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SIREN: New Translation Village disappeared · In a village where there should not be anyone …

出典 : (株)ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメント : SIREN: New Translation | ソフトウェアカタログ | プレイステーションオフィシャルサイト

『SIREN:New Translation』

Catch copy is “even breathing, fear.”

As a catch phrase, it is a horror game, and it has become PS 3 exclusive software.

SIREN series ‘SIREN 1’ and ‘SIREN 2’ characters are only Japanese, but in ‘SIREN: New Translation’ the hero and some characters are foreigners.

Also, many creatures with motifs of bugs disliked by foreigners will appear.

The story is based on “SIREN 1”, and directing like a Hollywood movie is also added

A story that begins in a village that should have disappeared語】

The solitary village and the sacrificial rituals are examined by the solo director “Sol” of the American television program crew, “Melissa” of the announcer, “Sam” of the archaeologist, “Bella” of the daughter of Sam and Melissa In order to visit Hashima Village in Abashiri Village.

So witness several people ritualizing the girl surrounding the girl. At the same time, a single boy “Howard Wright” rushes into the ceremony to help the girl and interrupts the girl escaped.

Howard desperately escaped to help in police, but no one. The police car who flew at a tremendous speed coming out from the police station stops and the police officers come down, the situation is strange, suddenly saying “high, shoot dead” and striking with a handgun, howard counterattacks and police officers It kills.

When Howard is depressed that he has killed a policeman, a policeman who is supposed to be dead got up and attacked Howard again. As Howard surprises but resists, the policeman falls from the cliff and sticks into a branch of a thick tree. And, Howard thinks that he killed this time now, run away from the place ….

Meanwhile, the TV crew suddenly attacked by a blooded woman and everyone falls apart.

It is a story to escape from the village while escaping from the villagers who can not live.


There was a model in the abandoned village of Hanyu Village!?】

“SAIREN” Hanyu Village is a model of the village in Chichibu city in Saitama Prefecture.

You can go from Chichibu station or Western Chichibu station, but it is quite in the mountains. When getting off at the bus stop called Hinata, you can go to the village. Because there seems to be only three buses a day, so if you are going to go check the time firmly!


The only special ability of the protagonists]】

This game is a game feeling to escape mainly while hiding and hiding. Of course we can also use weapons to defeat the enemy, but it is better to survive the spot without killing enemies so much. Because the enemy of SIREN will resurrect after a few minutes even if you defeat it many times ….

“Well then, how do you survive the spot?” Each character has the ability to view Jack.

The ability to view Jack can see what the enemy is seeing from the enemy ‘s eyes near him. Looking at the enemy’s eyes and others, it is necessary to escape from the spot while visiting the situation!

If found, there is no choice but to knock it down


I think that the Japanese horror game is a kind of miso that seems to be “I do not want to go any further …” than being attacked by enemies.

“SIREN: New Translation” is a waste hospital as a stage, but there is a scene to go to a rest room for nurses. The dark rest room, while only the desk lights are shining with the pothorn, the nurse is saying monopoly. There is also a fear of passing without going through there, but the atmosphere was so scary more than that, I was going to run around for about 30 minutes without pushing the stick of the controller pretty much in front (lol)

I love horror games and movies that seem to be mentally scary like this, I think the SIREN series is a god game even among Japanese horror games!

Now “SIREN: New Translation” is only PS 3 so I want PS4 to issue it …. Even a new work is OK, please (lol)

For those who like Japanese horror games and horror movies, I’d really like to play this game!


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