to support his family without being a burden on his younger sisters.

Each of his sisters is gifted in a certain way.
Honoka, the eldest daughter, is an honor student who works hard in her studies. She is aiming to go to university and is also responsible for controlling the family finances.
The second daughter, Aoi, is very athletic, especially in volleyball, and she can be recommended for the volleyball team.
Ichika, the third (youngest) daughter, is still very young, but she loves Ikuto’s clothes and wants him to become a designer from the bottom of her heart.

In order to become a designer, she needs to go to a vocational school to learn various skills.
Going to a vocational school would be too much of a burden for the Tumura family, who are struggling financially.
That is why Ikuto had decided to give up his dream of becoming a designer from the beginning and find a job.

Ikuto Tumura’s Turning Point

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A turning point came to Ikuto Tumura.
One of his classmates, Chiyuki Fujito, an aspiring model, “found out” that he wanted to be a designer.
She also wanted to be a model, but her height was a barrier to her success, and she was struggling to get through the auditions, and no matter how many times she tried, she was always unsuccessful.
In order to break through this situation, she asked Ikuto to make a dress that would suit her.
She actually made a dress for the audition and passed the audition.
Furthermore, Chiyuki’s father, who runs a fashion brand, offered to let her buy his designs and asked her if she wanted to be a designer at his house. He was even scouted by a scout to become a designer.
In the end, he was not able to become a designer because he was still in high school, but he saw that his “dream of becoming a designer, which he had almost given up on,” was not so far away.

Start a part-time job in the fashion industry

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Ikuto Tumura had a chance to become a designer but was unable to do so because he was in high school, but he didn’t stop there.
Through the introduction of Chiyuki’s father, he started a part-time job at a fashion brand called “HAZIME YANAGIDA”.

The representative, Kazu Yanagida, was said to be a very strict man with a bad character, but Ikuto never gave up or gave up, no matter how much he was criticized.
He faced his problems and weaknesses head-on and continued to grow.


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Ikuto Tumura is a character who is constantly moving forward and growing, not only as a designer, but also as a human being.
This is well illustrated by the change in his first persona.
In one instance, Ikuto’s first person, “I”, was made fun of.
At the time, he let it go, but as the story progresses, he begins to consciously change his first person to “me”.
This is an expression of his determination, and at the same time, his confidence and self-awareness as an aspiring fashion designer is taking root in his mind as he continues to experience various things.



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