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Don’t mess with VIMS, episode 1 is “Strawberry Milk Episode! The key word is “persuasive. We got to know the appeal of it!

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The much talked-about manga “Don’t mess with the Image Laboratory”, directed by Yuasa (Ping Pong – The Animation), is a remarkable work for early 2020!
The appeal of this one was the sheer amount of information, the heat to take advantage of the heat, and the calculated storytelling!

Animation for watching animation
The improbable appears to be convincing.
Expressing excitement as “this is not good enough
The first episode was the strawberry milk episode.

Let’s examine the specifics.

Cartoons for watching cartoons

It is presented in the first episode that “Don’t mess with VIMS” is an “anime that deals with anime”. The protagonist, Midori Asakusa, was inspired by an anime she saw when she was a child, and since then she became passionate about drawing backgrounds and settings, as if she were trying to embody the world inside of her.

As a result, when she enters high school, when she visits the Anime Study Group’s preview conference study, she talks about “anime crap” to the disgust of her classmate Kanamori. Here, Midori was expanding on a technique of expression in anime that the majority of the audience didn’t know about.

The way Midori said, “The impossible seems to be so compelling,” was so passionate that it was understandable why Kanamori, who was speaking next to her during the preview, would be disgusted.
However, at this point in time, Midori’s words had no significant meaning; she was merely expressing that she was a severe otaku rather than an expert on anime.

In fact, in the original manga, the scene where Midori talks about her crap is confined to a single frame. In fact, in the original manga, the scene in which Midori talks about her crap is in a single frame, and she is described as an “enthusiastic otaku” who only talks with passion.

In fact, the topic of the anime expression that Midori talks about is different between the original and the anime.

In the original work, there is no mention of the work that was previewed in the film, so the content that Midori talks about is not specific.

On the other hand, what Midori talks about in the anime is along the lines of “Conan: Conan the Bastard” that was previewed in the film. Since Midori’s commentary is presented at the same time as the actual moving animation, it may be a valuable scene for the audience to learn a lot about the anime.
Of course, just like in the original work, the intention is to depict Midori’s “annoying heat”. In the anime, from the time Kanamori asks, “What part of this is interesting to you? There was also a
This scene is different from the original work in which Midori’s heat is shown in a single frame, and it is a scene that depicts the heat of Midori’s passion while showing the actual animation.

In the original work, it was just a frame that showed Midori’s geekiness, but this scene was amplified as if to say, “This is an anime, after all, it’s an anime”, and the expression of “an anime for the sake of watching anime”, which can only be done in an anime, was done in this scene.

The improbable appears to be compelling

At first glance, the anime crap that Midori tells us is just an expression of heat, but when we get to the next scene, the crap that was told is applied.

Let’s take a look at the scene where the servant rescues the Mizusaki swallow, who is being pursued by the servants.

The set on stage was rigged with a trick.
First of all, the door through which the three men pass through rotates, and the servant who is chasing them is blocked by the door and hits his face on it.
This is a very contrived mechanism, which is a kind of “iron plate” expression. After that, the servant jumps out from behind the scroll, which is a common trick in plays, films, and animations. It is easy to understand as a movement and the tempo is good.

There is a lot of expression that can only be done in a work of animation that has movement, but this is the important part.

When the servant finds the three men running up the stairs of the set, the servant says, “There you are! I shout. The three are startled and cornered by the voice, and although they look impatient, Midori lowers the set’s strings in turn and succeeds in winding up the servant by means of a trick, but this is where it becomes very anime-like in its presentation.

When Midori pulls the first string, the foot where the servant is standing opens up, creating a pitfall. Once this trick is averted by the servant. Shortly thereafter, the servant comes running up the stairs. A panicked Midori pulls the second string, and this time the set’s large backdrop curtain comes down.
Normally, at this point, the servant would have been able to ignore the backdrop curtain and run up the stairs as long as he could get to his feet. In reality, they would have done so.
However, in terms of how to represent the animation as a creative work, we all stare at the backdrop curtain that came down as a result of the cord being pulled.
This is shown to the viewer from the pulled camera perspective.
I guess they decided to pretend to pull the string a third time in order to move on to the next one. As he pulled the “hazing” string and the perspective pulled to the entire stage, the anticipation for the next string was quickly raised.

After the first and second string was faked to raise the expectation, Midori pulled the other string and the staircase turned into a slide and the servants were sliding down the stairs, completing the “3-step punch”.

