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Top 30 Manga Artist Ranking Announced! The masters, geniuses, and genies are all here!

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We have picked up the most outstanding manga artists of all time and created a top 30 ranking!
From the multi-talented ones whose works have been adapted to anime to the single-minded ones who have focused on a single genre and a single work, this is a distinguished list!


No.28:Tetuo Hara
No.27:Masashi Kishimoto
No.26:Kazuhiro Hujita
No.25:Hiromu Arakawa
No.24:Tsukasa Hojo
No.23:Naoko Takeuchi
No.21:Takawo Saitou

No.20:Leiji Matsumoto
No.19:Momoko Sakura
No.18:Sinji Mizusima
No.17:Shigeru Mizuki
No.16:Hirohiko Araki
No.15:Osamu Akimoto
No.14:Syoutarou Ishinomori
No.13:Mituteru Yokoyama
No.12:Naoki Urasawa
No.11:Eiichirou Oda

No.10:Yoshihiro Togashi
No.09:Takehiko Inoue
No.08:Hujio Akatuka
No.07:Gou Nagai
No.06:Gousyou Aoyama
No.05:Rumiko Takahashi
No.04:Mituru Adachi
No.03:Akira Toriyama
No.02:HUjio Hjiko
No.01:Osamu Teduka

No.30:Hajime Isayam

出典 :

He is the author of the most popular manga of the 2010’s, “Attack no Titan”, and his first serialized work became a historical hit.
As of the 29th volume, the total number of copies sold of “Attack no Titan” has reached more than 80 million, and the average number of copies sold per volume is an astounding 2.75 million.
Even though the market is shrinking, the popularity of the series has remained outstanding, and this overwhelming achievement will continue to grow in the future.

・Major Works
Attack no Titan(2009-)

No.29:Takeshi Obata

出典 :

You are a manga artist who has created three major hits: “Hikaru no Go,” “DEATH NOTE,” and “Bakuman. In particular, “DEATH NOTE” is a manga artist who has created three major hits.
In particular, “DEATH NOTE” became a hot topic that caused a social phenomenon, despite its genre of dark hero and suspense, which is unusual for a weekly Shonen Jump work.
Originally, he devised the story himself, but from the second work, he started to have a separate author, and since then he has been serializing in that style.

・Major Works
Hikaru no Go(1999-2003)
DEATH NOTE(2003-2006)

No.28:Tetuo Hara

出典 :

He is a manga artist known for his work on Fist of the North Star, which is characterized by its gekiga style of drawing.
Fist of the North Star is one of the most popular manga of the 1980s, with a total worldwide circulation of more than 100 million copies, and has had a great influence on the later Jump fighting manga. He is a legend in his own right for his work on this manga, but he has also created other hit works such as “Hana no Keiji: Beyond the Clouds” and “Fist of the Blue Sky”.
He also tried his hand at voice acting in the anime “DD Fist of the North Star”.

・Major Works
Fist of the North Star(1983-1988)
Hana no Keiji: Beyond the Clouds(1990-1993)
Fist of the Blue Sky(2001-2010)

No.27:Masashi Kishimoto

出典 :

He is the famous creator of the manga series “Naruto”.
Naruto is his first serialized work, and after 15 years in the series, it has become a huge hit, selling 135 million copies in Japan alone, but it is also incredibly popular overseas, with the series selling 250 million copies worldwide.
In 2019, the long-awaited new work “Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru.

NARUTO (1999-2014)

No.26:Kazuhiro Hujita

出典 :

He is one of the cartoonists who supported Weekly Shonen Sunday from 1990 onwards, and his two biggest hits, “Ushio and Tora” and “Karakuri Circus”, are very famous.
Despite being very famous at the time of their publication, neither of them was made into a TV anime, but in the 2010s, both works were produced.
Just like his writing style, Mr. Fujita himself is known for his passionate personality, and there are many characters modeled after him, such as Fujitaka Jubilo from “Howling pen”.

・Major Works
Ushio and Tora(1990-1996)
Karakuri Circus(1997-2006)
Moonlight Act(2008-2014)
Souboutei should be destroyed(2016-)

No.25:Hiromu Arakawa

出典 :

He is a manga artist whose first serialized work, “Fullmetal Alchemist,” became a mega-hit with total worldwide sales of 70 million copies.
After “Hagaren,” he had another big hit with “Spoon of silver,” and his comic adaptation of “The Heroic Legend of Arslan” was also a huge success.
He was born in a farming family in Hokkaido, and after graduating from an agricultural high school, he helped out in the family business for a long time.

・Major Works
Fullmetal Alchemist(2001-2010)
Spoon of silver(2011-)
The Heroic Legend of Arslan(2013-)

No.24:Tsukasa Hojo

出典 :

He is one of the manga artists who made “Cat’s Eye” and “City Hunter” hits in rapid succession, making Jump a big hit in the 1980s.
City Hunter, in particular, is an exceptionally adult-oriented manga for Jump, and readers who were children at the time can still enjoy it as adults.
Angel Heart,” which depicts the parallel world of City Hunter, also attracted a lot of attention.

・Major Works
Cat’s Eye(1981-1984)
City Hunter(1985-1991)
Angel heart(2001-2017)

No.23:Naoko Takeuchi

出典 :

He is the creator of “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” which has taken the world by storm.
This work has gained tremendous support from girls due to its anime adaptation, and the sales of the character products are said to be 26 billion yen at its peak, and 100 billion yen during the six years of the anime broadcast.
The total number of copies sold is 20 million, but considering the impact and economic effect it had later on, the work has shown a value far greater than that number.
You are also known for being the wife of Yoshihiro Togashi.

・Major Works
Codename: Sailor V(1991-1997)
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon(1991-1997)



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