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Blades of Demise OP] LiSA’s ‘Kourenka’ lyrics are thoroughly discussed!

The anime Blades of Demise starts the main story with the flow of the OP theme song from the repeat of the last scene from the previous episode.
From the recap, “What happens now what happens now? And then I went to the OP theme song “Kohlenka”.
If you’re a fan who enjoys this anime 100%, you can’t see or hear “Korenka” at this time. An improbable place. I would like to focus on the lyrics of the song and try to understand the charm of the song. I would like to tell you why this song is so exciting at this time.

「I’ve learned why I can be strong. What’s in “Take Me Forward”?

It’s the “I’ve learned why I’m strong, take me with you and move on” part, but it starts off a bit quietly at the beginning. It’s all very exciting at once. There’s also repetition.It’s an important introduction to a song that you can’t do without.

If the protagonist Kamon Sumijiro of the Blade of Annihilation is a real-life boy, then there are no other children who are so unhappy. At thirteen years of age, the demons slaughtered all the members of his family except for his sister, Priestess, who was slaughtered by the demons, and a normal thirteen-year-old would have been able to get rid of the family in front of his house. It’s not possible to bury a dead body and lay hands on it calmly. Yet, under these circumstances, Sumijiro stands up and takes Priestess’s hand, running through the snowy mountains to Scirin Taki. This is the last scene of the first episode. The OP theme song of the first episode is inserted from there.

This is the important verse that is repeated at the beginning of the lyrics, “I know the reason why I can be strong, take me with you and move on”. The lyrics of this part of the song are definitely not unrelated to this first scene. LiSA, the lyricist and vocalist of the song, also said that this scene was very impressive. And of course the lyrics are used in the beginning of the OP movie.

Of course, this isn’t the only scene in which Sumijiro “learns the reason why I can be strong”. Still, if you don’t start from this point, you won’t be able to know the “reason” in depth afterwards must not have been. In other words, at the age of thirteen, he already had a foundation of strength. That “reason” itself was the existence of a younger sister named Neduko, or protecting Neduko, but There is no doubt about it. where it’s not “I’ll take you forward with me,” but “take me forward,” which seems to be much deeper It is.

Sumijiro “who” proceeded to take “me” with him, “who are you? It may seem like a good idea, but it would not be Priestess here. After Sumijiro went through the training at Scaled Falls and the final battle bye, he and Priestess woke up from their two-year slumber and went on their mission. He has to take on the demons. Nevertheless, the lyrics do not seem to include the implication that Priestess will be pulling Sumijiro along, and It is. Perhaps that “who? The “Let’s go! I think he was saying to himself, “Let’s go! That feeling must have already started on the day of the slaughter.


Thoughts on the “Muddy Lantern

“My frightened heart is drenched in mud, my trembling hands want to hold on to something, that’s all. but it seems like a light preamble to a conversation. But it’s a part of the song that’s hard to cut. We can’t suddenly build up momentum here, so it’s necessary here, like a touch

The lantern is one of the key words in Blades of Annihilation. When the main character, Sumijiro, is in trouble, he is able to get away from reality and look at the lantern to get his life back. There are major developments.

For example, in episode 19, when Zenitsu was attacked by a human-faced spider on Nada Spider Mountain, he was attacked by a human-faced spider from the past, “Properly It was a great reversal from “I want to be the person who did it”. However, the memories are not all pleasant, but that of a battered and tattered good guy up to the time of his life, and the episode with his grandfather, the only one who didn’t give up on him until the end of his life, was a real mud It’s nothing more than a lazy runabout.

And the last thing the demons see is a running lantern as they are defeated by Sumijiro and his friends. These are truly muddy. For example, episode 21. The twelve demon months, the twelve demon months, when he was forced to make the ultimate choice between dying or becoming a demon because of his illness, and even killed his parents. It begins with the running lantern of Goh “Lui”. At the end, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” from the warmth of Sumijiro’s hand, and apologizes to his parents in the lantern, and While the accumulation disappears.

What’s the matter with you? The thoughts behind “An Indelible Dream

What’s the matter with you? Do you see the emphasis on that? It’s the part where you want to express your feelings in a special way. If it’s a sentence, it’s “by all means, by all means,” and if it’s a conversation, it’s something like “by all means… ? There’s a combination of melodic development, rhythm, and the way the vocals are sung here. I guess it’s like, “No matter how you look at it, you can’t erase the past”.

What’s the matter with you? A dream that cannot be extinguished” is a kaleidoscope that Kojiro holds in his arms. It is an episode of a hard snow day that can be recalled at any time.After this painful thought, “I can’t stop now”, Kojiro must continue to fight against the demons, and this is the reality that he has been confronted with.At first, he challenges the demons to find a way to turn Priest Neduko back into a human, and then his mission to bring the blood of Oni Mai Tsuji Musashi and his followers, the Twelve Devils’ Moon, to Shusei.The days of battle would go on forever. I hope that continuing to do so will lead to a world “dream” where there are no demons.

The lyrics continue, “If I can be strong for someone else”.
This “someone? must be a Priestess at first. But from the unstoppable days, that someone is changing into all the victims of the demon.
Or perhaps one of the demon’s victims from the beginning was a Priestess. He has the strength to never forgive a demon for causing harm to others.
The strength of the heart has always been there, but the strength as a fencer does not start from the beginning, but gradually increases.

Even if he gets beaten up, he will still be able to reactivate the present moment that he has and stand up to it, which is followed by the lyric, “I’ll keep pushing forward to wherever it takes me”.


“O magnificence of the Red Lotus! In the light of fate.

“O magnificence of the Red Lotus! ‘Illuminate your fate’ may not be one of the songs here, but the climax, the sentence You could say it’s a conclusion-like part of the story.

The red lotus flower could be considered a metaphor for fire, and here, the red lotus flower could be called “Hinokami Kagura”.
Hinokami Kagura,” a breathing technique that is more than the breathing of total concentration, was passed down from generation to generation in the Kamakura family.
Rinku Taki taught him water breathing, and he learns to use it well in his confrontation with demons, but he comes to a dead end in the battle with Lui at Mt.
At that time, she displays her most powerful power up to this episode.
The word for the succession of Hinokami Kagura told by his father in the desperate predicament of the Hakuba Lamp. From there, the great reversal of fortune is a true red scene.
Priest Neduko’s blood demon technique “Bakugetsu” is fused with it. In “Hinokami Kagura, Enmai”, Sumijiro tells himself “Don’t stop, keep running”.
It is truly one of the famous scenes of Kouren no Hana. This was the time when Sumijiro made his debut as a performer of Hinokami Kagura.


This was a discussion of the anime Blades of Annihilation and the OP theme song “Kourenka”.
If you’re a fan, it’s okay to have a variety of thoughts on the main story from the song.
I think if you chew on the lyrics of “Kourenka” more and more, you’ll be able to enjoy the main story more and more.

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