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【 I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense】Thorough verification of the possibilities of the 3rd term! What is the reputation and popularity of the second season, which has been postponed several times?

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The second season of the anime will be broadcast in the winter of 2023, and many fans have enjoyed it. Thorough verification of the possibility of making a sequel!
Based on the sales and evaluations of the second season, as well as trends in other Narou works, we can predict whether a third season will be produced!

The 1st term was a big hit with distribution! What about the second term?

Immediately after the 1st season ended, the 2nd season decided on the “anti-swing”, “I don’t want to get hurt, so I want to focus on my defensive power. But it wasn’t a so-called “split 2 course” where the 2nd season was decided from the beginning.
This is because the second season will be broadcast three years after the first season, so there is a lot of time left.
Usually, split 2 courses do not leave a period so far.

Then, of course, the reason why they won the second term is because of their popularity.
However, the sales of Blu-ray and DVD (disc) for the first season of Bosuri were not so high, with an average of about 3000 copies for all volumes.
It’s on the higher end of the Narou anime, but it’s not a decisive figure to give a go-ahead for the 2nd season right away.

Then, what was superior is strength in distribution.

According to the site “Ranking Stalker (provisional)”, which calculates points according to the ranking of each distribution site, there are quite a lot of people who watched the first season of the anti-shake, ranking second in the entire winter 2020 cool.
1st place “Haikyu!! TO THE TOP” is the total of 2 cours, so it is practically the top result.
It is also very popular overseas, recording a staggering 270 million views on the Chinese video sharing site “Bilibili Video”.

Therefore, whether or not the 3rd season will be produced depends on the strength of the 2nd season.

In conclusion, the 2nd term has not shown as much strength as the 1st term, but it has achieved top class results in the 2023 winter season.
Due to the postponement, the broadcast has been extended until April, so the total ranking from January to March is around 10th, but if you include the data up to April, it is the top of the cool in the d anime store, unlimited animation (SoftBank), UNEXT. , Hulu seems to leave a number that enters TOP3.

Also, Bilibili video has recorded more than 97 million views, and it is certain to exceed 100 million.
Although it is not as good as the first season, there are not many Bilibili videos that exceed 100 million in recent years, so it can be said that the number is quite strong.
By the way, while the first volume sold 1,100 discs, the second volume recorded just under 2,000 copies.

As another index, let’s look at the impact on sales of the original work and comicalization.
The anime adaptation has a strong implication of advertising the original work, and works that have good sales growth after the anime broadcast are considered to be “works that are likely to have an animation effect”, and naturally many sequels will be made, so it is very important. It’s an indicator.

As of December 2019, before the first season of the anti-furi broadcast, the cumulative circulation of the series (total of the original novel and comicalization) was 400,000.
In April 2020, after the end of the first season, it was announced that the number of copies would be 700,000.
The figure of +300,000 copies is not so big as an animation effect.

However, the anti-vibration animation effect started from here.

Due to the early announcement of the production of the second season, there were many anime fans who were interested in “It was such a popular anime”, and even after the end of the broadcast, sales of the original and comicalization continued to grow, and in August 2020 The cumulative total of the series increased to 1.2 million copies.
Since then, it has continued to grow steadily, reaching a total of 2.1 million copies in the series as of September 2022.
In particular, the growth of comicalization is strong, and as of February 2023, it was announced that the circulation of only comicalization will be 1.25 million copies.

As far as this growth is concerned, it can be judged that the anti-vibration effect of animation has come out considerably.
This can be said to be a big positive factor in predicting future animation development.

Is the hurdle high for the 3rd season of Narou anime?

Bosuri has a decent sales and distribution record even in the second season, so there is a good chance that a third season will be produced.
However, it is true that the hurdles are higher in the 3rd term than in the 2nd term.
Therefore, we will focus on Narou anime and pick up works that have achieved a third season, and based on that situation, we will analyze whether a third season is feasible.

Narou anime is famous for having a fairly high probability of getting a second season.
There are a total of 60 Narou anime broadcasted by 2022, of which 28 have been decided to be produced for the second season.
It is a very powerful content that has a 2nd season with a probability of almost 50%.

However, if it is a case that has been produced up to the 3rd term, it will be reduced to 10 works.
There has not yet been a single example of a work that has been animated after 2020.
However, this is simply because most of the works have not yet finished airing the 2nd season, so there is a good chance that the 3rd season will increase in the future.

By the way, the Naro anime that has been produced up to the 3rd term is as follows.

Log Horizon (broadcast in 2013, 2014, 2021)
The Irregular at Magic High School (2014, 2020, undecided)
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (2015, 2019, 2020, 2022)
Overlord (2015, 2018, 2018, 2022)
A blessing to this wonderful world! (2016, 2017, undecided)
Re: Life in a different world starting from zero (2016, 2020, undecided)
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018, 2021, 2024)
The Rising of the Shield Hero (2019, 2022, 2023)
World’s strongest in commonplace occupation (2019, 2022, undecided)
I can’t choose the means to become a librarian (2019, 2020, 2022)

Among these, “The Rising of the Shield Hero” and “Arifureta: The World’s Strongest” are relatively similar to Bosuri.
So, let’s compare the data of these two works and anti-shake.

