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【SSSS.GRIDMAN】 A group of mysteries in which no middle school student of a new century middle school student is present

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I summarized four of the new century junior high school students who appeared in 2018 Fall animation “SSSS.GRIDMAN” which recorded a big hit!
We will deliver details of those who are supporters of grid man and individual personality gatherings, information of characters who became the original story!

New century junior high school student (Shinseiki chūgakusei) Summary

出展 :

A group of 4 people who suddenly appeared in the recycle shop “Aya JUNK SHOP” appearing in “SSSS.GRIDMAN”.
The identity is a human being of Gridman’s weapon Assist Weapon, part of Gridman’s lost data.
Shouting “access code + true name” and entering the junk (old personal computer) where there is a grid man, each will return to the original form.

In order to support grid man usually, I am imprisoned in the cafe of “Aya JUNK SHOP”, and seems to be carrying out the guard of the hero, Hibiki Yuuta etc. like the Gridman alliance.
Originally it was not recognized by humans other than the Gridman Alliance, but after the eighth episode “vs. mora” it has turned around and it has been recognized by the general public as well.
Even human beings have superhuman physical abilities and boast high fighting power.

Until the middle of the story all squad at the same time sneaking out and causing processing interference (in other words, over capacity) because the grid man freeze and was in the state of unable to act, but scaled down than normal to reduce capacity As a result, I succeeded in avoiding freeze.
Combined figure is called “full power grid man”, power of all assist weapons is gathered in the grid man so far more power than normal time, but it seems that the mobility is somewhat down with regard to mobility.

Members of the overseas localized version “Super Human, Samurai, Cyber, Squad (SSSS)” are the original stories as each name and assisted weapon armed name.
In addition, it is said that the character design of SSSS.GRIDMAN is a motif of “Transformers” characters, and the members of the new century middle school students also seem to have motifs in each.

Samurai · Caliber

出展 : (c)円谷プロ (c)2018 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「GRIDMAN」製作委員会 : TVアニメ「SSSS.GRIDMAN」公式サイト

The character that appeared the earliest among the members of the new century middle school student is this samurai caliber.
A black lick man whose bear is dark and characteristic of unhealthy eyes and backs.
As the name of “Samurai”, I have four swords at the waist.

The real name as Assist Weapon is “Gridman Caliber.”
It is a golden color based big sword, it can use a special technique “Grid caliber end” to rush at high speed and cut off enemies.

Very quick judgment, impatient personality.
There is still the possibility of going out for actions without explaining in too much detail and it is often taken care to go forward and often get caught by a sword at the entrance of “Aya JUNK SHOP”.

First appearance is 1 talk “Awakening / Awake”.
At the beginning of the story, Yuta, whose memory has been lost, stood still from the sidewalk opposite Yuta, a classmate of classmates who decided to send him to the hospital · Takara multifaceted (Takara Rika) in front of the convenience store I am watching, I appeared as a doubtful man as I saw it.

In the second episode “Osamu / Restoration”, three people, Yuta Yuta, Rokka and Yuta Utsumi, a friend of the Yuta who responded to the call by Gridman and exterminated the monster, are “Sayaka JUNK SHOP” which is also the house of Rokka Appeared dashing where it was gathered.
As a stuttering feeling “Samurai · Caliber”, he said, “As the crisis is approaching, so we came,” after optimizing junk while muttering meaningful words, Yuta We will act together.

After joining with the members of other new century junior high school students, he has mainly escorted Rokka flowers, and witnessed exchange of Rokka and Anti.
After that, I cared about Anti, and in Episode 8 I got an eerie smile when I got his phone number.

The height of physical ability is unrivaled among middle school students of the new century, in addition to the superhuman body maneuvering, we deliver powerful slashing that can not be imagined from slender body.
While there are many actions that give a solid impression, it is unexpectedly a person with a casual side and a hot heart, a person without a grasp.

The original neta as Assist Weapon is “Electric Lightning Strike Sword Gridman Sword” by Electric Light Superman Gridman.
The origin of the name is SSSS ‘samurai sword (plasma blade).
The original story of character deza is considered “Lost age slag”.

The responsible voice actor is Ryosuke Takahashi (Takahashi Ryusuke).


出展 : (c)円谷プロ (c)2018 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「GRIDMAN」製作委員会 : TVアニメ「SSSS.GRIDMAN」公式サイト

The biggest body in the new century middle school students’ body, Max of the giant.
The lower half of the face is covered with a metal mask, and the wavy hair is extended to the shoulder.
The neck and chest are also covered with metal armor and the hands also have gloves, so there is little exposure to the skin.

The real name as assist weapons is “Battle Tract Max”.
It is an armored vehicle self-propelled gun equipped with two large-diameter gun “Tanker Cannon” at the rear, and can be “Max Grid Man” by coalition with Grid Man himself.

Like a caliber with sharp eyes, it always has a strong expression, but its character is a gentleman, contrary to such appearance.
It is always calm, tone-tone adjustment is soft, it is the only common sense mentor in the new century middle school student who is just an oddball.
It is also excellent as a summary role and is also a vocal leader.

The first appearance is 3 episode “Loss · North”.
When Gridman suffered defeat to monster / anti created by Shinkyu Akane (Shinkyo Akane), it suddenly appeared in “Aya JUNK SHOP” with Bora and Vit.
And, to Rokka that told the store that the store is a day off, “It is not a problem.When it is closed it reveals ourselves that we can not support Gridman”, and after that other new century I will act with Yuta together with the students of junior high school students.

In human status, we mainly monitor and escort Yuta, and I was aware of the fact that Yuta had favor with Rokka.

The original neta as Assist Weapon is “God Tank” in Electric Light Superman Gridman.
The original story of Charadaticza is considered “Lost Age Grim Rock”.

Katsuyuki Konishi (Konoshi Yuki) is the voice actor in charge.



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