Naturally, the third one is usually the most dynamic when the “three-step punch” is used.
In this scene, the first string creates the punchline of the servant’s fall, the second string creates the conditions for the servant to slide down the stairs, and the third string executes it. In this way, an animation was created that was easy to understand and full of movement.

In this scene, the image of the servant slipping down the stairs seems to be superimposed on the image from “Conan on the Left Behind Island” that was shown a while ago, where a character who looks like the main character is sliding down at the same angle as the servant. In the middle of the scene in Conan: Conan on the Left Behind, Midori says, “The unthinkable seems so convincing,” and in the scene where she rolls up the servant, she depicts something unrealistic and convincing as an animation performance.

This is exactly the kind of expression that can only be seen in anime watching animation.
It is as if right after the characters are made to talk about the animation’s expression techniques, they themselves demonstrate the same expression, which is an important attraction in Don’t Mess with the Image Laboratory.

In fact, in the original story, the scene where Midori and her friends roll up the servants ends with a single frame. Midori runs away with the swallow on her back. That’s the end of it.

The preview footage of the anime study group and the device to roll up the servants are both original to the anime, and were scenes that were added in order to include expressions that could only be used in the anime.

Describing excitement as “this or that”

出典 :

The second half of the first episode is the scene where Midori and Swallow are talking about animation and sharing their excitement about making animation together. The animation depicts something that we can’t see – excitement – through the animation.

First, let’s get the same points straight as the original.

Midori shows each other’s illustrations, with Midori in the background and Swallows in the characters. They then overlap their drawings to come up with more ideas and work together to create a new world. Finally, a dragonfly-shaped flying pod was completed.
To illustrate how exciting it was, they actually climbed into the flying pod and took off into the distance.

In the original story, there was a full page spread of the completed flying pod, two pages of the three of them getting in and taking off, and a full page spread of illustrations of what looked like a new world setting to illustrate the excitement of being able to build something ridiculously epic.

In a manga, this would be more than enough to convey the excitement.

On the other hand, how does the anime look like?

First, just like in the original story, a completed flight pod is shown. After this, the characters get into the flight pods as well, but the main difference between the original story and the flight pods is the length of the pods.

After the completion of the flight pod, the girls spend 3 minutes and 10 seconds flying around in the world that they have created. It was an adventure. ‘Was it an adventure piece?’ It’s even a bit of a surprise to me. Also, in the main story, there were naturally detailed backgrounds drawn from the original work, but in the creative world that the girls are jumping around in, the backgrounds are just rough drawings. I think this shows that the girls’ anime production is still in its infancy. They are still in their early stages of development, but they are flying around the world of creation with a skill that is still in its infancy and with only the excitement of their imagination.

In the original story, the “excitement of creating the world” was depicted in just a few pages and that was more than enough to convey the excitement of the girls, but in the anime, this scene was further expanded and elaborated with great care to depict the excitement of the girls as they begin their story of anime production.

How much does this scene relate to the main story?
I don’t think Midori and her friends will ever actually get into a dragonfly-shaped flying pod.

However, in order to portray the girls’ feelings in the animation, the fact that they spent more than 3 minutes portraying a scene that has nothing to do with the film shows that their passion for the animation is that important in “Don’t mess with the Image Laboratory”. The fact that they did not spare no effort in expressing their passion is one of the major attractions of this work, and it can be said that this is a production unique to anime for the sake of watching anime.

Incidentally, this scene ends with the line “I thought I saw a great picture, but…”, but the excitement the girls felt was far greater than what we, the viewers, have seen, and it may be that the world they felt was so magnificent that even the anime could not depict it enough.

The first episode was “Strawberry Milk Episode

You may have noticed that in the first episode, the story was actually developed by “Ichigo Milk”.
In the original story, the milk was called “drink” instead of “strawberry milk”, but we’ll call it “strawberry milk” according to the anime.

This strawberry milk was originally requested by the swallow to spread the servants around. This can be seen from the line of the swallow, “I asked for the milk and tried to spread it”. This is not a particularly funny story. It is a convincing situation.
As soon as the swallow is relieved that it has finally escaped from the chase, the servant hands it to him with the strawberry milk. At this point, the swallow learns that the servant has “caught” him.
However, it’s interesting that the swallow sticks the straw in the milk pack even though she was caught.
Now, that strawberry milk goes around and leads to the last scene of the first episode.

Let’s take it in order.