·The rising of the shield hero
1st term Broadcast in 2019 Disc sales 2200 copies Ranked 1st in domestic distribution cool Bilibili video 290 million views Series cumulative circulation *6.2 million copies (immediately after the end of the broadcast)
2nd term Broadcast in 2022 Disk sales *800 copies 8th place in domestic distribution cool Bilibili video 80 million views Series total circulation 11 million copies

・ The world’s strongest in a common job
1st term Broadcast in 2019 Disc sales 3200 copies Ranked 1st among domestic distribution cool Bilibili videos 160 million views Series total circulation *2.5 million copies
2nd term Broadcast in 2022 Disc sales 1800 copies 4th place in domestic distribution cool Bilibili video *.* 100 million views Series total circulation * 5.5 million copies

・I don’t want to get hurt, so I’d like to maximize my defensive power.
1st term Broadcast in 2020 Disc sales 2900 copies 2nd place in domestic distribution cool Bilibili video 270 million views Series total circulation ** 700,000 copies
2nd term Broadcast in 2023 Disc sales 1,500 copies 2nd place in domestic distribution cool Bilibili video 90 million views Series total circulation * 2.1 million copies

In terms of anime disk sales and distribution playback performance, it is by no means inferior to the other two works.
The only big difference is the total circulation of the original and comicalized series, but since the second season of Bosuri has just finished broadcasting, there is a possibility that it will continue to grow.
Depending on its growth, it can be said that we are in a position where we can fully aim for the 3rd term.

Enough stock! “What is the status of comicalization?”

Bofuri 2nd season visualized up to 9 volumes of the original novel.
Since the 1st term was up to 4 volumes, it means that 4 to 5 volumes are digested in 1 course.
This is in the category of fairly fast digestion speed as an animation based on a novel.

Nonetheless, as of June 2023, 15 volumes of the original novel by Bofuri have already been released.
Therefore, the stock of the original is fully accumulated.

On the other hand, comicalization has been released up to 7 volumes.
In this 7th volume, the entire scope of the first season of the anime was drawn.

Basically, there is no direct correlation between the comic adaptation of a novel and anime, and the comic adaptation progresses at its own pace, and the animation progresses at its own pace.
However, depending on the work, in order to make the sales promotion effect of the animation most likely to be comicalized, there are times when the progress is aligned to some extent.
For example, if the 2nd season of the anime is decided, the schedule will be set so that the broadcast will start when the comicalization enters the 2nd season.

However, regarding the anti-vibration, it seems that the 3rd season of the anime will not be delayed due to waiting for the comicalization.
That’s because in the afterword of Volume 7 of Comicalize, the editorial staff (probably) says, “Since it’s a comicalize of the original, it has nothing to do with the progress of the anime.”
Therefore, the situation of comicalization will not affect the 3rd season.

By the way, the comicalization, in the postscript of Volume 7, is written as “Part 1 completed”.
For that reason, some fans seem to be worried that the comicalization will end here, or that his brother Jiro, who is in charge of drawing, will leave the project.

But don’t worry.
Monthly Comp Ace, which serializes this work, has already started the continuation of 7 volumes.
Of course, Jiro Oimoto continues to draw, and if all goes well, Volume 8 will be released next year.

However, Oimoto Jiro-sensei had health problems, and during the first part of the series, he was suffering from symptoms such as deafness.
Her ear trouble seems to have improved now, but it seems that her physical condition is not perfect.

As mentioned above, anti-shake comicalizations are selling well, and Oimoto Jiro himself is such an anti-shake fan that he buys Blu-rays out of his own pocket.
Because of the depth of her love, she has earned the trust of her fans, and I don’t think she will step down for reasons other than her physical condition in the future.

Broadcast after 2025? What is the current state of the production company?

Finally, if the 3rd season is broadcast, I will predict when it will be broadcast.

SILVER LINK. is producing anti-shake animation, but the production system may be reviewed.
This is because the second season had two postponements.
The cause is the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but the problem is not the only one.

SILVER LINK. began production in 2009, and the 2010 broadcast of “Baka to Test to Shokanju” was a hit.
Along with that, he began to focus on making light novels into anime.

In 2013, “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya” and “Non Non Biyori” became hits.

Worked on “Shattered…” and “Maou Gakuin no Misfit”, both of which were hits.
The production of sequels has been decided for all three works, and the number of works to be worked on has increased at once.

The obvious wrinkling of the capa over will come in the winter of 2023.
With this coolness, SILVER LINK. will broadcast the 2nd season of Bofuri, the 2nd season of Maou Gakuin, and “Ayakashi Triangle” at the same time.
It seems that they were trying to overcome the difficulties with the power of overseas animators, but the production system collapsed at once due to the corona epidemic overseas, and all the works have been postponed to the worst situation.

The second season of Bofuri was somehow completed in April, but it was decided that the other two works will be aired again in the summer.
If this happens, it is expected that the reliability in the industry will go down considerably.

Therefore, if the 3rd season is realized, we cannot deny the possibility that it will be produced by a company other than SILVER LINK.
In that case, it will take a considerable amount of time because it will have to gather the staff from scratch again.
In addition to the delay of the above two works, even if SILVER LINK. ] is about to be made into an anime, it is difficult to allocate resources to anti-swing.

In any case, it is speculated that the possibility of the third season being broadcast in 2024 is quite low.
We will have to be prepared for 2025 at the earliest, or even longer.


It was a pity that the postponement occurred one after another because the quality of the drawing itself was perfect for all the stories.
Shirin, who specializes in everyday anime, has a cute interaction that unfolds in a warm and soothing space. I would like to ask you on the route.

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