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50 High School Girl Cartoons! Here’s a list of anime with JK characters

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We picked out 50 “JK anime” with the majority of the main characters being high school girls!
We’ve collected a variety of JK anime, from delicate works that depict the wavering hearts of high school girls who are enjoying their youth and taking their first steps into adulthood, to more relaxed works that enjoy the warmth of everyday life!


出典 : ©マウンテンプクイチ・芳文社/新越谷高校女子野球部 : TVアニメ「球詠」公式サイト

It is a girls’ baseball anime that started to be broadcasted in April 2020.
It depicts the coming of age of high school girls who work hard everyday to play baseball in order to win the right to participate in a national high school baseball tournament.
In addition to baseball, the interaction between girls with a strong sense of yuri is a highlight of the work.

The majority of the characters are JKs and there are no male characters in the story.

After School Day

出典 : ©小坂泰之(秋田書店)/海野高校ていぼう部 : TVアニメ「放課後ていぼう日誌」公式サイト

It is a fishing anime which started to be broadcast in April 2020.
The main character Tsurugi Hinagisa (Tsurugi Hina) is about to join the handicraft club after entering high school, but after meeting the leader of the “Teibo club”, Kuroiwa Yuki (Kuroiwa Yuki), she becomes fascinated by fishing.
It has the atmosphere of a normal day to day life but it is actually a real fishing anime.

The main characters are all JKs except for the female advisor.

Don’t mess with the video research!

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Aired in the winter of 2020, this anime is based on anime production.
It depicts the activities of the Institute for Visual Arts, which is founded by three people: Asakusa Midori, a setting maniac with extraordinary imagination; Kanamori Sayaka, who believes in money, and Mizusaki Tsubame, a charismatic reader model who aspires to be an animator.

There are several male characters such as the advisors of the institute and the members of the Robohakken, but the main characters of the story are the JKs.

Asteroid in Love (Asteroid)

出典 :

Daily life and club activity anime aired in the winter of 2020.
The main characters are Konoha Mirra and Manaka Ao, who promised to find a new asteroid together, and it depicts the activities of the geology club that merged with the astronomy club.

Except for the advisor Endo, the main characters are JKs, but in the work, the third year students graduate and become university students.
There are also male characters who play supporting roles in the baseball club and astronomy related facilities.

Rifle is Beautiful

出典 :

Daily life and club activities anime aired in the fall of 2019.
It is a heartwarming story about the activities of a shooting club that aims to win the national championship in beam rifle competition and participate in the Olympics.
Although it is a daily life story, it has serious shooting content and uses the sorrow of minor events as a story.

Many JK characters other than the shooting club of Chidori High School also appear in this story.

Houkago Saikoro Club

出典 :

This anime aired in the fall of 2019 and is based on a table game.
It’s about a group of high school girls playing various analog games from around the world.
It is quite in-depth, as they create their own original games.

The main characters that appear in the anime are all JKs.
There are also male characters such as the manager of the game shop “Saikoro Club”.

The Demon Girl Next Door

出典 :

An everyday anime that aired in the summer of 2019.
Set in the city of Tamauma, where the clan of light and the clan of darkness coexist in a lurid coexistence, this is a heartwarming comedy centered around Shamiko, a clunky Mazoku who suddenly woke up one day in Mazoku, and Momo Chiyoda (Chiyoda Momo), a muscle-loving peach-colored magical girl.

Shamiko’s ancestor (Lilith) and her family are non-JK, but the rest of the main characters are JK.

High school girls wasting away

出典 :

Everyday gag anime aired in the summer of 2019.
Centered around a trio of high school girls – an idiot, a wot and a robot – it depicts the lurid and lively days of the unique high school girls who attend Sai no Tama Girls High School.
Since it is set in an all-girls’ school, the only main characters except for the homeroom teacher Waseda (low income P) are JK.

Maids of the rough season

出典 :

This coming-of-age anime aired in the summer of 2019.
It is an ensemble drama about five high school girls who belong to a literary club and are swept up in various troubles related to heterosexual issues and sex.
It is characterized by graphic depictions and the realism of the work, which is the charm of the work.

Since one of the themes of the work is interaction with the opposite sex, there are naturally many male characters in the work, but it is a great JK anime because the fact that it is a high school girl plays a large part in the work.

Is she in distress?

出典 :

Airing in the summer of 2019, this anime is about the survival life of four high school girls who are washed up on an uninhabited island after a plane crash.
The setting is earnest, but the basic comedy and the depiction of survival is realistic.
It is a quirky JK anime that does not have any school life, but it has a JK feel to it since it wears the school uniform.

Joshi Kausei

出典 :

Aired in the spring of 2019, this five-minute slot aired short animation depicts the unremarkable daily life of a high school girl.
The main feature of this work is that it is a silent piece, and while there are title calls, laughter, screams, and other reactions, there is no dialogue or other clear verbal utterances.

As the title suggests, the main characters are all high school girls, so it is a pure JK anime.

Cinderella Nine in August.

出典 :

The anime aired in the spring of 2019 and is based on women’s baseball.
Unlike the storyline of the original game, it is mainly about team building and interaction with teammates, with Arihara Tsubasa as the main character.
The main characters are mostly high school girls, and although it is a club activity, there are many scenes where they are in their uniforms and it has the feel of a JK anime.


出典 :

Daily life and club activity anime aired in the fall of 2018.
It is a story about a high school girl, Hatoya Kohane (Hatooya Kohane), who can’t leave people in need alone and forms a cheer club and cheers for various people with her friends.
As the story progresses, the description of cheerleading increases and the picture becomes more gorgeous.

The advisor is relatively less involved and the five main cheerleaders are all JK, so it is a pretty pure JK anime.

Splash Bud!

出典 :

It is a club activity anime that aired in the summer of 2018.
It depicts the sad, hot and intense adolescence of Ayano Hanesaki, a high school girl who stakes everything on badminton, driven by her refracted love for her mother who left her.
It has become a hot topic of conversation for its many quite disturbing scenes.

Comic Girls

出典 :

Aired in the spring of 2018, this anime depicts the lives of four high school girls who dedicated their youth to manga.
The main character “Kaosu-sensei,” or Moeda Kaoruko, became a hot topic of conversation for her clunky and cute appearance and her mysterious screams of “Ababa-baba.
The main character is a manga artist or a manga artist’s egg, but the school life is depicted in its own way, so it has a good JK feel to it.



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