Here’s Midori and Kanamori’s appearance. The way they appear is different from the original, but I won’t go into that. It is safe to assume that the setting had to be changed in order to depict the original scene in the anime.
Now, let’s scatter the servants.
Midori runs around the stage with a swallow on her back. At this point, you can see that the strawberry milk has stained the swallow’s uniform to a bedazzled mess. I mean, normally Midori’s backpack and uniform on her back should be quite dirty, but that’s not mentioned at all, and it’s not even a problem.

Aside from that, in order for the story to proceed, we must go to Midori’s secret base, the tea room at the Ondogu Bathhouse. The challenge for the story is to get Midori and Tsubame to have an animated meeting without any discomfort, because that’s what the story is about.

However, it would be difficult for Midori to invite the swallow to her secret base.
To begin with, Midori is not very good at socializing. Also, when she chases after the swallow and meets him on stage, she says, “I missed my bike. It’s almost 2 o’clock… It’s almost 2 o’clock…” she says in a mysterious way.
If Midori could have taken the swallow to her secret base, she would have had to carry it on her back, like she did when she ran away from her servants.

In fact, since Midori said after this, “I don’t need to get involved in the situation of taking the swallow,” we can assume that Midori never even had the idea of taking the swallow to the secret base in the first place.

Therefore, it may be somewhat difficult for Midori to take the lead in moving the story along.

That’s where Kanamori comes in.

Kanamori later delivers lines like “If you save the princess, the next step is treasure” and “You heard Mr. Mizusaki talking about the anime, right?”, so he must have thought about having the two of them produce the anime from the beginning and decided to bring the swallow to Midori’s secret base.

For the calculating Kanamori, who could smell money, it wasn’t difficult to lure the swallows. ‘Since we’re not going to stand around and talk, let’s go wash our clothes. That was enough. The story unfolded naturally.

When we arrived at the laundry, we put the swallow’s uniform in the washing machine for a moment. The situation sounds horrible when I write that there’s no escape, but it’s unlikely that the swallows will leave the building, at least not while the uniform is being washed (as a result, they will forget the uniform and leave, but we’ll get to that later).
Thus, the situation is now ready for us to talk to the swallows. Or perhaps you could say that it was “arranged” by Kanamori.
It’s like a work of mystery…!
He creates a situation where they can’t get out and lets Midori and Tsubame talk to them. Then he has them make an anime. If everything is as Kanamori wants it to be, how calculating…!

The strawberry milk that Tsubame asked for in order to wind up the servants is given to them by the servant who couldn’t spread it out = The three meet when Tsubame is captured, and by escaping together they defile their uniforms, and because of their uniforms they accompany Midori to her secret base… The three of them end up making an anime, but they are too enthusiastic about it, which leads them to this point I even forgot about “Ichigo Milk Stained Uniforms.

I think it’s safe to say that the first episode was developed by Ichigo Milk.

From this point on, the three of them are so excited that they lose track of time and get lost in the talk of anime production, but when the sun has gone down, they suddenly come to their senses and rush out of the tea room to watch the animator’s show.

After getting absorbed in the story of animation production, I rush home to watch a story about animation production.
It’s a scene that shows how passionate they are about this thing called anime.
The three run to the station, exchanging words like “100 meters in a second” and “I’ll pay for the last one”, which are typical of high school students. This alone is enough to depict the atmosphere of adolescence as they become passionate about anime production.

But there was still one more thing left to set the stage for.
The school uniform that had been washed. In the empty laundry, the signal to finish washing kept ringing. It’s a brilliant aftermath to a coming-of-age story.
It is possible to express your preoccupation with something by describing the amount of time you’ve forgotten about something else.

In this case, just the fact that you’ve lost track of time and talked about it is enough to show that you’re that enthusiastic about it. Despite this, I was able to portray how enthusiastic the girls were about the story of the anime production by foreshadowing and recovering the “dirty uniform” lead that was necessary to come to the laundry by describing how they forgot they even washed it and ran out of it!


Just as Midori let loose that “the improbable seems to be convincing,” even the unrealistic comes closer to the real by giving it full expression. Or it can take you to a world that is more than just the real thing. Such was the appeal of “anime” in “Don’t mess with the Image Laboratory”!

And on the other hand, the storyline was meticulously woven into a terrific representation that was more powerful and awesome than reality, so that no discomfort was created.

Let’s hope the “strongest world” that Midori and her friends create turns out to be an epic adventure!

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